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Star SS Tamil Cricket Quiz 2020 Aattathukku Readya? : sstamilcricketquiz.com

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Organisation : Star India Private Limited
Contest Name : SS Tamil Cricket Quiz 2020 Aattathukku Readya?
Applicable For : Citizens of India
Applicable State/UTs : All India
Registration Last Date : 2nd August, 2020
Website : https://sstamilcricketquiz.com/home

Star SS Tamil Cricket Quiz

SS Tamil Cricket Quiz 2020 Aattathukku Readya? Game organized by Star India Private Limited.

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Game Description

“Aattathukku Readya? (SS Tamil Cricket Quiz) which consists of a preliminary and a final round” is a skill based online game, the preliminary round of which is being hosted and can be played on the Game Website.

The final round of the Game will be played on video conference call and will be telecasted on Star Sports 1 Tamil or any other channel of STAR at its sole discretion. The Game Play is meant to test the Participant’s knowledge of cricket.

Who Can Participate?

All the Participant must be citizens of India residing in India during the Game Period and must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age as on the date of participating in the Game.

Game Period

** The registration for the Game Play is available on the Game Website from 00:01: of 26th July, 2020 to 23:59 of 2nd August, 2020 or any other date/time specified by the Company.

** The Game Play is available to all Registered Team, and is accessible for viewing and/or playing, for the duration as defined by the Company i.e. from 00:01: of 31st July, 2020 to 23:59 of 2nd August, 2020 or any other date/time specified by the Company.

How to Participate?

** To be eligible for participation in the preliminary round of the Game, a Participant/Team will be required to register on the Game Website by providing certain details like their name, email address, phone number and their teammate’s name, phone number and email address along with the Team name.

** Post which they will be registered, and a Unique Identifier will be allocated to them.

Post the allocation of the Unique Identifier :
(i) the Registered Team will be required to answer questions relating to cricket on the Game Website;
(ii) Out of all the Registered Team, only 8 Shortlisted Teams will be participating in the final round of the Game; and
(iii) From the 8 Shortlisted Teams, Winners will be announced and Prizes will be awarded.

Game Format

The Game will be divided into 2 (two) rounds: Preliminary Round and the Final Round.

Preliminary Round

1. The Preliminary round will have 30 questions for the Team/Participant to answer. The questions will be from 3 (three) different buckets differentiated by points, timing and the level of difficulty.

(a) Easy – 5 Points – 25 seconds to answer
(b) Intermediate – 10 points – 30 seconds to answer
(c) Tough – 15 points – 35 seconds to answer

Participants will get 10 questions from each bucket.

Rules :
1. Players must confirm their answers within given time limit.
2. This Game can be played only once by a given Participant/Team.
3. Once the Participant/Team completes all the rounds, the 8 Shortlisted Teams will be published on our Social Media Official Handle.
4. No point shall be awarded if the time allocated to that question/round runs out.

Outcome of preliminary round :
A total of 8 (eight) Teams from the Registered Team will be shortlisted to participate in the final round i.e. the broadcast round. The selection of these 8 teams will be done on straightforward bases i.e. the team with most points will go through to the broadcast round.

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In case of a tie or in case there are more than 8 teams qualifying, the following criteria shall be followed;

(a) Time in which answered
(b) Number of Tough questions answered
(c) Number of Intermediate questions answered
(d) Number of Easy questions answered

In case there is a further tie in selection of the 8 Shortlisted Team, then STAR at its sole discretion shall decide the manner in which the Shortlisted Teams will be selected.

The final round will be conducted via video conference call and will be telecasted on Star Sports 1 Tamil or any other channel as per sole discretion of STAR. The Shortlisted Team hereby represents and warrants that they understand and speak Tamil language.

Final Round

Structure of the Final Round :
** The Final round will be divided in episodes where the Shortlisted Teams will be playing against each other. The Team name can be changed at STAR’s sole discretion. Each episode will have 5(five) rounds. The rounds will consist of factual questions, questions based on audios, videos, images etc.

