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Star Maa Dancee Plus Audition 2020 : starmaa.startv.com

Organisation : Star India Private Limited, Star Maa
Program Name : Dancee Plus Audition 2020
Applicable For : Participant age between 10 (ten) years and 60 (sixty) years
Applicable State/ UTs : All India
Audition Last Date : 30.11.2020
Website : https://www.startv.com/legal-terms-policies/#dpt2020

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Star Maa Dancee Plus Audition

“DANCEE PLUS” Program shall be binding on each participant residing in and is a citizen of India who voluntarily participate in the Auditions hosted by SIPL/Company.

Related / Similar Contest : Star Maa Music ‘On Demand+’ Voting 2020

Eligibility Criteria

Any natural person(s) who is between the age of 10 (ten) years and 60 (sixty) years i.e 10 (ten) or above and 60 (sixty) or below as of ……………, 2020 and are Indian citizens and resident of India

Digital Audition(s) Period

Digital Audition(s) Period shall mean the period commencing from 1st November 2020 and continues till 30th November 2020 for different levels of auditions or such other date stipulated and/or updated by the Company and/or Production House at its sole discretion on the Website.

How to Register?

(a) To register and to participate in the Digital Auditions, the Participant(s) and Parents on behalf of the interested Contestant(s) who are below the age of majority shall

Apply Online : http://starmaa.startv.com

i. have to login to http://starmaa.startv.com at his/her sole discretion to register for the participation in the Auditions by submitting / furnishing his/her valid Indian Mobile Number OR a valid email id.

ii. If the Participant is below the age of majority as per applicable laws in the Territory, then details and documents of their Parents such as full names, proof of relation, contact details, email ID, etc. will also need to be submitted/uploaded in the mode and manner as prescribed or requested on the Website/Platform from time to time during the Audition Period.

iii. Upon entering into the Website, a registration form shall be displayed in the Website and the same is required to be filled by the Participant and Parent on behalf of the Participant(s), in case of minors, who shall fill in all the relevant and necessary details as stated and enumerated therein and upon submitting Video on Website.

iv. It may be clarified that the Participant(s) and Parent on behalf of the Participant(s), in case the Participant is below the age of majority, participating in the Digital Auditions may register on the Platform only once either through a particular mobile phone number and/or email ID of the Participant and Parent, in case the Participant is below the age of majority.

v. Once the mobile phone number and /or email id (as applicable) is registered in the manner as stated therein, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the registered mobile phone number and/or email id (as applicable) submitted by the Participant.

Video Upload Functionality

i. Once the Participant(s) and/or Parent on behalf of the Participant(s), in case the Participant(s) is below the age of majority, shares the Personal Information required, he/she shall record one (1) video either of the Participant(s) or along with the partner or group,performing any dance of his/her/their choice, which may primarily be on any language song/music compositions; such video shall have a minimum duration of 60 (sixty) seconds and maximum duration of 180 (one hundred and Eighty) seconds.

ii. The Video shall be audible, having good audio/sound as also video quality.

iii. Once the recording of Participant’s performance is completed, the Participant(s) and/or Parent on behalf of the Participant, in case the Participant is below the age of majority, shall upload the Video(s) on the Website by following the instructions and as per the terms specified on such Platform and click on “Submit” button.

Once the Video is uploaded on the Platform, the Participant and/or Parent, in case the Participant is below the age of majority, will receive an SMS and/or email notification from the Company and/or Production House, at its discretion confirming and acknowledging the registration.

iv. The Video uploaded on the Platform may be in the .mov or .mp4 format and shall not exceed the size of 60 mb. For the purposes of this Audition, by uploading and /or submitting his /her Video on the Platform.

