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Humanity 6th International Olympiad 2020 Attempt Online Satyug Darshan Trust :

Organisation : Humanity Development Club (Satyug Darshan Trust)
Contest Name : 6th International Humanity Olympiad 2020
Applicable For : All Age Groups (Housewives, Professional, Businessmen, Etc)
Last Date : 31.08.2020
Website :

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6th International Humanity Olympiad

The Satyug Darshan Trust Faridabad in its first attempt conducted an exam “International Equanimity Olympiad”.

Under this Olympiad through an exam based on humanity, morality and ethics everyone was motivated to become a good human-being by adopting the state of equality.


It is open to all Age groups (Housewives, professional, businessmen, etc.)

Attempt Olympiad

Exam of excellence in values of humanity, morality and ethics. To attempt the olympiad enter the following details and finally click on “Start” button

Attempt Online :

** Enter Your Name
** Enter Your Email ID
** Enter Your Phone Number
** Enter Your City/Town, State
** Select Your Class/College/Individual
** Enter Your School Code/ College Code/ Coaching Center Code/ Else None
** Enter Referral Name (if any)

Important things to note while filling details,
** Zip is same as Pincode.
** The result will be mailed to the entered email-id so please enter correctly.
** Phone Numbers will be used to contact the winners.
** Do fill your coaching center / school name correctly.

Olympiad Stages

The e-Olympiad will be conducted in single stage only. It can be conducted on any day between 1st June to 31st August, 2020. It would also include Interviews of meritorious students.

Things to Remember

** The Humanity Olympiad Starts On 1st June 2020 and Ends On 31st August 2020.
** Multiple Attempts Are Allowed.
** The Olympiad Is Now Available In Multiple Languages.

** If You’re Referring To Someone, Make Sure That You Ask The Person To Put Your Name In The ‘Referrer Name’ box. The Person With The Most Number Of Referrals Gets A Special Award.

Olympiad Categories & Prizes

Through this initiative, the present generation is motivated to adopt true human values, thereby laying the foundation stone for a peaceful and blissful tomorrow. No fee is charged from any student, school or college.

* E-Certificate instantly available for download for every qualifying candidate
* Every participating school/college will receive appreciation certificate

Benefits :
** It will enable them to assess their knowledge of humanity, morality and ethics
** Each student will receive an e-certificate on scoring above the passing percentage (40%)
** Gift cards worth Rs. 1,00,000 will be given as prizes to top 500 students.


1. What is the benefit to the schools/coaching centres by conducting the Olympiad?
** An opportunity for the institutions to work for the betterment of society.
** As the exam acquaints students with their true human values, thereby leaders of tomorrow are being made better human beings today.

2. How is this Olympiad unique?
** The objective of the Olympiad is to uplift mankind based on values of humanity, morality and ethics.
** It is a selfless service aiming towards humanity

3. What is the mode and duration of the test?
The Olympiad is conducted online only and the duration is 15 mins containing 25 MCQs.

4. How will the results be categorized?
Results will be compiled based on 3 categories –
1. Ankur- For Class 5th to 8th
2. Pushp- For Class 9th to 12th
3. Taruvar- Individual and College Module(Open for All Teachers, Corporates, Housewives etc)

5. How can I view my certificate?
You can view your certificate just after you finish the Olympiad. Also the link to your certificate will be sent to the your respective Email-id.

6. What is school code/college code/coaching centre code?
** A unique code given by the HDC volunteer to the respective institution. School can use this code to get class-wise list of the students who have given the Olympiad.

** If you are not participating from the registered school it means your school has not asked you to attempt the Olympiad. In this case just fill None as the school code.

7. How will the school students attempt the Olympiad online?
The school can either use their respective computer labs for conducting the Olympiad or ask the students to attempt the Olympiad as a moral science homework.

8. What if any individual does not has an e-mail id ?
You can enter anyone’s email address and take the certificate from that mail id.

Last Date

Last date for attempting the Olympiad for Screening Stage is 31st August, 2020

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  1. Wonderful assignment

  2. hello i am jashith mittal from dav public school how we can take a result of hummanity olympiad 2020.

  3. this is amezing exam I get 100% but mera name nhi h winner list me

  4. this is amezing exam I get 100%

  5. Wow! This is amazing exam .I have get 95 parcntage but it no prize . Kya muje prize milega

  6. Hii everyone…..This is Neha Sharma winner of college category2020.I must say that it is beyond awesome, fabulous, amazing and any other compliments.It is unique.I prey to God that the efforts of Satug Darshan Trust always remain like this.They are doing a wonderful job.May God bless them with great success!!

