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MyGov Painting Competition on International Tiger Day 2020

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Organisation : Department of Environment, Forest & Climate Change
Contest Name : Painting Competition on International Tiger Day 2020
Applicable For : Indian citizen
Contest Last Date : 10th August 2020
Website :

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MyGov Painting Competition on International Tiger Day

Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is going to organize an online art competition on the occasion of International Tiger Day with the goal to promote a global system for the protection of Natural Habitat and raise awareness for tiger conservation issue did a painting competition.

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Theme : ‘Protect tigers and their habitat’

Technical Parameters

1. The Painting must be in A2 size (420 x 594 mm / 16.5 x 23.4 inches) on any type of Art paper of the choice of the participants.
2. The participants will be at liberty to use any type of safe color material like acrylic, pastel, water etc. or a clever mix of all in the painting.

3. The Painting should be usable on the website/mobile app/ social media such as Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and on Magazines, Commercial, Hoardings/Standees, Brochures, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Souvenirs and other Publicity and Marketing materials.

4. Slogans on the paintings, if any, may be only either in Hindi or English only.

Evaluation Criteria

1. All the entries fulfilling the terms and conditions would be assessed for award by a Selection Committee constituted by DEFCC.

2. Entries would be judged on the basis of elements of creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, simplicity, artistic merit and visual impact and how well they communicate the theme.

3. The decision of the Selection Committee would be final and binding on all the participating contestants and no clarifications would be issued to any participant/applicant for any or their decisions.

Prize & Recognition

** A Certificate for appreciation from the Department of Environment Forest and Climate Change Govt. of Bihar
** A memento from the DEFCC.
** Department will promote the painting and artist through its Social media handle (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Important Dates

** Last Date of submission form 10th August 2020
** Result- On 15th August 2020
** Online Exhibition- From 16th August to 20th August 2020


The result of the competition will be uploaded on the Notice Board of the website of the department, i.e., as well as MyGov portal.

Terms & Conditions

1. There is no entry fee to participate in the contest which is open to Indian citizens only.
2. Theme of the Painting Competition is ‘Protect tigers and their habitat,’

3. Multiple entries by the same participant/applicant would not be considered.
4. The Painting must not contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.

5. The Painting must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957. The applicant/participant shall not use any material (Photograph, icon, symbol, image etc.) which is copyright protected. Plagiarism would not be allowed.

6. Anyone found infringing on other’s copyright would be disqualified from the competition.
7. The painting has to be submitted online in JPEG, PDF format.
8. DEFCC will inform only the winners about the selection of their Painting.

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  1. Result ki deccleare a hoyeche

  2. when r the results going on to be declared .it is already 19th Oct 2020. I have some money and not much hence not possible for me to write to u daily during the week around this time. and by the way do u know about other drawing national and international competetion. i am a phd drawing student. PLEASE DO WRITE IN SOON SOME REPLY FROM U R OFFICER OR RANKING OFFICERS.

  3. When will the results be declared??

  4. Useless, hopeless govt is cheating us, our pm sir is busy in his maan ki baat. He is busy in his dress up, his beard style, his own issue. Is there any time to hear our maan ki baat in the regular routine in the pm sir, he is so cheap and shameless. Really disappointed for this such irresponsible minister who suck the all manpower of this country like leech.. so helpless to be an indian. How great thinking and education of our pm sir. 15th august 2020 is coming soon for pm respected n.modi.. really salute for the shameless useless man, our pm modi🙏

  5. When will be the result declared??? Kindly tell.

  6. Sir plz publish the result.

  7. Dear government….my daughter Kimaya,only 6 years old innocent girl used to ask me about result each and every morning as she woke up in the bed,and I am fooling her by giving any falls reason.She has done very great practice and efforTS to participate in this. please notify us immediately

  8. Where are the results?!?!

    1. When will be the result declared?????
      Kindly tell

  9. Sir I want to know about the results.

  10. Sir I am Prachi Kotian and I want to know about the results.

  11. I encouraged my 12 years old son to participate in this and looking at the government response on this it seems waste of participation time, crossed one month and not yet announced the results.

  12. where is the result?

  13. Egarely wating

  14. Sir how, to check result , my daughter rajavi Shinde is just 8 and
    Half year old did her best for competition…. plz tell us the result , and how can we get certificate????? Where can we see online display tell .

  15. Useless govt think that we the painters are so fool. They start to cheat us as they are doing with the common people of india. Pm sir is busy in his ‘man ki baat’. But does not any need to see or hear our, the people’s man ki baat. Cheater govt.

  16. Sir please publish the results we are waiting madly and the result is not declared yet evev it’s to late to publish the date if publish is 15 august 2020 please remember sir we all request you to publish the results.
    Thank you

  17. Sir,how we check the painting competition results of tiger protection

  18. Yet no result declared

  19. Sir please confirm about result.

  20. What is the issue..why results are not published yet.

  21. I am 46 years old .i work as a teacher of computers and drawing in a very good hospital. i had worked very hard on this painting competition about tigers protection and their habitat .and had worked very very hard on slogans too in boyh hindi and english. i live in new delhi.please sir do send an email at least .thanking u madhavi.

  22. When will the result will be uploaded on the site
    I have search many times then also i did not get any result please tell when it will be uploaded??

  23. Cheater govt cheat us, shame to be a participate in this cheating competition organised by the cheater govt

  24. Anshit Kumar Srivastava

    Why are they not posting the results

  25. What happened to the art exhibition online? No result nor the exhibition seen anywhere.

    1. No results found on any website

  26. awaiting for the results

  27. Ankit Kumar Sinha.

    Hello, when the result has announced…

  28. Now also there is no result

  29. Govt start to cheat us..we are so unlucky. 15th August will come in 2021,next year,till we have to wait, i think so

  30. when will results be declared

  31. When will the result be declared

  32. Useless govt is cheating us, even in this competition also.. till they have not published the result. Is there any fraud case in this issue?

  33. Is result declared or not if declared how to check it and why still we are not informed about it today is 17 and the date of result declaration was Please send us result of painting competition we have made it by so much effort that’s our effort

  34. Why the result not came yet we are waiting for it .

  35. Result has been declared or not please I hav checked but not found please suggest and inform the excat criteria

  36. Ankit Kumar Sinha.

    Hello, when is result come please tell me…

  37. Sir when is result coming? I am litraly waiting madly for resukts bcz I have done hardwork on my painting sir plz its a request I want to see my name on toppers list can’t wait too see…

  38. M.Arun Mani Gandhi

    Kindly disclose the result of Painting Competition of International Tiger Day 2020. My son is participated in the said competition. We look forward to hearing the result of the competition.

  39. When will result declared

  40. Where is result ?

  41. I have checked on the my gov portal also but there is no result if any body have pls share

  42. How to check result???

  43. How to check results?

  44. why are the results not declared yet? today the exhibition was supposed to start

  45. How to check results

  46. Why are the results not declared yet

  47. Painting competition results declared or not

    1. Anshit Kumar Srivastava

      Why are they not posting the results

    2. Sir pl send the results

  48. Result is declared or not??

    1. How to check result?
      Result has been declared or not?
      I have checked my gov and forest portal also but no any result there.

  49. Madanmohan Das

    1. Sir please confirm about result

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