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Star Maa Super Singer Juniors Audition 2020 :

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Organisation : Star India Private Limited, Star Maa
Program Name : Super Singer Juniors Audition 2020
Applicable For : Children who are between 6 years and 15 years
Applicable State/UTs : Resident of India
Digital Audition Period : June 11, 2020 to August 31, 2020
Website :

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Star Maa Super Singer Juniors Audition

Star Maa Super Singer Juniors Audition 2020 conducted by Star India Private Limited.

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Digital Audition(s) Period

Digital Audition(s) Period commencing from June 11, 2020 and continues till August 31, 2020 for different levels of auditions or such other date stipulated and/or updated by the Company and/or Production House.

Eligibility Criteria

** Children who are between 06 (Six) years and 15 (Fifteen) years i.e. 6 (six) years or above and 15 (fifteen) years or below as on 11th June, 2020

** Children who are Indian citizens and resident of India, as per applicable laws; and
** At least 1(one) Parent of the Participant must also be an Indian citizen who is resident in India as per applicable laws;

Procedure To Register

To register and to participate in the Digital Auditions, the Parents on behalf of the interested Contestant(s) shall:

** Have to login to to register for the participation in the Auditions by submitting / furnishing his/her valid Indian Mobile Number OR a valid email id.

** Upon entering into the Website, a registration form shall be displayed in the Website and the same is required to be filled by the Parent on behalf of the Participant(s).

** The Parent on behalf of the Participant(s) shall submit the following personal details of the Participant including but not limited to date of birth, full name, gender, age, address, class of education, nationality, city of residence, languages spoken, brief of the Participant(s) passion towards singing along with the Parent(s) name, email ID, contact number(s), emergency contact number, the name of their state/city where they reside, photo(s) of the Participant(s)

** Once the mobile phone number and /or email id is registered, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile phone number and/or email id submitted by the Parent on behalf of the Participant(s).

** The Parent on behalf of the Participant(s) will be required to mention the OTP received on their registered Mobile Number and/or email id within the permitted time.

Video Upload Functionality

** Once the Parent on behalf of the Participant(s) shares the Personal Information required, he/she shall record one video of the Participant(s) performing any song of his/her choice, which may primarily be in Telugu language; such video shall have a minimum duration of 60 (sixty) seconds and maximum duration of 180 (one hundred and Eighty) seconds

** Once the recording of Participant’s performance is completed, the Parent on behalf of the Participant shall upload the Video(s) on the Website and click on “Submit” button.

** Once the Video is uploaded on the Platform, the Parent will receive an SMS and/or email notification from the Company

Note :
The Video uploaded on the Platform may be in the .mov or .mp4 format and shall not exceed the size of 50 mb.

Selection & Shortlisting Process

The selection and shortlisting process for the Auditions shall be conducted as detailed below for each Level of the Auditions.

Level 1

** The Participant(s) shall be evaluated and shortlisted by the Panel on the overall basis of his/her performance, voice quality, grace, personality, selection of song, uniqueness etc., or any such other criteria determined by the Company/Production House

** Based on the evaluations of the Video(s) by the Panel, the top rated performances shall be shortlisted and the Participants(s) shall be selected and eligible for participation in Level 2 of the Auditions.

** The Parents of all Participant(s) selected and shortlisted for Level 2 shall be intimated about the selection vide an email and/or personally intimate via telephone to the contact number that has been provided at the time of registration.

Level 2

** Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 1 shall be required to participate and perform in Level 2 Auditions, on specific dates and time and via such platform/media in the mode and manner as decided by the Company

** Level 2 of the Digital Auditions may be conducted via Video Conference on any social connecting platform as determined by the Company including but not limited to Google duo, Whatsapp video call etc.

** Such Contestant(s) shall be asked to perform a Telugu singing song of their choice to showcase their talent (“Act”) and be further interviewed by the Production House, Company.

Level 3 – On Ground Auditions

1. If Covid 19 Continues To Be In Existence Till August 31, 2020 :
** If the Company and/or the Production House doesn’t intend to conduct the On Ground Auditions, the Company and/or the Production House through the Panel further shortlist a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 50 Participant(s) from the Participant(s) selected at Level 2, basis their overall performance, confidence, etc..,
** These shortlisted Participant(s) shall be qualified for the Level 4 auditions.

2. If Covid 19 Closes On Or Before August 31, 2020 :
** Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 2 shall be required to participate and qualify in further levels of ground auditions to be held tentatively at Hyderabad.

** Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 2 shall be required to be present in the Audition Centre in Hyderabad or any other location /city as deemed fit by the Company

** These auditions will be conducted during the Audition Period. The timings for registration of Participant(s) will be intimated by email and/or telephone.

The Participant(s) will have to present at the Audition Centers on the date and time specified along with the documents and photographs required (both in original and attested photocopy).

Level 4 – Televised Auditions

** Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 3 shall be required to attend personalized training sessions in Hyderabad for a period of 3 (three) weeks which consists of voice workshops etc.

** Post these sessions top 14 (fourteen) Participant(s) will be shortlisted by the Panel basis their personality, confidence, skill, grasping power, overall performance, compatibility, flexibility in performing in different genres, energy in participation, entertainment factor, uniqueness, etc and such other criteria as may be determined by the Panel and /Company

** The selected Show Player(s) shall have to ensure that they will make themselves available for all shoot dates and travel to any place for the shoot of the Program, as may be informed by the Company and/or Production House from time to time.

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    There was favourism, nepotism and Caste feeling in the selection process. MAA TV Management please ensure strict selection process with original judges in final auditions also.

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    I am bhargavi to srikakulam

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