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Star Vijay Music TV Happy Birth Day Makkals Program 2020

Organisation : Asianet Star Communications Pvt Limited
Contest Name : Vijay Music TV Happy Birth Day Makkals Program / Contest 2020
Applicable For : Citizens of India
Last Date : 31st December 2020
Website :

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Vijay Music TV Happy Birth Day Makkals Program

“Happy Birth Day Makkals” (hereinafter referred as ‘Program’) which will be hosted by Asianet ASCPL Communications Pvt Limited on its television channel “Vijay Music”.

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The Program provides an opportunity to the shortlisted Participant/s to convey the birthday wishes to their relatives, friends, loved ones etc on the Channel on the date of their birthday.

Program Timings

The Program will be telecast on the Channel daily from 9Am to 11Am


(a) The Program is open only to persons who are the citizens of India and shall be of 18 years of age and above.

(b) Permanent and/or contract employees and directors of ASCPL, its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, advertising and promotion agencies (collectively “ASCPL Entities”) and each of their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the Program.

Program Period

The Program will start from 9th October,2020 and end 31 st December 2020. The Term may be extended or reduced at the discretion of ASCPL

Compilation Period

The Entries for the Program will be consolidated on a weekly basis. Hence the Participant/s will have to submit his/her Entry during the previous week of the actual birthdate.

For example, for a birth date that falls during the week of 27th September (Sunday) 2020 – 3 rd October (Saturday) 2020 then they will need to submit their entry on any day between 20th September (Sunday) 2020 to 26 th September (Saturday) 2020

How To Participate?

1. For participating in the Program the Participant/s have to submit their Entry (defined below) in the following manner.

** ASPL will release promos on the Channel inviting the interested people /Participants to visit the website (“ Platform”) to Entry the birthday wishes to their relatives, friends, loved ones etc
** Once the Participant/s log on to the Platform there will be an icon leading them to Vijay Music sub-page
** Under Vijay Music TV sub-page there will be 3 sections one of which will be #HBD Makkals
** Participant is required to choose the #HBD Makkals tab
** Terms and Conditions will first appear in the #HBD Makkals tab and the Participant will have to accept to these Terms and Conditions to proceed with the Entry.

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, a form will be opened which contains the following details:
a. Name of the Participant
b. Mobile number of the Participant
c. City name / location
d. Name of the person he/she (Participant) would like to wish / dedicate
e. City name / location of the person they would like to convey birthday wishes
f. Relationship with that person
g. Birth date (month and day only)
h. Birthday Message – a personalized text message wishing their loved ones
i. Video GIF of the user (the record option will be available on the Platform).

( A video recorder will be embedded on the Platform and the Participant (s) will have to press the record button and once he/she clicks on that button it will be considered as his/her acceptance for accessing their devices camera.

The camera will open up and the Participant will need to again press the record button and record his / her video for 5 seconds. This 5 seconds video does not record any Audio and it is just like GIF. Once recorded the Participant will need to upload the video and submit)

2. After filling up the form with the aforesaid details, the Participant/s have to confirm by giving a tick mark to the self declaration and Personal Information boxes that the Participant needs to check / accept before submitting the Entry

3. Once the Participant/s submit the Entry, he/she will see a message which would thank him/her for sharing the details and continue to watch the Program on the Channel to see if his/her Entry is shortlisted.

Terms & Conditions :

Shortlisting Process

a. The Entries will be shortlisted on the first come first on time stamp basis. All the valid Entries received in a week will be shortlisted at the end of the week basing on the time and date of receipt

b. There will be a maximum of 200 Entries that will be shortlisted every day for telecast in the Program.

c. For avoidance of doubt it is clarified that ASCPL’s decision in regard to the shortlisting of the Entries shall be final and binding. For the sake of clarity, mere participation in the Program does not entitle the Participant(s) to be shortlisted for telecast.

d. By way of reiteration, it is further clarified that save and except the conveying birthday wishes on the Channel, the Shortlisted Participant(s) shall not be entitled to any other form of gratification (monetary or otherwise). Entry(s) made after the Compilation Period will not be considered for the Program and shall be deemed null and void.

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  1. Hi Vijay TV and music like this channel and I am the great fan of this channel I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️😎👍👍😎👍😎

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