** Each Round will vary from the other. The Final decision will be left to the quiz master’s discretion. The format of the Game can be changed at any time at the sole discretion of STAR.

Charges For The Game

1. Please note that the access to the Game Website is free of cost, however, the access of the Website shall consume data/internet charges. Therefore, the access of the Game Website and the Game Play will result in the use and consumption of data for which data charges as charged by your internet/telecom operator may apply.

2. The Company will not and does not receive any monies and/or consideration from the internet/telecom operators and/or any third party, in connection with the data consumed by the Participant for playing the Game.

General Rules

** Each direct question carries 10 points.
** Teams get 30/60 seconds to answer each question.
** Time starts after asking the question for the first time.
** Quiz master’s decision will be final.
** Decisions will be left to the quiz master’s discretion.

Scoring Criteria

** Contestants who score the highest with most number of correct answers will be prioritised
** In case of a tie, the cumulative time taken by the contestants shall be considered

** Likewise in terms of another tie, the number of tough questions answered correctly shall become the criteria
** If there exists a tie for tough questions as well, number of intermediate questions answered right will be considered

** If there is tie for intermediate questions, number of easy questions answered will be considered

** In a situation where there exists a tie for the all the aforementioned criteria, then it will be down to the discretion of the organisers to call for another round of preliminary qualification


** The Winning team will receive e-vouchers worth INR 50,000/-
** The Runner up team will receive e-vouchers worth INR 30,000/-
** The 2 Semi-finalists team will receive e-vouchers worth INR 20,000/- per team.

Terms & Conditions

** The minimum eligibility criteria for participating in the quiz is 18 years (as on date of registration)
** The preliminary round can only be taken once by every contestant

** Only one person per team can register on behalf of the team and take the quiz
** Ensure all registration details are accurate

** Multiple entries by the same contestant shall not be entertained and the contestant will be ruled out of participation
** There will be 30 questions in the preliminary round of Aattathuku Ready’a

** Out of the 30 questions, each contestant will be given 10 each from three categories – Easy, Intermediate and Tough
** The quiz will be in MCQ format ie. Each question irrespective of the difficulty level will have 4 options to choose from

** Time allocation for each category of question: Easy 25 seconds, Intermediate 30 seconds, Tough 35 seconds
** The quiz can only be taken linearly and the timer will begin as soon each question is loaded

** Questions once answered and submitted cannot be revisited to make changes
** Once the quiz is completed and submitted, the preliminary round is concluded

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    Ashiwin sir yoker la nala turn pani left hand batsmana out akurathu easya ?
    Nenga ipadi try panidikingala?

  2. Jeenu

    Hlo anna innakki tha video pathan
    Neenga sollirunthinga this web
    So NAA. Ungalukku insta la msg paanniruntha atha pathingla unga number kudunga enakku konjam pesanum enakku cricket romba pudikkum NAA ippo 11th padikkura 12th mudichu natarajan Anna Salem la oru accadamy thodangirukaru athula polamnu irukka please support me anna

  3. Sai grithar

    Ashwin anna send your phone number anna please iam your fan anna other wise u call me anna

  4. Nagesh

    Who are better talented brothers? WAUGHS, CROWES, PANDYAS, CHAPPELS, AMARNATHS OR FLOWERS ?

  5. Antosam

    Aswin eppadi right arm spin poduradhu pls tell .

  6. Y.D.Laxman

    HI ASHWIN Anna,

    Ungaloda first INTERNATIONAL TEST wicket yarodadhu.sollunga Anna please.

