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Zee Marathi Shravan Dhamaka Prime Time Contest 2020 : zeemarathi.zee5.com

Organization : Zee Marathi
Contest Name : Zee Marathi Shravan Dhamaka Prime Time Contest 2020
Applicable For : Residents of Maharashtra
Contest Last Date : August 15th 2020
Website : https://zeemarathi.zee5.com/

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Zee Marathi Shravan Dhamaka Prime Time Contest

The ‘Shravan Dhamaka Prime Time Contest is conducted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited as a promotional activity for its channel “Zee Marathi”.

Related / Similar Contest : Zee Marathi Shravan Aani Ticha Celebration 2020

See Zee Marathi, give the right answers to the simple questions asked during the series by giving Free Missed Call and win lots of prizes.

Who Can Participate?

Participation in this Contest is restricted to resident(s) of the Maharashtra only and who are above 18 years of age as on the date of this Contest.

Contest Period

The Contest shall start from 18:30 IST on August 10th 2020 and end at 23:30 IST on August 15th 2020. During the Contest Period, Contest for each day shall commence at 18:30 IST on that particular day and shall end at 23:30 IST on the same day.

Note :
For clarity though the Contest is applicable to the time slot 18.30 IST to 22.30 IST, the Participants have a chance to answer the question till 23.30 IST.

How to Participate?

** During the Daily Contest Period, Monday- cprorated herein by reference.between 18.30 IST to 23.30 IST one question will flash at the end of each show on the Channel in every half an hour slot thus totalling to 8 questions every day.

** Every question will have 2 options along with 2 missed call numbers (for correct and incorrect answer each) as provided below.

** Participants will have to give free missed call to register their answers.
i. 1800120100001 Option A
ii. 1800120100002 Option B

** Thereafter, Participant shall receive an automated text message which shall state the following “Thank You for participating in Zee Marathi Shravan Dhamaka Prime Time Contest. Continue to watch Zee Marathi to know the winner names and win fabulous prizes. T&C Apply”

Winner Selection

From amongst the Participants who have submitted the Entry, 96 Participants i:e 16 Participants per day who have given the correct answer to the Contest Post during the Contest Period will be selected as the Winners. The Winner(s) will be selected randomly by an automated system.


Total 50 Winners shall be eligible for Waman Hari Pethe (“WHP”) vouchers and 46 Winners shall be eligible for cash prize of Rs.9999/-. A Participant can be declared as Winner only once during the Contest Period i.e. each Participant will be entitled to only one Prize.

Grounds For Disqualification

(a) Participants who are not eligible to participate in the Contest
(b) Participant/ Winners failing to provide the required documents as stated above, within 2 days of request by ZEEL;
(c) Participant/ Winners found to be below 18 years of age as per the age proof submitted.

(d) Any of the documents/proofs not being properly attested, unclear, illegible and/or ZEEL has reasonable grounds to believe the same to be fraudulent.
(e) Entry submitted by proxy will not be accepted, even if the proxy is any of their family members.

Terms & Conditions

** Family members and relatives of the employees of ZEEL and their group companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, holding companies are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

** Each Winner may have to sign any release form or other relevant document as required by ZEEL in order to receive Prize from ZEEL.

** Each Winner shall receive a call from ZEEL or by any other agency on behalf of the ZEEL by directly calling on Mobile Number from which the Participant submitted its Entry

** For sake of clarity it is stated that all Entry(ies) should be sent from the personal/ self-owned registered mobile number of the Participant and any Entry(ies) sent from any public or unidentified number shall be considered invalid by ZEEL and the same shall be disqualified.

Terms & Conditions : bit.ly/ShravanDhamakaPrimeTime

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  1. वैष्णवी मुदिराज

    Price Kodi me rail

  2. अनिता अशोक पुराणिक

    मी अनिता अशोक पुराणिक बीड मी आपल्या स्पध्रेत सहभागी झाले होते दि 15 ऑगस्ट रोजी विजेता म्हणून घोषित केले वामन हरी पेठे खास भेटवस्तू या यादीत माझे नाव आले मला तसा फोन पण आला मी सर्व कागदपत्रे सादर केली तरीपण आपला काही प्रतिसाद मिळाला नाही बक्षीस कधी मिळेल

  3. prashant hatwalne

    Respected sir mi prashant hatwalne ahmednagar sir winner list madhe maze nav declared zale tv var mi sarva document pan submit kele aahe pan ajun mala prize chi amt.milali nahi plz check karun mala kahi reply dyava

  4. Kalwale renuka ram

    My name is kalwale renuka ram mi 15 agastla ANS dile note but 16 agustla maza mobile harvala aahe mi 9657727xxx ya nober Varun answer dile aahet mi winner jhale he mala kalnar nahi please 8767900xxx ya nober vr contact kara mala price chi khup garage aahe mala he paise mazya shikshna sati haven’t please sir I need help

  5. Amol Prabhakar Pachang

    13 ऑगस्टला मेसेज आला बारा वाजून 24 मिनिटांनी मी विनर आहे लिस्टमध्ये नाव आले नाही आमच्या पंधरा तारखेला पण दोन मिस कॉल गेले आहेत पण त्याचा मेसेज आला नाही

  6. Anonymous

    I have give answer of 14August of serial majya navre chi bayko on time but i not got message

  7. Vishal aahire

    शिर्डि निमगाव कोऱ्हाळे जिल्हा अहमदणगर

  8. Sandhya jadhav

    मी 14 अन् 15 ऑगस्ट का miss call दिला मला त्याचा sms पण आला आहे मग माझे नाव list मध्ये क नाही😔

  9. sagar rane

    Zee Marathi mi Marathi.

