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Epoch NMO 2020-21 National Mathematics Olympiad :

Organisation : Epoch Olympiad Foundation
Olympiad Name : NMO 2020 National Mathematics Olympiad
Applicable For : Students studying in classes I to XII
Date of Exam : 09/12/2020
Website :

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Epoch NMO

The NMO (National Mathematics Olympiad) is a means to identify and encourage the creativity of a child in mathematics. The problems in this exam seem simple and elementary but to solve them require creative ability and deep thinking.

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Students (CBSE/ICSE/All State Board) studying in classes I to XII can appear in NMO.

How to Participate?

Offline Registration

Information cum Application Forms will be made to available to all interested schools. Students who wish to enroll should fill in the application form. The duly filled in application form should be submitted to school/ exam Incharge with exam fee before due date.

Online Registration

Now you can directly register yourself (after your school gets registered) with the help of our app. For this you have to fill some mandatory information about you.

Exam Fees :
Nominal participation fee will be charged from each interested student. For details see the application form.

Roll Numbers :
The school’s coordinating teacher or our executive will scan the registration form of every participant with the help of our App and students’ Roll Numbers will automatically generate.

Participants can see their registration form by filling username (will be sent via SMS to registered mobile number of every participant) and password. After successfully login they can fill their personal details and can see their Roll Number.

Moreover we will also send all details of participants including roll numbers of every participant to schools.

Exam Schedule

Schedule of Olympiad exams for 2020-21 is as under

1st Level Exams :
Olympiad : NMO
Exam Date : 9 December 2020
Day : Wednesday

2nd Level Exams :
** 2nd level exam will be held in the last week of march or first Sunday of April 2021.
** Students who get A.I.R. upto 400 in the first level exams, will qualify in the final (2nd) level.
** 2nd level qualifier will have to pay a nominal fee.

Question Pattern

Class Section Questions Marks Total Marks
1-4 Everyday Mathematics (S-1) 10 2 20
Logical Reasoning (S-3) 5 4 20
Mathematical Reasoning (S-2) 10 3 30
HOTS (Higher Order of Thinking Skills) (S-4) 5 6 30
Grand Total 30 100
5-12 Everyday Mathematics (S-1) 30 2 60
Logical Reasoning (S-3) 5 1 5
Mathematical Reasoning (S-2) 10 2 20
HOTS (Higher Order of Thinking Skills) (S-4) 5 3 15
Grand Total 50 100

Tie of Marks :
In case of preparation of merit list, if two students studying in same class get same marks, then higher weightage will be given to S-4, S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-5 sections respectively.

In case of tie in above case, interview may be conducted to determine ranks. In the first level more than one student can get same ranking.

Awards/ Scholarships

The following awards will be provided to the achievers of Olympiads being held during the academic session

1st Level Prizes

All India Rank (A.I.R.) Award Details
1 Achiever’s CUP + Special Gold Medal + Certificate of Appreciation
2 Achiever’s CUP + Special Silver Medal + Certificate of Appreciation
3 Achiever’s CUP + Special Bronze Medal + Certificate of Appreciation
4-10 Surprise Gift + Dictionary + Certificate of Appreciation
11-100 Dictionary + Certificate of Appreciation
101-200 Trophy + Certificate of Appreciation
201-Onwards Certificate of Appreciation

At City Level :
Topper from each olympiad exam will be honoured with a title “Epocon of the city” and a special gold medal

At Class Level :
If there are more than 15 students appearing in an exam from a class, then Top 3 class Toppers will be honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal respectively.

2nd Level Prizes

All India Rank (A.I.R.) Award Details
1 ₹ 5000 + Tab + Special Gold Medal + Certificate of Merit
2 ₹ 3000 + Tab + Special Silver Medal + Certificate of Merit
3 ₹ 1000 + Tab + Special Bronze Medal + Certificate of Merit
4-10 Tab + Certificate of Merit
11-50 Scholarship of ₹ 500 + Certificate of Merit
51-100 Surprise Gift worth upto ₹ 500 + Certificate of Merit
101-200 Trophy + Certificate of Merit
201-Onwards Certificate of Merit

At City Level :
Topper from each olympiad exam will be honoured with a title “Epocon of the city”, a surprise gift and a special gold medal

Title Based Prizes

Important Information :
** Every student will get Certificate of Appreciation in the First Level and Certificate of Merit in the Final Level.
** Prizes are subjected to availability and may be change without prior information.

** Each winner will be entitled to ONE AWARD only for an exam. The winner will be entitled to the higher level award only. eg. National Top 3 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their National ranks. Awards accruing to them for city/school/class will be given to the next rank holders

** If there are more than one sections of a class and number of participations are more than 15, then we will honour Top Three Students with Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal in each section.

** If there are less than 5 schools in a city, then instead of declaring city wise result we will declare zone wise result by adding 2 or 3 cities.

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