  7. Kalaichelvan

    Hi ashwin Anna nA 14 years old boy ennaku cricketer aganum nu asai

  8. S.Srihariharaan

    Aswin bro I am your fan bro your bowling is very nice bro

  9. amarnath

    hi iam amarnath i am 11 years old

  10. ramujagan

    hi ashwin anna na lefthand batsman how are you

  11. Priyadharshan R.S

    Hi aswin Anna iam Right batsmen how are you anna

  12. Shakthihiran

    Hi sir in tnpl all dd mathches i will on the ground

  13. Rahul Kanna

    Hii anna how to play tnpl. my age is 15

  14. Akash.S

    Hi Ashwin anna iam right arm spinner like you and I very concentrate in felding and my dream is became a cricketer like you.and thank you Ashwin Anna.🏏🏏🏏😄

  15. Nithin

    Hi anna i am Nithin & my brother name is Aswin then how to play off spin anna then how to play in Tnpl

    1. S.vaitheesh


  16. Nithin

    hi anna i am Nithin i want to play tnpl anna what i have to do anna

  17. Nithin


    hi anna I AM right handed batsman then how to bowl off spin na










  21. M.SANJAY


  22. AGASH

    Hi ashwin sir ,which team is best team in 2020

  23. Ve vasanth

    I want to play IPL but my family status very poor. Cricket is life. I play good in cricket

  24. TK

    2020 winner is csk

  25. Kishore

    Hi Ashwin Anna you and Jadeja score a fitty+partnership the team score is what

  26. Kishore

    Hi Ashwin Anna nenga first when are you meet a Dhoni and he what said you please said

  27. P.Vishnuram.

    Hi Ashwin Anna iam Vishnuram from Karur I love your spin attack iam Shreyas and pant fan from 2017 you are our team we will win .


    I love cricket in ROHIT

  29. Hari madhavan. P

    Hi ashwin sir ,I ‘m your biggest fan ,I am right hand batsman and wicket keeper also please accept me ,this is my dream.please sir

  30. Abdullah khan

    Hi Ashwin iam right hand batsman and wk

  31. Veera rathinam

    Hi sir I am all rounder
    Right hands bats man and also right hand medium fast

  32. Sachin

    Super aswin sir

  33. jannath

    aswin anna neenga 2013 la ellam suppara bowling potto match win panni kotothinga antha mathiri eppo parfom pannuvinga?neega nalla parfom panna ennoda vallthukkal.

  34. Yukesh kumar

    Hi ashwin anna 😊 i love cricket😊 i love u anna, my dream is become like u , i like u r bowling style , and u r right hand bats mam i like that also anna , Be happy always anna , i am so happy to msg with u anna , tks for this opportunity anna , Take care u anna 😊

  35. Jishnu Sangeet

    Ashwin I know you are the world’s no 1 off spinner and I am a fan of Hitman Rohit Sharma.

  36. Nithiyan

    I love Cricket so much and like dhoni

  37. SRIRAM



    Sir IAM ms Dhoni fan next indian teamku Kohli apram yaaru captaincy pannunaa indian teamku nalladu no 4 position Shreyas epdi play pannanumnu ninaikreenga



  40. ariya

    hi ashwin sir 2013 icc champions trophy final match final over you bowl moment eppadi irunthathu?

  41. Diwakar Sharma CSK

    Hi Ashwin bro cricket enaku romba pidikum naanum uangla Madhirioff spinner Dhan

  42. Anonymous

    Brother innka aduna mudhal ball enna

  43. Vinoth

    Bro inka aduna first ball potta bowler yarru unkala out senja bowler yarru innka out senja batsman yaaru first ball yaaruku pottinka

  44. Chandru

    Hi Ashwin bro

    1. viji

      bro is it only indians or tamils
      viji from Sri lanka

  45. Thakshan

    Hi sir what is your ambition during your school time

  46. Mathew john

    Hi sir I buy fiber bat it’s good or bad

  47. Anonymous

    Hi I’m Mathew john

  48. Nitish

    How to participate in the game I don’t know please sir

    1. Gowtham

      Hi aswin anna my name Gowtham ilove cricket I am right arm fast bowler

  49. Manoj thiwari

    I am Manoj I love 🏏 cricket so much I like dhoni

  50. John Paul

    HI Ashwin Anna

  51. R. Naveen

    Sir I want to like your best batting and bowling figure

  52. R. Naveen

    Hi ashwin sir I like your bowling action. I like you to see sir

  53. Sharvesh

    Hi am Sharvesh

  54. Revanth

    Bro i m fan of u

  55. S. Levinraj

    Ashwin bro last year I buy an ss gladiator bat but that shop keeper anna says english willow bat is nice why Kashmir not goof