    1. Sandip bharade

      MI pan miss call Kell pan maze nav aalenahi

  10. Savita totare

    Sir me 15 aug che sagle ans correct dile n lavakr dilte pan msg alaa nhi plz check sir

  11. Varsha Mohan

    झी मराठी खूप छान

    1. Sachin ubale

      @aniket cancelled cheque che Xerox send karaychi ahe ki original cheque cha photo???

  12. Sakshi matale

    Mi 14 ani 15 tarkhela saglya serial chya que che answer dile call pn lagla pn mla kahi serial che msg aale kahi serial che nahi aale .. My contact no 9922xxxx94

  13. Dipti Sadanand more

    No winners announced for 15th aug I have given answers for 15th

  14. Vasundhara Dalvi

    Who is Winner of 14 aug And 15 Aug Zee marathi Shravan Dhamaka ???

  15. Balasaheb kharat

    Hi 14aug che winner sanga.

  16. Pratikshit Sudhakar Korde

    I have given correct answers on 15 Augest….but I have not received any message from zee marathi……My contact number is 9373072xxx

  17. Aniket sambhaji chavan

    Aniket sambhaji chavan
    14 august Cha winner ahe mi
    9604196xxx chavanwadi satara

    1. Sandhya jadhav

      मी 14 ऑगस्ट ला बरोबर उत्तर दिले आहे sms पण आला आहे… अजुन 15 ऑगस्ट ला पण बरोबर उत्तर दिले आहे त्याचा sms नाही आला आहे… pls तुम्ही winner कोण आहे लवकर सांगा….

  18. Dipti Sadanand more

    Hiii this is Dipti Sadanand more from virar east palghar I have given all answers for 15th August when will the winners announced

    1. Savita totare

      Me sagel answer correct dile n call pan lavkar lagle hote pan msg pan nhi ala plz check 9167517xxxha maza no ahe plz check

  19. Vishal aahire

    Zee Marathi

  20. Shilpa gaikwad pune

    augus 13 sms aala ahe call pan lagla ahe

  21. Shilpa gaikwad

    Mi winer ahe augus 13 sms aala ahe

  22. Pramod tukaram mohape

    I am given to correct answer 15 August dated but not reply masg. So please kindly check and revert back me below no. 9137093xxx

  23. Arachana Goraksha Watekar.

    Arachana Goraksha Watekar. Shirur, Pune.

  24. Pramod M Joshi

    I Am residing in BOISAR Western rly After Palghar station. I am trying every day from first day of your contest start, but from my mobiles & P & T phones your two numbers not getting. Msg is coming please check the number this numer is not exist. So at last I am not participate your contest. Please give the reply about this problem

  25. sushant Ingale

    When you will be show 13 August winners

  26. Nilkanth Chavan Shirpur

    Contest is very interesting.we enjoy all serials on zee Marathi.

  27. Natasha Nikam

    Winners for 15 August

  28. Rutik suryakant kamble

    Hii sir amrutik

  29. Pooja

    Hii, Call lagt naiye Ani aaj home minister cha question vicharl ch nai

  30. Anonymous

    How we have to do registration

  31. Vishal aahire

    Zee Marathi time Contes is very nice

  32. Arjun , Aarohi Gotawade

    When you will be show 13 August winners

  33. Santosh kashinath sonawane.

    Hi sir I am santosh sonawane.in Aundh pune.

  34. Alpha Arvind Tayade

    very good idea

    1. Anonymous

      Mi nine Vishal aahire

    2. Suryakant somnath jagtap

      Sir i am suryakant jagtap at nashik

  35. BHAGYASHRI Zambare

    Missed call no kay aahe ata aale hota tya prashanac

  36. ramesh dhangar

    i ramesh dhangar

  37. नितीन मनोहरराव कांबे

    आम्ही झी मराठी वाहिनीवरील श्रावण धमाका कार्यक्रमात सहभागी झालो आहे.धन्यवाद आम्हाला ही संधी दिल्याबद्दल झी मराठीचे मनःपुर्वक आभारी आहोत.

  38. ramesh dhangar

    sir i give all answer but message pan ale please give me prize i waching all serial 630 to 11 a clock

  39. Shivam Bachpalle

    Shravan prime time contest madhe case participle karayche

  40. Sambhaji Govindrao Sarate

    Ahami uttar dile tari pn aamch nav yet nahiye.
    Sambhaji Govindrao Sarate.Mobile no.95299xxx57,9822608xxx.