Selection & Shortlisting Process

Level 1

i. Subject to the Participant(s) having made a valid Entry, all the Video(s) fulfilling the criteria set out herein shall be viewed and evaluated by the Production House. The decision of the Company with regard to the composition of the Panel shall be final and binding on the Participant(s).

ii. The Participant(s) shall be evaluated and shortlisted by the Panel on the overall basis of his/her performance, grace, personality, technique, selection of act, ideas, entertainment factor, uniqueness etc., or any such other criteria determined by the Company/Production House at its sole discretion.

iii. The Panel shall have the sole authority to judge and rate the Video(s) and performance of all the Participants and their decision shall be final

Level 2

i. Participant(s) shortlisted at Level 1 shall be required to participate and perform in Level 2 Auditions, on specific dates and time and via such platform/media in the mode and manner as decided by the Company

ii. Level 2 of the Digital Auditions may be conducted via Video Conference on any social connecting platform as determined by the Company including but not limited to Google duo, Whatsapp video call etc.

iii. Such Contestant(s) shall be asked to perform a dance of their choice to showcase their talent (“Act”) and be further interviewed by the Production House, Company and/ or Panel regarding his/her background, family history, dance experience, etc.,

iv. The Act shall be conducted via video call or any other similar audio-visual media as may be decided by Company.

v. The Act of these shortlisted Participant(s) shall be evaluated by the Panel on the basis of their versatility, style, overall personality, stature of their performance, song selection, screen presence, ideas, etc. and such other criteria as may be determined by the Company and/or the Production House in its sole discretion.

vi. The Company reserves the right to select any number of Contestant(s) from this Level of Auditions. The selected Contestants shall be eligible for the next level of selection i.e Level 3.

Level 3

On Ground Auditions :
“On Ground Audition(s)” shall if applicable, means different levels comprising of Level 3 and/or Level 4 of selection process of Auditions as detailed hereunder and any additional levels as may be incorporated thereinafter by the Company in the selection process of the Auditions at any point of time at its discretion, to be conducted inter alia at the Audition Centre(s), which the Participant(s) is required to qualify and pass for participating in the Program.

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  1. Sir I will come to dance plus to dance

  2. I have watched 3 episodes. Show direction. Is super failure
    1)No visual clarity od dance
    2) Too much of Camera moment
    3)All visuals are on long shot
    4) Only it’s showing too much on anchor
    5) Normally anchor introduces judges, here every one waiting for Anchor entry
    6) Too much of Lighting effects which dull the Dancers performance.
    7)Camera work is too bad

    1. Hello this ravi

  3. K.kunkuma kusumanjali

    Sir I am 15 years old, I am really interested in dance but I don’t know the final date of this competition I hope you will extend the date please sir.give me 1 last chance to prove my self please.dancing is my dream.plz sir please 🙏🤞🤞🙏.

  4. Good evening Omkar anna naku rock dance ante chala estem maku okka chance evvandi plz

  5. Good morning to omkar sir n all the selectors and the official team members
    Plz dear sir/mam let me know that I’m selected are not plz plz plz I’m becoming mad everyday not able to consentrate on my dance classes plz waiting for your call, message are mail from ur end.

  6. Hi sir iam varshitha my gol is dances please sir give one choice ok sir

  7. Helo sir…auditions are completed r not…pls reply we are waiting…can u pls give me any number to reach u…waiting for ur reply sir ..

  8. Good morning omkar sir & Dancee plus audition official team members please waiting for the call, meseage are gmail from your end to know about myself ….I’m entered in Dancee plus show are not plz plz give a reply

  9. Sir IAM selected are not sir please select my name sir

  10. Hello sir please let me know the results
    It’s like so horrible 😭😭😭😭 weather I selected r not selected I’m not understanding anything
    Please 🙏 I’m dieing daily with tension

  11. Hi sir my name is k.sravani
    Waiting for the level 1 shortlist call please let me know the due for this process. Eagerly waiting to step into the dance floor
    Thank you

  12. Omkar Annaia /sir I’m waiting to see myself in dancee Plus show maa tv …..I hope you saw my dance and I’m in selected list of dancee Plus show Annaia 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️if I not reach you now but still in my lifetime till I die I’ll try to reach you omkar Annaia/sir.