  56. Sridhar

    Hi Ashwin Sir register please I am your favorite fans please register I am right arm batsman and right arm spinner

  57. Virat karthick

    Please itha yaravudhu yeppadi register panrathu sollunga please

  58. Balaji

    Lords ground open panna date

  59. Balaji

    Chepauk ground open panna date

  60. mani

    super quiz comptition

  61. Jeevan

    Hi Ashwin Anna iam right arm fast bowler at my city

    1. Nikhil

      Iam a off spinn anna

    2. Vishva

      Hai UAM vishva iam right arm off spinner

  62. felix jordan

    Hello,Ash I started following cricket from the begining of wc19.But have never missed a game of yours.

  63. Yadhava Krishnan

    I ASWI SIR IAM YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN 2019 YOUR TEAM WAS PIAYED VS RCB IN THAT MACH YOU WAS TOOK 4 wicked in over for 1 runs IAM YOUR BIGGEST FAN Sri please send me the message hi to me sir

  64. Mohan hari

    I am one of the biggest fan of cricket 🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏🏏

  65. Hariharasudhan R.

    I,like cricket ashwin

  66. Hariharasudhan R.

    Iam,a right hand fast bowler

  67. MADI Dhurai Kali Raj

    This is best and super competition

  68. hari

    ashwin ,Iam a right hand fast bowler

  69. Hari

    Hai ashwin bro

  70. Sabari Dhoni

    Hi I’m interested please find the right

  71. Sabari Dhoni

    Hi I’m fain ,how are you

    1. Sridhar

      Hi Ashwin Sir register please🙏 I am your favorite fans please register Ashwin Sir

  72. Sabari Dhoni

    I’m easy the Quiz i win

  73. Sabari Dhoni

    Hi Aswin my name is karthi

  74. K. V. Nishanth

    What are the timing for the cricket quiz


    Hi Ashwin sir.my question is how to put carrom balls ,googly, please tell

  76. Aravinth.R

    Neenga cricket player agarathuku any problem face pannunga?

    1. Navatej

      Very good bowler

  77. Aravinth.R

    Anna na ungaloda Periya fan unga child hood cricket ahh sollunga please

  78. eromD

    when the game starts? can you say the time?

    1. Rajesh kannan

      When was the competition started

  79. K ramuragu

    Which is the first team in test first time lose 4-0 a)India b) Pakistan

  80. K Ramuragu

    Sir I am the very biggest fan of you from whom you learned spin bowling please reply

  81. Praneet

    Bro I am 16 I can participate in this Quiz ah ? I am really interested…

  82. R aswathaman

    please i am 14 years i am a right hand batsman and right arm chinaman bowler please can i join this quiz i know every thing about cricket please i do not even get a chance to participate in any matches in my school also my coach will say that u are playing very well . but please allow me jointhis quiz and an academy please ashwin sir i am always a fan of off spin bowler the way that the ball drifts looks beaaaauutiful i am 14 years old please allow please iw ant u to reply me as soon as possible I also like u r character very much i want learn many things from u please ashwin sir i am from vellore please sir i love u

