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BYJU’S DSSL Discovery School Super League 2020 Quiz Contest Season 3

Organisation : BYJU’S
Contest Name : DSSL Discovery School Super League 2020 Quiz Contest Season 3
Applicable For : Students from class 3 to 10
Website :

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DSSL Quiz Contest

Discovery School Super League (DSSL) is India’s favourite science and maths quiz contest. DSSL is a critical thinking and aptitude-based quiz competition where students can go from representing their schools to representing their states in a nationally televised contest and win amazing prizes along the way!

Update : Round 1 results will be announced by 2nd Week of February 2021

Close to 60 lakh students from over 17,000 schools across 400 cities in India compete every year in this mega-event. Winners stand a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to NASA and loads of other prizes.

Here’s how you can participate and win incredible prizes.


Students from class 3 to 10 are eligible to take part in this competition that is held in three rounds.


Students are divided into three sections

Sub-juniors: Class 3-4
Juniors: Class 5-7
Seniors: Class 8-10

How To Enter?

Download the Discovery Super School League App now to participate.

DSSL App :

Key Features of DSSL App:
** Free access to the Round 1 online test
** Four practice tests to help prepare for the first level of the DSSL competition
** Immediate access to the Discovery / BYJU’S certificate
** Easy access to claim scholarship and rewards

Don’t miss this chance to compete in India’s Favourite inter-school contest of the year!

School Registration

The Schools can register for the Contest by filling a registration form available in the welcome kit which will be provided by the organizer or its designated partners.

Register Here :

Competition Rounds

Round 1: School-level
** A multiple-choice question quiz is available on the DSSL app.
** Students will get 30 mins to answer 20 questions in this single-attempt quiz.
** Three toppers from every school (one from each section) will progress to Round 2.

Round 2: State-level
A multiple-choice question quiz will be conducted at a state-level.
Two toppers will represent their state in Round 3.

Round 3: Nation-level
State-level winners will compete at the national level in a televised round.

Rewards and Goodies

** Three teams (the winning team, the first runner up and second runner up) along with their respective school principal/teacher will win an all-expenses-paid trip to NASA(USA), in addition to cash prizes.
** Every participant will receive a BYJU’S Scholarship worth Rs 5,000, which can be redeemed, on any BYJU’S course.
** Every participant will get FREE access to BYJU’S-The Learning App for 60 days
** In-depth analysis of their critical thinking skills and aptitude to understand their areas of strength.
** Participation certificate from Discovery and BYJU’S

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  1. I want DSSL syllabus

  2. When it ends i means what’s the date till after i can’t give test

  3. When I will get the result of super league quiz round 1st?

  4. Hi, how can I get the dssl season 3 round 1 results

    1. Which subject question is coming in DSSL Class5

  5. send me link for download in pc

  6. When did byjus super league season 3 result will declare ??

  7. how many days to attend the dssl level 1

    1. Can you take me in round 2 deal

  8. How to open discovery School Super League for class 4 ?

  9. Download an android emulator on your laptop first. I recommend “BlueStacks”.

    On opening that app you will get a mobile like environment. Then Download DSSL on that emulator. You will find play store on the emulator.

    Now u can give test.
    Hope you will perform good.


  11. Which is the last date for submission of the dssl test?

    1. 10 December

  12. How I can know my results in DSSL season-3

  13. Is DSSL free or we have to paid for it…..??

  14. Hi what is the date of discovery super school league

    1. You can give test anytime till the season 3 ends

    2. it is going on no

  15. Sir, DSSL app is not install in vivo andorid mobile.

  16. I am not able to download this app. How can I download this app. Can you help me??

    1. To Participate, students will need specific School Identification details:

      School Name: XYZ [ YOUR SCHOOL NAME]
      City: XYZ

      you can download the app by clicking on the link below:

      For Android:
      For iOS:

  17. how can i do this on the coumputer pls tell

  18. Sir how can we download how can ues

    1. Download from Google Play and login and start playing dssl

  19. This app is not applicable for all,I request it please applicable for all version.

  20. anyone can help in question paper sets for class 4 for dssl test

  21. Dear sir
    Cheng the school name in certificate
    Correct school name is
    Jawahar naoday Vidyalay amravati

    1. Sir,
      When will the result declare??
      Sir please say.

  22. सर्टिफिकेट में स्कूल का नाम गलत हुआ
    स्कूल का नाम जवाहर नवोदय विद्यालय अमरावती

  23. Can we get 5000 rupees from this?????????

  24. How to know my first level result?

  25. if i did not give first round so can i give second round

  26. Respected Sir/Madam
    How Can Participate in Discovery Super League on Laptop with Windows 7 Plz Send a Link of give instruction.