  13. Please extend the date.Please extend the date.Please extend the date.

  14. Hello
    I’m Nikhil, my sister aged 14years, she is a professional classical dancer since 5years, unknowingly I missed the last date to upload her dance video, since I’m unaware of date.just now I found this link. She is very much interested in Dance+, I request you to please provide some alternative to nominate her for auditions. Please give a chance to prove herself. Please do needful. Hope you provide a platform to give her a bright future in her area of interest. Thank you.

    1. My name is shanmukhi and I am 10 years old in ad it came that it is for 10 to 15 years old but when I am giving audition it is for 13 years old kids. And I didn’t know the last date so please omkar anna can you please extend the Audition please I am begging you I can’t wait till next season. My mother tongue is telugu.please extend the Audition date🙏🙏.

      Hoping that you extend the Audition date.Thank you

  15. When we get the calls that we selected are not selected to know the results…. every day it’s like so tension tension for me plz let me know soon ❤️❤️🙏

  16. Hi Ananyai I am Ram Charan Sai my age 13
    I love dance very much please be selected for me and love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Waiting for the level 1 shortlist call,please let me know the due date for this process.eagerly waiting to step into the dance floor.

  18. Please give one chance I haven’t seen last date so crying plz plz plz…..

  19. Please extend the date bcs i was not knowing the last date plzzzzz😭😭

  20. Ch Sri Uma Maheshwari

    Hi Omkar Annaya I am so sad because of I not saw last date so horrible to me Annaya and I am so crying please extend the audition date and please open the audition please and I am from Hyderabad I am just 15 years old I love dancing Annaya just 10 th complete next I want to go dancing please 🙏🙏 open the auditions 😭😭 and I am big fan of you Omkar Annaya and I want to participate the dance plus star maa TV please Annayaa give this opportunity for mee Annaya 🙏🙏😭😭🙏😭🙏😭🙏…
    Thank Q …. 😔😔😔

  21. plese open likitha

    1. super star Swarna.latha. thank you madam

  22. Hello sir,
    We have done our best to put ourself in the field dance for long time and made a Dance as our profession.live love dance is the tagline followed Give us a chance to prove ourself and show the world that anybody can dance.

    1. Hi omkar annaiya I love dance and dance is my passion if I not select also I will reach my self please give me one chance omkar annaiya please and also I interested in dance.

  23. how will we know that we are selected in auditions

  24. hi omkar annaiya i love dance a lot i can do dance very well i have wish to dance infront of everyone i wish i get the oppurtunity to dance please
    regards thank you

  25. good morning sir this is shaik abdul khadar I have filled my all the details which ever asked to fill sir a kind request is to u that please see my video which I send to u sir heartfull I am telling u sir I really want to be a part of dance+ show which you have introduced thankyou sir

  26. Hi omkar sir and star maa this is omkarini this show is a great opportunity to me I will feel so blessed if I get selected. my dream is to come into this show and prove my talent to world.

    1. Hi sir iam your daughter friend niharika. I will also Joine you r team talk with omkar sir

  27. Sir im madhu
    I had talent in dance plz give me one chance how to post my video plz tell me sir..

  28. Chaithanya bhargavi

    Hi sir, Dance is my passion.I love to do dance

  29. Hii omkar annayaa ur my fvrt ankar and I very like to do dance and I like dance very much so plzzzzz give one chance I’ll definitely give my best plzzzzzzzzz annayyya I’ll see u brother because naku brother leru soo plzz give one chance tqqqqq annayya

  30. Hii omkar annaya I’m siri I love dance but I kant do aa vedio because for mee 11 years only 😶😶😶 I’m Soo disupointing annaya.. I like acting. And dance for this I will give my life anna. opportunity thank you anna 😌😌😌

  31. Hi sir my name harshitha.N from karnataka (hospet)and iam 16 years old ,i wanted to participate in the dance, iam a classical and also western dancer ,so pls give me chance sir.A request from me sir(annaya).