  83. Surya prakash. N MSD FAN

    Hai sir in cricket which team is your favorite

  84. Surya prakash. N MSD FAN

    Hai who is the best cricketer in the world Virat or MSD

  85. Dhiwakar

    How to spin the ball
    And your phone number

  86. sachin arul

    hi bro iam great fan of you my age is 16

  87. Anonymous

    this is nice compitetion

    1. K. V. Nishanth

      Timing sollunga anna

  88. Anonymous

    I am your biggest fan

  89. Veshal

    Hi Ravi how are you

  90. Jeevan

    Hi Ashwin Anna I am your biggest fan . .Anna u is role model

  91. R.S.Raja

    Please give fitness tips

  92. R.S.Raja

    Diffrent in sg or dukes ball

  93. R.S.Raja

    Who is best for 4th down KL Rahul Rishab pant ashwin anna

    1. Rajesh kannan

      When was the competition started

  94. R.S.Raja

    How to bowl a perfect off spin

    Who is best for keeping K.L.Rahul or Rishab pant

    1. K ramuragu

      Which is the first in test team to lose 4 wickets for 0 – 4 a) India b)Pakistan

  95. Sadasivam

    Hi ahswin how to play quiz

  96. Akash.s

    Ashwin Anna na unga biggest fan neenga ennoda bowling inspiration

  97. Abdullah

    I am Abdullah Iam oru cricket player yanaku cricket romba pedikum

  98. Tamil

    How ta join

  99. M. Vijay Krishna

    Hi Ashwin Anna. இந்த quiz எப்படி விளையாடனும் நு சொல்லுங்க தயவு சொல்லுங்க.நான் ஒரு 13 வயது மகன்.

  100. Kirthick

    Ashwin anna iam fan of you iam 12 years opd how you can bowling

  101. tarun sabarinath

    hi sir king spin

  102. tarun sabarinath

    ashwin anna i am your big fan of and your turn of spin is nice and anna iam going to u12 and my cricket coaching is here’s future cricket coaching and i asked my mother to join in your cricket coching sir

  103. Lazaras

    Hi Ashwin Anna I am lazaras I am your best fan and Dhoni’s next fan. How to register this game?

  104. vishwa

    How to register sir?

  105. Hariharan

    How to I register sir

  106. Hariharan

    How to play cricket quiz sir
    I am 13 years old

  107. Anonymous

    Hi Ashwin Anna I am a great fan of rishabh pant I want a chance to speak with him .please made a chance to speak with him. Please please anna

  108. Nithin

    Ashwin Anna I am only 13 years old l. But I really want to take part in this quiz. Plus see if I can participate sir . Thank you I am from Chennai.

  109. Harish chandar

    How to play the quiz

  110. Mukil vannan

    How to register in this competition plz suggest me bro….

  111. Prem dhoni

    Anna neenga than en spin bowling inspretion ungalukku yaru bro inspretion…

  112. Prem dhoni

    Hii Ashwin Anna ungalukku frist cricket velaiyada solli kudutthathu yarunga bro…😉

  113. prem dhoni

    hi sir i am your biggest fan. which captain is your best?
    dhoni or virat
    .how to feel your first indernational match?

  114. Sudarsan

    How to play this quiz

  115. Hari

    Hi aswinbro how to register

    1. gopal

      hai aswin anna i am bowl speak you big fan

  116. Iniyan

    Vanakkam Ashwin anna na unga fan pls tell me how to put bowling pls na bye brather I am from chennai

  117. Jeeva

    Hi bro eppo csk varuvega ne play pannum appo tha nalla irrukum

  118. Mr iniyan

    Yes yes thankyou

  119. INIYAN idaya tamizh

    How to doosra ball aswin brother

  120. Kirthick

    Ashwin bro how you maintaing you body slim

  121. Joshva.k

    How selected in tamilnadu team more talent person are rejected why and maximum players are same cast so selection are talen base are cast baseha yanakakurana naa inemata try panapora so please reply

  122. Pranesh

    Na my phone number is 99769020xx and my age is 13

  123. Pranesh

    I am thirteen years old I can play in the contest

  124. Pon prapanjan Prabhu

    How to register Ashwin sir

  125. Varshath

    Hi Ashwin bro I’m varshath can kohli be a best caption than msd

  126. Sudhan bs

    Hi ashwin sir, iam your fan i like your carrom ball

  127. MSD BS007 SUDHAN


    1. Tamil

      I din know how to join

  128. MSD BS007


  129. R.R Nishanth

    Bro na super batting panuvan I need a chance to showy talent my age is 14 only please call 9842433xxx please call me

  130. Sri santh

    Is that Washington sunder is in RCB

  131. P.Pushparaj

    Hi aswin anna how to register this quiz anna

  132. Arun kumar

    How to login ashwin bro

  133. BalaGanesh

    Hi ashwin anna epdi naan register pannanum

  134. Krishna

    How to register ??