    1. plese tell me how can download

  27. Can I get sample question paper

    1. S pls u can I am able to write round 1

  28. Till which date we can do this contest?

    1. On any day in this month.

  29. Here in India it is the season of Navarathri festival and it was inappropriate for the organisers to select october 25 as the event date on which students (mostly hindus) are keeping their books and educational tools on pooja. So better consider another date

    1. Can i get the sample question please

    2. When will the results be announced?

  30. how to download discovery school super league app on windows 7

    1. not have in windows 😪😫😭

  31. I can’t register i’m not geting the OTP.
    please check.

  32. When we don’t know about principal details we write our detail

  33. How many marks are eligible for stage 2

  34. actually my school gave me link i went to that link then my school said that chick on the (take test) which will be the sample paper i clicked on that then i gave the main exam but i was going to give sample paper

  35. It is a good chance to win here for toppers. those who have participated, good luck champs

  36. Principals details are not asked in app. But why on web….!!!!

    I dont know principals mob no or email id


  37. To enter in 2 round we have to give principals detail pls tell me 😊😊😊😊😊

  38. On which date the Discovery School super league organisers
    Otherwise I am install the Discovery School super league and complaint

    1. On 25 October



  40. Sir I took the round 2 test and I went to round 3 but I didn’t answer and I closed the app after minutes I couldn’t able to attend.

    1. You must be careful next time.

  41. What subjects are included in this DSSL test…..,is it maths or science

  42. When will the first round end

    1. You can give the test any time but in 2020 only.

  43. It is very nice and this is a challenging position of assistant

  44. How i get my anseweer of the questions sheet that I had given in 2019 . please reply me



  46. Sir i have participated in DSSL app now how can i get trip to NASA

  47. Sir i have participated in DSSL app but after that there is no information,how can i get to NASA trip.

  48. How to write online quize at DISCOVERY SUPER SCHOOL LEAUGE?

  49. Mam/sir how can will we do the DSSL 2020 quiz and what is the date of quiz

  50. how can participate the dssl contest please tell how can i registration the dssl contest season 3please tell please i want to participate

  51. how can participate the dssl contest please tell how can i registration the dssl contest season 3

  52. Sir / madam I and my sister also want to participate in this quiz how we both can participate in this quiz in only one app how we registered our name in this quiz

  53. Sir / madam I also participate in DSSL how we registered our name .
    There also my sister how we participate in this quiz..

      Click on the above👆🏻 link

  54. Mam where go and attend the physical exam mam

  55. How to i enter in discovery school super league

  56. How can I claim the 5000 rs ??

    1. You need to claim in byju

    2. Dont know Sure i do think you can do it.No need to get Rs.5000

  57. When the second round of dssl test came

    1. Worst app I connected 3 times but didn’t get paper.

  58. Sir/Madam I am selected in season,3 2nd round .

  59. Up to which date I can give season 3 DSSL test

    1. Which is the Last date of participation for DSSL

  60. Sir when the quiz show Will be start of dssl season 3 I want to participate in quiz show send a reply fastly

  61. from where to start dssl test

    1. Hello ashvi I can tell you open the dssl app and enter your phone number click on send otp register your all information of yours enjoy


    1. Sir.I want to participate in quiz

  63. is it compulsary to register our school??If yes, then till when we can inform our school??
    plz byju’s team reply

    1. Hello ashvi I can tell you open the dssl app and enter your phone number click on send otp register your all information of yours enjoy

  64. I am also a participant(Diptisha Mishra) from class-4 can anyone tell that when will be the 2nd round test

  65. We want an answer key of the Sample Tests, we need it because we cannot understand which particular question we have done wrong

  66. I Aviral Bansal from Lucknow student of Cms school was selected for national level in 2019 n tried so much to contact n no contact was possible I don’t get it still n still waiting for my certificate n other details.
    Plz inform me at…
    aviral.nidhi AT

  67. will this contest take money from us

    1. Nope , its free

  68. Participants will taken from school level on the basis of marks or time

    1. Super App Good All

  69. What is the date of dssl round 3

  70. how to join the descovery super legend seson 3 can any one tell me plese

  71. how should students register? or should we not register

    1. U can can register threw given link..

  72. yes it is very difficult download this app prince

  73. What’s the last date to give the test in 2020…. Actually I had prepared this test….. Just confirming

  74. What is the last date for registration?

  75. Which app i have to install?

    1. Discovery school super League app.
      App available on play store

  76. When will it happen any please say

  77. I am going to participate and win this league

    1. please tell me answer.

