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Nick India Nickelodeon Home OK Please Contest 2020 :

Organisation : Nickelodeon Nick India
Contest Name : #HomeOkPlease Contest 2020
Hashtag : #HomeOKPlease
Applicable For : All Individual Participants
Last Date : 05.06.2020
Website :

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Nick India HomeOkPlease Contest

Nickelodeon HomeOkPlease Contest 2020. Watch Nick #1To3 and stand a chance to win an iPad.

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Who Can Participate?

The Contest is organized by Viacom 18 Media Private Limited and is open to all individual participant who shall as on May 11, 2020

(i) Be between the ages of 4 years to 14 years
(ii) have a valid proof Indian citizenship,
(iii) be permanent residents of India; and
(iv) be viewers of the channel “Nickelodeon”
(v) be a mobile/landline subscriber of Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, MTNL Mumbai, Jio, Loop and Tata.

Contest Period

The Contest shall be held every Monday to Friday commencing on May 11, 2020 at 1.00 PM and shall conclude on June 5, 2020, at 3.00 PM or any other date as decided by the Organizer during the telecast of the shows ‘Motu Patlu’ and ‘Rudra- Boom Chick Chick Boom’

Each day of the Contest during the Contest Period shall commence at 1.00 PM on that day and end at 3.00 PM on the same day.

How To Participate?

To participate in the Contest, a Participant needs to do all of the following:
a. Watch the Channel i.e. “Nickelodeon” during the Daily Contest Period.
b. Spot the Aston containing a unique toll-free number which will be flashed on the Channel at random intervals during the Daily Contest Period.
c. Give missed call on the Unique Contest Number during the Daily Contest Period.

d. An entry will be considered valid only if the
(a) Participant has given the missed call on the Unique Contest Number during the Daily Contest Period, from a valid landline/mobile number registered with Service Provider
(b) Participant has strictly complied with the Contest terms and conditions.

e. Organizer will send a push SMS to the Participant in the following format “Thank you for participating in Nickelodeon #HomeOKPlease Contest we’ve received your entry. Keep watching Nick Mon – Fri, 1 – 3PM & win iPads.


Each Winner of the Contest as declared by the Organizer would be eligible to win the below mentioned prize.

PrizePer unit approximate cost of prize element (in INR)
Apple IpadApproximately between 15,000/- to 25,000/-

Shortlisted Participants

At the end of the Contest Period, the Organizer shall select and shortlist 1 (one) such telephone/mobile number for each week of the Contest Period, from which there have been maximum number of missed calls made to the Unique Contest Numbers for that particular week, as determined by the Organizer.

Thus, a total of 4 (four) telephone/mobile numbers shall be selected and shortlisted for the entire Contest Period.


** Before being considered and declared as a Winner, the Shortlisted Participant may be contacted anytime by Organizer either on their e-mail id/contact number provided as determined by Organizer

** Such contacted Shortlisted Participant shall be required to immediately provide
a) PAN card
b) Proof of identity cum permanent address proof – Aadhar card / Election card/Passport/ permanent Driver’s License
c) copy of NOC/consent of guardian/parent
d) Birth Certificate/Identify certificate from schools
e) proof of ownership of the mobile/telephone number

Winner Selection

** Upon verification of the documents submitted by the Shortlisted Participant, Organizer shall declare such Shortlisted Participant as the winner.
** Thus, a total of 4 (four) Winner(s) shall be selected and declared for this Contest as the Winners.

** Subject to timely co-operation by such Shortlisted Participant in verification, the Organizer shall either directly communicate to the Winner of their win through email/direct message and/or publicly announce the Winner on the Channel on any other platform as solely determined by Organizers, on June 25, 2020.

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    Yesterday was the day to announce the winners but you didnt announce winners
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    Please tell me the winners of the contest
    Because this is the day for winner selection
    I am glad to see who are the winners
    I am not worry about me as the winner or not
    I am always be the lover and wacther of best channel Nickelodeon

  28. agreed with rahul mehta … give the ipad to anyone but not to these people who are telling these fake stories

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    sir my phone number is 9807830805, please check i am winner ya failed,and contact me and details

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  65. Prashanth kumar yadav.

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  68. raihana chowdhoury

    I call but is not in service why

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    I want to participate in homeokplese

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  83. This contest is amazing

  84. This contest is very amazing

  85. Please tell the phone number

  86. Hello in my tv screen the number is visible but I not wrote the number but tomorrow I will notes the number and call and after I will won my age is 13 I am participate this challenge

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  90. Vishnuvardhan. R

    Iam participating in this contest. Iam waithing for organizer result. 😍😍i will win or lose i will be the fan of nick channel

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    The number is not visible in my tv screen

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  102. Vishnu Vardhan.C

    You are doing well taking care 9f the people
    Im your particupant

  103. Vishnu Vardhan.C

    You are well taking care of peoples lives
    Playing cartoons like motu patlu and rudra
    Most of the people and children,parents watching nick everyday
    So people get rid of going out,therefore virus chain will be broken

    Thank you for this type of care and best wishes to success

    I am your participant name vishnu vardhan.c

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  107. Nick chenel is is in all programs like moto patlu Shiva Rudra etc.I am 14years old Iam from gerabasti ballia

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    My name Yuvraj my first misdcall par not I pad winner

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  114. I called the number flash on TV the massage has came I wait until you send the SMS.

    1. Vishnu Vardhan.C

      You are doing well by taking care of people

      Im vishnu vardhan.c

    2. What is mobile number
      show the mobile number

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