  7. When the result of humanity Olympiad get released

  8. This Olympiad is useful for our future generations so that we may tell them about moral values and it is important to give this test because our today’s society have need of this type organisations. And I’m happy that I get 85 marks but next time I will try to give my best.

  9. Humanity Olympiad

  10. Satyug Darshan Trust deserves for appreciation for awakening the values, ethics and morals among society peoples.Conducting humanity Olympiad is affecting students in many ways. Enhancing moral values,updating knowledge,promoting IT education and establishing humanity are the main concerns.

    1. You are right sir ji.

  11. Interesting Olympiad


  13. How many time we attempt the competition in a day?

  14. This is a good initiative by humanity development club to spread humanity and moral ethics in the world. It is a 15 min assessment ,a self inspection necessary for the youth .Congratulations to SDT .Let’s all pledge to adopt humanity and be a good human .

  15. A great initiative by Satyug Darshan Trust. It’s an activity that helps you maintain positivity around you in such negative times. I have attempted this Olympiad multiple times and each time it has helped me learn something new.

  16. Informative and really fantastic initiative. Glad to be a part of this unique self-introspective questionnaire. Each and every member of the family must attempt this unique Olympiad.

  17. It’s going to teach the thoughts and disposition of a child brought up in a morally sound environment naturally grows up to be dutiful citizen of society and a benefactor to the whole world

  18. Is olympiad ko krne se bhut acha feel hota h, nd repeat krne ka dil krta h, kuki humanity based hone se iske question life ke liye bhut useful h nd aisi values aaj ke time me khi sikhne ko nhi milti…isko multiple times attempt kr skte h to aur bhi interesting lgta h nd bachoo ko bhut acha lgta h isko krna…🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌 isko aaj ki generation ko jaroor krna Chahiye

  19. It’s a different exam and very easy to attempt.. Make us aware how important are the moral values in human life to become a real human from inside and outside.
    I will suggest everyone must attempt it.. Highly recommended

  20. Wow, this is amazing. I attempted the exam and really felt great after scoring 95% marks, it’s available in three languages- English, Hindi & Punjabi. I feel it’s must for all to go through a self analysis exam which tells us as to how far we hold moral, ethical and true human values. One should be empathetic enough to understand emotions of their surroundings and learn to accept nature by maintaining a stable state of mind

  21. wowww…Self introspection test..Really amazing..

  22. Need of the time is Humanity. By this simple test of few mins v can learn a lot and won prizes also….so go for it👍👍👍

    1. Is this overed???
      becoz i have attempt the 1st exam on 4june bt i didn’t know the second date

  23. Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential.

    It’s really a wonderful experience

    Thanks satyug darshan trust 🌹

  24. Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential.

    Satyug darshan trust really doing a very good job.humanity Olympiad is a good step toword new golden era. our society people really need these type of competition. HAT OFF TO HUMANITY TEAM 👍🌹WELL DONE GUYS YOU REALLY ROCK 👍🌹

  25. Humanity Olympiad is unique by itself as it is for all individuals with a special focus on school going students from class fifth to twelfth. One can learn more and more about humanity and moral values by multiple attempts. Getting certificate each time makes it all the more beautiful as it shows improvement. Above all it is free of cost.

  26. This is a great chance to do our own self inspection as well as by which we can know our shortcomings and strengths and be a good person.

  27. Great initiative by Satyug Darshan trust… A step towards upliftment of society which is on the downward trend today… If youth rises above me and myself and together work towards adopting human values, nothing can stop Satyug from approaching fast … Congratulations to SDTC

  28. People nowadays have forgotten about moral values, satyug darshan trust is taking initiative to make people aware about compassion,equality,equanimity etc. I think everyone should attempt this olympiad.

  29. As people nowadays have forgotten about moral values, satyug darshan trust is taking initiative to make people aware about compassion,optimism,equality,equanimity etc. I think everyone should attempt this olympiad.

  30. Great initiative by Satyug darshan trust to awake and uplift the humanity and to familiarize people with their true values in the form of this 15 min assessment👍

  31. Its Being great effort to introspect and to spread it ahead and make others also a good human being.👌👌
    Even Can assess oneself by giving olympiad multiple times which is the best thing dat is too free of cost😊😊

    SO lets join together and make a world a better place to live👌👌Live for humanity,work for humanity and die for humanity.

  32. Thats seems a brilliant initiative. Good way to make students inclined towards moral and ethical education. Must required for every student

  33. Wonderful assessment of our innate qualities! Multiple attempt feature of this Olympiad is really beautiful.

    And the best thing is it’s free of cost for every time I appear for it . And getting e certificates for every improved marks .

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