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EnteKochi Urban Design Competition 2020 : Kochi Municipal Corporation

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Organisation : Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC) & the GIZ
Competition Name : Entekochi Urban Design Competition 2020
Applicable For : All Creative Minds
Applicable States/UTs : Open For All Indian Nationals
Last Date : 22.06.2020
Website :

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EnteKochi Competition

The EnteKochi competition is a national level Urban Design Competition, aiming to jointly ‘design the future city’ of Kochi.


The aim of this urban design competition is to facilitate the implementation of a civic project that recognises the centrality of this thematic.


1. The competition is open for all Indian nationals above the age of 18 – to participate in teams having multidisciplinary backgrounds. Minimum size of the team is 3 members.

Teams must mandatorily comprise at least 1 member of stream 1. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that the team includes members from the streams 2 and 3, to ensure a multidisciplinary approach. There are no qualification restrictions for any additional team members.

2. The team member from stream 1 (Architect/Urban Designer/Spatial Planner/ Landscape Architect) must be registered with the Council of Architecture (CoA) or Institute of Town Planners of India (ITPI).

3. We also encourage the involvement of a local practitioner from Kerala in the participating team to ensure contextually relevant solutions, a key criterion to be judged as a winning entry.

Stream 1* :
Registered professional qualifications in any of these streams.
** Architecture
** Urban Design
** Landscape Architecture
** Spatial Planning (Urban, Regional, Town, City, Housing, Environmental, Infrastructure etc.)

Stream 2** :
Experience working closely with or in these streams will suffice
** Environmental science
** Ecology
** Public Health
** Hydrology
** Transport planning / Transit node designers
** Civil Engineering

Stream 3** :
Experience working closely with or in these streams will suffice
** Sociology
** Anthropology
** Gender Studies
** Public Policy

Note :
*Stream 1 Required – Bachelor Degree with min 6 years of work experience or Master degree with min 3 years of work experience. At least 1 member of the team has to hold a valid COA or ITPI registration.

**Stream 2 & 3 Required – At least 1 member with a Degree or Work experience (min. 2 years proven via CV).


1. Online registration can be completed on the official website

2. A confirmation email will be sent with a code name for the participating team within 48 hours of completing and submitting the registration form.

3. Forms without complete details will not be considered.
4. For registration the participating team has to upload CVs
** Stream 1 – CV including 3 relevant projects (upto 1MB PDF)
** Stream 2 & 3- CV (upto 1MB PDF)

Submission Requirements

1. Submission must be legibly composed on 2 landscape oriented A1 sheets (59.4 cm height & 84.1 cm width).

2. Any technique of the team’s choice – sketches, diagrams, 3D visualizations, physical model photos, CAD drawings, text, walk throughs/ videos etc. – is acceptable to convey their ideas.

3. Participating team’s code name, which will be sent during the registration process must be clearly mentioned in the bottom right hand corner of each sheet.

4. Except for the code name, the submitted sheet must not include ANY information that could disclose the team’s identity and lead to disqualification. Anonymity of the participants is key to this competition’s process.

5. A working title for the proposal must be included in the A1 sheets.

6. A 1000-word (maximum word limit) summary text in English, explaining the project idea must be included along with the A1 sheets. The summary text must cover followingaspects of the proposal

a. Main concept, especially referring to the aspects of climate-proof integrated urban development
b. The level of intervention which the proposal is focused on
c. The opportunity areas that the proposal is aiming to tackle
d. Target group/beneficiaries of the proposal
e. Text must be written in English language.

Submission Method

The following 3 DELIVERABLES must be uploaded via a shared link with the Team Code Name in the subject line

1.High-resolution PDF (suitable for printing) of the two A1 sheets showcasing the project idea. Both A1 sheets must be combined into one PDF file.
a. Maximum file size of PDF: 20MB
b. Name of the PDF file: *team code name*.pdf (e.g. 0001.pdf)

2.150 dpi resolution JPEGs (suitable for web page viewing) of the two A1 sheets showcasing the project idea.
a. Maximum file size of JPEG: 1MB
b. Name of the JPEG file: *team code name sheet number*.jpeg (e.g. 0001_1.jpeg)

3. The title and a 1000 word summary of the proposal in a Word document
a. Maximum file size of document: NA
b. Name of the Word file: *team code name*.doc (e.g. 0001.doc)

The entire submission package must be SUBMITTED BY SUNDAY 9TH OF AUGUST 2020, 23:59 (IST) for the entry to be considered. Entries not adhering to even one of these submission rules will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED.

Expected Outcomes

** Creative development plans/ideas for the new urban paradigm
** Conceptual design for the entire length of the canal (scale 1:2000) and detailed design for Sub Site A and one of the other two designated Sub sites

** Spatial analyses with effective graphical representations
** Spatial concepts for regeneration of the disconnected blue-green infrastructure

** Sustainable short- and long-term strategies and site-specific solutions
** Timeline – Phase wise implementation strategy of design interventions

** Selected teams will be expected to help realise the projects by bringing them to an implementable level in the form of Detailed Project Reports in parts or whole as the case may be.

Terms & Conditions :

Detailed Schedule

1. Registrations open – Saturday 6th June 2020
2. Registrations close – Monday 22nd June 2020 At 23:59 (Ist)

3. Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Detailed working material (digitized maps as well as in-depth background information and site impressions) will be available for download to registered teams

4. Deadline for receiving questions and clarifications concerning the brief – Monday 6th July 2020 at 23:59 (IST)
5. Deadline for submission online – Sunday 9th August 2020 at 23:59 (IST)

Questions & Clarifications

In case of any questions related to the competition brief, please email us at contact [AT] with COMBRIEF in the subject line. Last date for sending in questions is MONDAY 6TH JULY 2020 BY 23:59 (IST).

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