    2. don’t fake us we know you will not win

  78. What prize is given to the participants and of what basis is this exam conducted?Someone pls reply!

    1. 5 lakh and nasa adventure

  79. What prize is given to the participants and of what basis is this exam conducted?

  80. What prize is given to the participants and of what basis is this exam conducted?

  81. I am SreeLakshmi and I want to partispate in dssl

  82. When is the last date to submit ?

  83. Sharieli Balakrishnan

    Any idea on what subjects is quiz about? Only science and mathematics? Or any other?

    1. Social Science also

    2. Logical reasoning,maths, science,some questions also come from verbal ability.
      Give sample test. It will help you very much

  84. When is the last date to register

  85. How can we download free Discovery School Super League without play store

  86. Hello mam/sir i am Anushka Joshi currently in grade 11 with pcm stream. Can you please tell me is i am eligible for this dssl test

  87. When will round 2 of dssl wil take place.

  88. Do I have to pay to use this app

  89. My school is not organing the test how can i give test

  90. Is this is free of cost? Is there any requirement to pay money in any round?

    1. No you don’t have to pay

    2. 5 Thousand

    3. Nope. It says first round is free.

  91. when paper wer held please tel me

  92. At what date are we expecting the results of dssl??

  93. Can I join now

    1. Yes. You can join until September 30 of this year.

  94. How to join the quiz session

    1. Download the app on a Android an iOS device and you will get all the info in the app

  95. I can not download these app in laptop windows’7 how can download

    1. The app is compatible with android and iOS only. You cannot use a Windows laptop to participate

  96. I gave the dssl test and it showed claim rs5000 I clicked and filled the form but how will I win the money

  97. How to download discovery school super league app

  98. How can I will know that I have been choosed for second round or not

    1. A message will reach via our team.

  99. How many students are from Jawahar navodaya vidyalaya.

  100. It is a simple thing gamesh, You can download in playstore

  101. Hi everybody, when is the last day to attend the dssl exam plz reply

    1. Hi Anshika, The last day to attend the DSSL Quiz is 31st august.

  102. Want to join,plz help me

    1. Abhi, download the dssl (discovery school super league) app and you have to register the app
      Then you can join

    2. First of all download the school super league

  103. how to dppownload discovery school super league app

  104. Byju’s please tell me how to see winners for round 1


  105. when will the start at September 5 ? 3:00 to 3:00. Tell pls to conform us 6 class.

  106. till when the Start option would remain in december i.e which date??

  107. when will the test starts

    1. Hi, I am Meenakshi,lam student of 5th class,

  108. how can i check that i have qualified for DSSL i know my marks

  109. On which date discovery School super league organize

  110. I want to know that I have selected for season 3 stage 2 or not.


  111. If I attend in person, am I eligible to participate through school?

  112. Can I do it on web as I want to use a laptop. It is much easier to do on laptop.

  113. bcz of network error i went out of the test .but when i came again for test it overs .it is very disappoint for me .what can i do for this.please say any way

  114. When we will get the tests

    1. 3 september

    2. SHAURYA ON 12:30 PM

  115. yes of course!

  116. When is the last date to attend dssl round 1 test

  117. Download app and enter your phone number,email ID etc. Asked in the form.Click on start test. All free of cost.

  118. Step 1: Download Byju’s App.
    Step 2: Enter your DSSL code.
    Step 3: Click on download certificate.

  119. How can I apply for stage 2?

    1. Hey there first of all you need to download the app Discovery School super league and byju’s the learning app then you have to register after that you can click on the button start test you can give the test you can give it anytime you have to give test in 30 minutes only there are 20 multiple choice questions they have to submit


    1. because you have stupid phone

  121. How can I get qualified for stage 2?

  122. when we will know that we are selected for the 2 round?

    1. You will be informed on your registrated phone number.

    2. What type Question will come like easy or hard 🤔🤨

    3. I don’t have the details of the school principal. What should I do?

  123. can i participate indivitually

    1. Yes you can

  124. Till december

  125. Suppose I am the only student from my school and there is no one else from my school of any category who is giving the test I am the only student from my school and my category then who will be my partner in dssl season 3 level 3

    1. They will be choosen by our WILD CARD ENTRY

  126. There is no fee for Round 1 i.e. school level

    1. Yes It’s all free

  127. Till when the start option in this app would remain?

    1. Untill December.

  128. I have given the competition but I have no get the result.

  129. Mam how ,I can know that ,I am qulified ?

  130. It is very very very difficult to download this app, very disappointed Byju’s. Please do some settings so that I can download it before the time get over 🙏

  131. i want to download this app how to download

    1. you have play store than you download the app ( discovery school super leaque )
      you write it in play store .


    3. you can just download from ‘play store’ app in your device.

    4. I am partisipate in DSSL.

  132. Hai I am Aadhira I want cash without ordering byju’s then I am using free byju’s can I get if I use free byju’s

    1. Yes, you can

    2. Go to Google and type

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