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Star Jalsha Utsaver Sera Star Award 2020 West Bengal :

Organisation : Star India Private Limited
Contest Name : Star Jalsha Utsaver Sera Star Award 2020
Applicable For : Residents of West Bengal
Last Date : October 14, 2020
Website :

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Star Jalsha Utsaver Sera Star Award

Star Jalsha Utsaver Sera Star Award 2020 is organised by Star India Private Limited.

Contest Period

The period,
(i) for registering on the Website as per the manner set out herein commencing from October 3, 2020 at 12.00 A.M to October 14, 2020 at 11.59 P.M.
(ii) for Level 1 -the period commencing from 10 October 2020and continues till 15 October 2020 and
(iii) for Level 2 the period commencing from 18 October 2020 and continues till 20 October 2020 &
(iv) for Level 3 the period commencing from 21 October 2020 to 22 October 2020


The Contest is strictly open to Participant(s) creating , organisingand conductingPandals during the Contest Period and deemed to be (a) “Society” registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961as per the respective applicable laws of India.

Procedure To Register

To register and to participate in the Contest , the Officer on behalf of the interested Participant shall:

i. have to login Website his/her sole discretion to register for the participation in the Contest by submitting / furnishing his/her valid Indian Mobile Number. It is clarified that for the purpose of registering and participating in the Contest it is mandatory that the valid Indian mobile number submitted by the Officer of the Participant should be registered in his/her name only, failure to comply with this pre requisite will automatically cause such Participant’s registration / Entry (as defined below) to be invalid.

ii. Upon entering into the Website after OTP validation , a registration form shall be displayed in the Website and the same is required to be filled by the Officer on behalf of the Participant(s) who shall fill in all the relevant and necessary details as stated and enumerated therein ) on Website, in accordance with the requirements and criteria as laid down for the Contest herein.

iii. It may be clarified that the Officer on behalf of the Participant(s) participating in the Contest may register on the Platform only once either through a particular mobile phone number of the Officer .It is further clarified that if the Officer has already registered and submitted Entries (as defined below) on the Website multiple times through a particular registered mobile numbers, then only the first Entry from that particular registered mobile number and shall be considered and all subsequent Entries shall be deemed invalid and shall be automatically disqualified and not taken into consideration for further participation in the Contest .

iv. Once the mobile phone number (as applicable) is registered in the manner as stated therein, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile phone number (as applicable) submitted by the Officer on behalf of the Participant(s).

v. If at any point of time the Company finds that the mobile number shared by the Officer on behalf of the Participant is found to be false and /or unauthenticated and /or fabricated, then Company shall have the right to forthwith disqualify such Participant from further participation and his /her Entry shall immediately be considered to be null and void.

Contest Levels

Different levels comprising of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the selection process of the Contest as detailed hereunder and any additional levels as may be incorporated thereinafter by the Company in the process of the Contest at any point of time at its discretion, to be conducted inter alia in the mode and manner as set out hereunder during the Contest Period , which the Participant(s) is required to qualify for further Levels, if any and qualify for participating in the Contest and being shortlisted and /or selected as a Winner.

Contest Terms :

Winner Selection & Gratification

At the end of the Level 3 Contest , out of all the shortlisted Participants and their Pandals, On the basis of the criteria and parameters set out above, the Panel shall select and declare 10 (ten) Winners from West Bengal.

These Winners shall be announced and declared by Star India on the Channels and /or any other platforms or media or any of its social media pages as deemed fit by the Company at its sole discretion. The total number of Winners declared during the Contest Period shall not exceed 10 (ten) .

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