  32. Hi sir i am Harshitha from Hyderabad i filled all my details but it is not updating in your link pls sir i am so interested to to participate in dance + pls sir what i should do to send this video again

  33. Hi I am really happy after seeing the aditions I need to prove myself and I have uploaded I am born dance …
    Thank you .. 😊😊

    1. How to upload video pls tell me and what is the process plz reply

  34. M. Raja Sirisha Reddy

    Hii sir
    I’m Raja Sirisha Reddy from chirala praksam dis. Sir I filled all my details and uploaded my dance video too plz do check it sir. Sir I have done my auditions from two numbers those two numbers are mine only and I have given the same details in the two auditions plz do check it don’t leave my auditions sir soo sorry for giving two auditions. I’m very interested to be a a part in this dance+ show and if get this wonderful opportunity I’ll prove myself plz sir give me this opportunity.
    Thank you 🙏

  35. Hello Star Maa
    This is Yamini from Hyderabad..I have filled the details and uploaded the file.. kindly do check my video..I will be blessed if I could get the opportunity to showcase my talent to all the telugu viewers and I will give my 100% to justify the opportunity.
    Thank you.

  36. Please iwill participate in dance plus group dance or solo iwill participate ilove danceplus

  37. Sir my name is basavaraj iam 10std in bangaru please help me sir iam poor people dance is my life sir please help me sir

  38. Hi my name is Harini I am 11years but it is coming up to 13years only can participant in Dance+ I am so desopinted I love it is my passion 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Hi omkar annya and starmaa team.

      I’m a smily. I have in a so interested,

      Dance and I want to participate in

      Dance +program ,give to me a chance and

      Plz select me😥. thank to u

  39. Hi Omkar sir I am your fan I see lot of dance competition I want to select in dance plus please select me 😢

    1. Hi annaya I dancing form last 2 years in my school in lock down I improve by dance I see lot of dance competition please select me.

    2. All the best 👍👍👍

  40. I love please select me in this programe

  41. Iam lakshmi prasanna

    Hi guys please reply for my comment.
    How u all got the application form

  42. I also participant in your programme

  43. Hiii annayya pls read my message I am live in dowlaiswaram near rajahmundry I want to come urs programme pls annayya how to send video I am enter my number but not come yet otp please annayya read my message 😭😭😭😭😭how will participate the dance plus please comment

  44. Hi sir i am nikhila i want to participate this programme . i was exited to do this


    Hi Annaya and starmaa team..


  46. Hii onkarannayya I love dance and I will participate in the Dance+ ur reply depend on my future so plzzz give one chance

  47. Your add clearly gave the age information from 10-60 years but when we upload the file it shows the age must and should 13 years above like it was shown first you check it later give the add , don’t play games with audience .


  49. Hi sir naa pearu kaushal naku dancee ante chala chala estam sir

  50. How to participate in the super star woman

  51. My dream to become a big dancer and I want to join in dance plus so please help me

  52. Hi annaya this is mother of darshini as my daughter love to do dance I’m supporting my daughter for this but my husband is not comfortable with dance please give one chance to proof my daughter feeling on dance.

  53. SIR I AM VIGNESH I interested in dance so we want to in this programmm I WILL PROVE MY SELF

  54. I interested in dance so I want to in this programmm I will prove my self give me one changes for this competition

  55. I want to act in serial industry plzz hlp too enter in industry

  56. Pavithra Priya we both interested in dance so we want to in this programmm

  57. hi sir my name is HITHOKTHI JUTUR . I am 9 years old dance is my dream pls give me one chance .