    1. Madhura

      Plz show winner full list in Google



  42. prachi kuwar

    when will be the next prime time contest arranged and who is the winer please see my comment

    1. Vishal aahire

      Mi nine Vishal aahire

  43. Reshma waghe

    Zee Marathi varil all malika khup chan ahet

  44. रेश्मा गणेश कांबळे ,कोल्हापूर, सिद्धार्थ नगर

    झी मराठी वाहिनीवरील श्रावण धमाका कार्यक्रमात सहभागी झालो आहे.आम्हाला ही संधी दिल्याबद्दल मनःपूर्वक आभार.

    1. Vishal aahire

      शिर्डि निमगाव कोऱ्हाळे जिल्हा अहमदणगर

  45. Santosh sonawane

    Nice zee matathi

  46. Akshada sanap

    Prize kadi decler hoela

  47. Dipak bankar

    छान मालिका

  48. बाळासो पोवार

    खुप छान झी मराठी आम्हाला खुप हा खेळ आवडतो धन्यवाद झी मराठी

  49. Sambhaji Govindrao Sarate

    Kadi ani kay bhetel 9822608xxx ha no.ahe

  50. रेश्मा गणेश कांबळे.कोल्हापुर सिध्दार्थ नगर.

    झी मराठी वाहिनीवरील श्रावण धमाका कार्यक्रमात सहभागी झालो आहे . धन्यवाद आम्हाला ही संधी दिल्याबद्दल मनःपूर्वक धन्यवाद

  51. रेश्मा गणेश कांबळे.

    झी मराठी वाहिनीवरील श्रावण धमाका कार्यक्रमात सहभागी झालो आहे.धन्यवाद संधी दिल्याबद्दल आभारी आहे.

  52. रेश्मा गणेश कांबळे.

    आम्ही झी मराठी वाहिनीवरील श्रावण धमाका कार्यक्रमात सहभागी झालो आहे.धन्यवाद आम्हाला ही संधी दिल्याबद्दल झी मराठीचे मनःपुर्वक आभारी आहोत.

  53. Mangesh

    मस्त… आम्ही सहभागी झालोय। झी मराठी मी मराठी… धन्यवाद झी मराठी… झी मराठीवरील मालिका खरचं खुप छान आहेत.

  54. Anonymous

    When I try to call on given no….wo server unreachable kyu bolta hai……

  55. shri

    call kel tar unable to connect yet ahe

    1. Mayur sakoskar

      झी मराठी ची सर्व मालिका खुप छान आहे.

  56. Arvind kadam

    How will we get gifts and also when we give missed call call gets end…. we are not getting any messages… we have to give all questions answer then only we will get prize or if we gave only one questions answer then also we will get prize

  57. Devidas

    Kopargaon ahemadnagr

  58. Kishor jangam

    Hi sir 13th August winners list send

    1. Vishal aahire

      ZEE Marathi

  59. Anjali Gaikwad

    Nice Zee Marathi Channel

  60. Yash

    Hi sir 18 varshyachya khali sahabhag gheta yenar nahi ka

  61. Srushti jadhav

    Winner kon ahe

  62. sapna vadnere nasik wadalibhoi chandwad

    spna vadnere nasik wadalibhoi chanwad

  63. Srushti jadhav

    Hi am srushti

    1. आनिल लाठे

      ठाणे पातलीपाडा जी बी रोड ठाणे

  64. Kajal k

    Answer dilyavr missed call jatana ring cha sound yeto ka .? Ki call end , rejected as yet

  65. Aryan gaikwad.

    Aryan gaikwad.विजेता कोण आहे.

  66. Santosh sonawane

    T and c means

    1. Santosh sonawane

      Zee marathi is very good channel

  67. Balaji

    Ring yehina kasa participate karata yete

  68. Rahul gavate

    How to participate in i dont know

  69. Rahul gavate

    How to participate in

    1. आम्रपाली kamble

      Zee marathi is good chaynal

  70. Neelbari

    What is winner price

  71. Prajktta

    This very nise the Zee Marathi

  72. Prajktta

    Very nice to good

    1. जय गणेश मोकल

      जय गणेश मोकल ओवळी

  73. Vaishali Nevase

    T and c means

    1. Mahesh Atul suryawanshi

      Mahesh Atul suryawanshi.
      August 13 2020 years. 9:25 clock t&c mhanje Kay



    1. Rima ramdas palyekar

      There how to get prize

    2. Sambhaji Govindrao Sarate

      Me pn questions answered purne dile tari pn maz nav ala nahi ani prize che nav kay ahe ani kadi भेटणार आहेत.maza phone no.9822608xxx and 9529972xxx

  75. Vikram Patil

    When was the winner announced?

  76. santosh rajput

    winner name list

  77. Prathibha

    Who is winner


    WHEN WILL BE DECLARED WINEERS NAME OF Shravan Dhamaka Prime Time Contest?

  79. Anonymous

    टी आणि सी लागू करा ” manje ky

  80. Rutik kamble

    Type your name

  81. Rutik kamble

    Hii sir im rutik

  82. Jay mokal

    Prize kadi meleal

    1. Prajktta

      Hi सर amprajktta

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