  135. S.piraisodan

    Hay ashwin

  136. Sakthi vel

    I AM A SMALL BOY AND I AM A LEFT hand batsman

  137. Krithik

    epdi register pandradhu?

  138. Iswarya

    Hi ashwin anna i like u as Tamilgirl I’m biggest fan of virat kohli can i get a chance to speak with him pls

  139. Sujith raghav

    Hi Ashwin sir .I am right hand batsman and right arm pace bowler.

  140. Rahul prasanth

    Hi hisvin I love u hisvin please send the massage to me him name Rahul Prasanth him siding 8 I like circket 😀 very much you are playing circket very super

  141. RAMESH

    Hi Ashwin bro

  142. Dhoni Jasim

    How to play the quiz

  143. T.Rajkumar

    Hi aswin bro..Ungala ennaku romba pudikkum.neengathan tamilnadu lenthu poitu oru nalla player raa irukinga.unga spin naa entha oru batsmanun avalavu seekiron adika mudiyathu.so i will impress for you.thank you na

    1. Anonymous

      Hi starsports tamil🙋 and I aswin anna niga samma cricket player 🌟.I am gokul nan csk fan and cricket la thala dhoni veriyan……………

    2. Gokul

      Hi starsports tamil🙋 and I aswin anna niga samma cricket player 🌟.I am gokul nan csk fan and cricket la thala dhoni veriyan……………

  144. S. Amudhan dhoni

    How to register


    Hi I am a great fan of shreyas iyer. Can i get a chance of speaking with him

  146. Devkumar

    Sir,how to register for this website reply sir

    1. Bs007

      Hi dev anna

  147. Deepak

    Hi Ashwin bro

  148. Dharun

    Hi ashwin BRO when the time starts in friday

  149. Jaisundar

    Hi Ashwin bro I’m Jaisundar how to participate in quiz

  150. Kp charukesh iyer

    Hi Ashwin Anna how to play this quiz pls tell anna

  151. Kp charukesh iyer

    Hi Ashwin Anna how to play this quiz pls tell

    1. Anonymous

      Mam/Sir how to register.Hi ashwin sir how to join.HI ASHWIN BRO IAM YOUR FAN.Sir,how to register for this website reply sir.How to login ashwin bro

  152. S.SANJAY


  153. Jaisundar

    Hi ashwin sir how to join

    1. Idhaya

      Hi ashwin Anna

  154. vijay prasath

    hi anna
    na right hand bat man na right hand spinnar log spin why?

  155. Rithish

    How to login bro

  156. kowsel

    bro I’m taking training from iplplayer
    I am all rounder bro

    1. RAMESH

      Hi Ashwin bro



    1. Sakthivel

      Ok iam sakthivel nice to mit you

  158. Ahamedfaris

    Hi Ashwin bro

    1. J.joel Joshua

      Hi Ashwin Sir How To Register please Tall me sir my phone number is 63799745xx it’s also my whatsapp number sir tel me sir

    2. Prem dhoni

      Anna neenga than en spin bowling inspretion ungalukku yaru bro inspretion…

  159. harsath

    I am lafte hand bat man and right hand spinner

  160. Sarves

    Mam/Sir how to register

    1. Kirthick

      Aswin how you maintianing your body slim

    2. Gokul yadav

      Rishabh pant all maiden half centuries against one team in all three formats??

    3. K.m junaid

      Ashwin iam right hand batsman and off spinner


    This is nice quiz compitetion

    1. Hariharasudhan

      Iam ,a right-arm பேட்ஸ்மேன்

    2. Pon prapanjan Prabhu

      Virat Kohli retirement in captain ship and the next captain?

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