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Disney+Hotstar SuperOver Contest 2020

Organisation : Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited
Contest Name : Disney+Hotstar SuperOver Contest 2020
Applicable For : Indian resident
Website :

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Disney+Hotstar SuperOver Contest

“Disney+Hotstar SuperOver” which will be hosted by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited on the Disney+ Hotstar App.

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Eligibility Criteria

** The Participant should be an Indian resident and of age 18 years or above;
** He/She should have answered 6 (six) question correctly during the Contest on the Disney+Hotstar App.

** He/She should have an active Disney+ Hotstar subscription i.e. Disney+ Hotstar VIP or Disney+ Hotstar Premium. It is clarified that although guest users can participate in the Contest without registering, his/her access will be limited only to the free feed available for such Users,

** Participants who purchase an active subscription on the same day prior to 11:59 pm after playing the Contest shall also be entitled to participate in the draw for the Grand Prize

Game Format

Subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein, the Contest will be conducted in the following manner

** The Contest will be made available every day on the Disney+Hotstar App during the period of the Indian Premier League 2020, prior to each Match as per the discretion of the Company.

The Contest will run for both matches, in case of double headers in the Indian Premier League 2020. The Participant is required to switch to the correct video feed on the Disney+Hotstar App to be able to participate in the Contest.

** The Contest shall include a set of 6 (six) trivia questions with 3 (three) answer options to test the Participant’s knowledge about the game of cricket. The Participants are required to answer each question within a 10 (ten) seconds Timer.

** This Contest will be available only on the English feed of the Content.
** The questions will appear in the social feed of the Disney+Hotstar App of the Participant as well as on the Star Sports channel.

** Participants who answer all 6 (six) questions correctly shall be entitled to enter into a draw for Super Grand Prize which is INR 1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh)

Reward Structure

The reward structure for the Contest is as follows

Prize LevelCriteriaNumber of winners per MatchPrize details
Tier 1For Participants who answer 2/3 out of 6 questions correctly and/or accumulate qualifying points for Tier 1All Participants who accumulate qualifying points for Tier 1 (refer to the game screen for qualifying points)Partner reward
Tier 2For Participants who answer 4/5 out of 6 questions correctly and/or accumulate qualifying points for Tier 2All Participants accumulate qualifying points for Tier 2 (refer to the game screen for qualifying points)Tier 1 Prize + Partner reward (“Super Offer Prizes”)
Tier 3For Participants who answer all 6 questions correctly and/or accumulate qualifying points for Tier 3Tier 1 Prize + Tier 2 Prize
1 lucky VIP / Premium subscriberINR 1 lakh (“Super Grand Prize”)


** The Participant wins points by correctly answering the questions displayed on the Participant’s Device during the Stipulated Time of the Contest.

** Points associated with each question shall be displayed on the active Contest screen in accordance with the Rules and Regulations governing the Watch N Play Game.

** The Company reserves the right to revise the Points associated with the questions and the criteria for being eligible to win the Prizes as per the Prize Levels

Prize Fulfilment

Super Offer Prizes :
** Based on the number of questions answered correctly by the Participant, he/she/they may become eligible to unlock and win the Super Offer Prize(s)

** The Participants who have won a Super Offer Prize will be notified by any form of in app messaging and/or a pop-up and/or a display during the Game Play.

** In the event that the Participant logs out in the middle of the Contest and logs back in, the number of correct answers submitted by the Participant will continue to be added to the number of correct answers which accumulated before he / she logged out subject to the Contest being active after logging in.

If the Contest is complete, then the Participant’s eligibility to win the Prizes will be decided based on the correct answers submitted by him/her before logging out.

** Super Offer Prizes are visible, and can be collected from the “Prizes” tab in the main menu section of the Disney+Hotstar App or from the “Notification Bar” visible during the Contest.

** While the Company may allow visibility of the Super Offer Prizes in the “Prizes” tab on the Disney+Hotstar App even after the Season, Participants are expected to collect the Offers as per validity mentioned against these Super Offer Prizes.

Please note that all Super Offer Prizes can have different validity/expiry dates and the Company shall not entertain any request for change, replacement or extension in an Offer Prize in the event of expiry.

Super Grand Prize :
** The Company will award one Super Grand Prizes (net of taxes) to an Eligible Participant. The winning Participant shall be selected by a process of random selection from amongst all the Eligible Participants.

** If the said person is not 18 years of age as on the date of filling in the form, then the parent’s or guardian’s details shall be entered in the link. Please note, the Company shall assume a deemed acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by the Parent and/or Guardian of the Participant in such cases.

** A Participant who has won a Super Grand Prize for a particular Contest day during the Season (whether claimed or not) will not be eligible for winning and/or claiming the Super Grand Prize for the rest of the Contest days during the Season,

** Winner selection, announcement of Winners and Super Grand Prize fulfilment is subject to an independent third-party validation.

** Participants who have won a Super Grand Prize, will be informed by means of an in-app notification or by way of email, text message or call using the contact details provided by the Participant during subscription within 30 (thirty) business days of the completion of the Contest.

** The Super Grand Prize Winner shall be contacted by a Disney+Hotstar representative for verification and completion of the Prize fulfilment process. The Company will make five call attempts per day for five working days on the submitted mobile number.

** The Company may require the winner to submit necessary documentation to provide his/her eligibility and/or to verify winner’s identify.

These document inter alia may include documents
(a) confirming the legal name – e.g. a passport copy, voter’s Identity Card etc. ;
(b) address proof – e.g. a telephone bill, electricity bill, etc;
(c) a valid PAN card, for applicable tax compliances

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