  58. Hi brother Iam Krishna Priya , I love dance and it’s completely throughout my mind, body, soul. I want to fulfill my dream of dancing even after two kids delivery so please give me a chance wer I can prove myself that women can fulfil their dreams even after marriage and after two c-sections delivery and prove that we are strong physically 💪 as well as mentally…… And I feel this is the right platform to me as ohmkar annaya is a supporter to the talented women in the world.

  59. Hi annaya iam your fan I want to come to a dance competition iam live in indalwai because not practicing in Hyderabad please take me annaya..😭😭

  60. Hi omkar sir my name is D. Vaishnavi
    I want to participate in this programme I will dance so please give me this opportunity when we are registering it is not coming so please give details nalgonda district nakrekal mandal

  61. Hi Sir,

  62. Hi anna my name is sucharitha from lachagudem maadhi villege maa villege name thiskuraavalani naa asha naaku okka avakasham evvandi ann

    1. All the best

  63. Please help me annaya I am best dancer please give me please please annaya one chance how will parcipent dance antaa naaku chala ishtam peechi pranam annaya please annaya

  64. Hi Omkar sir… I know that you have changed many of their lives. I am very interested to do anchor. I know you have clearly mentioned that it was not about anchor. But I am so interested I hope you
    will definitely give me a chance.

    Thank you

  65. Vyshnavi kanamarlapudi

    Please give me chance sir it is my dream sir to became dancer and ihave to prove my self please give me one chance

    1. I love Dance please give me one Chance I want Dance

  66. I am not interested to participate bt my dad mom saying to participate this audition

  67. We have done the vedio but it’s not taking upload …Plz can u give me a suggestion …How we should send the vedio

  68. Dance is my dream sir please Omkar sir give me one chance

    1. Can we send videos of more than one song and for more than one time?

  69. please sir nannu select cheyyandi naaku dance ante chala ishtam

  70. Hi Anna,I have interest to participate
    in dance+,please tell the last date
    for auditions.

  71. My kids date of birth 26 feb 2010 how registered in partcipants u r cakkend not showing 2010 yr

  72. VEERANDRA VARMA 5th Class

    Not coming OTP

    1. Vyshnavi kanamarlapudi

      Omkar sir please give me one chance sir please sir ihve to prove my self

  73. What is the last date of level 1. Plz can u rply

  74. When is the last date for the registration?

  75. my age is 12 years can i participate in this program

  76. Please help me annayya i am best daancer please give me one chance how will parcipent dance

  77. How Will parcipent the dance Annayya plese help mee my dream is best daancer please Help me

  78. Hello please sir I am parcipent in dance programm but please Help me please One chance give me my dram dancer how can be parcipent in dance contanstant please Help

    1. Hii anna my name is sucharitha from khammam maadhi villege anna koncham avakasham estharani ashisthunna and maa villege name thiskuraavalani ashisthunna and myy dreem

  79. Omkar sir plzzz one chance plzzzz


  81. Venkata hima Bindhu

    This is the first time iam participating and I want to become a good dancer

  82. How can I’m join auditions tell me

    1. Giri. surya prabhas kashyap

      Hello Ranjani garu! Iam G. chandra sekhar from vizianagaram. my son is eligible in this dancee+ compitition !? his dob is 22.10.2010.

  83. I want ot participate in Dance plz give one chance
    Lv dance omkar anna plz

  84. Hai aanaya i am movie cerographer aanaya plz doing in ur programe concept very nice plz given opportunity in ur programe

  85. What is the last date for auditions

  86. Go to Google nd search starmaa.startv.com at first u will find an option showing dance+ click on it nd further process continued…
    That’s it my friend!
    About registration:
    At first they ask ur mobile number
    And then gives a otp
    After that u have to fill ur details and category nd centre details
    Then u have to upload a video of ur dance which is atleast 64 MB
    Finally u have to tick the columns agreing their terms nd conditions.
    And click on send option.
    U have done with ur job!!!

    1. Please select me. this is my first dancing programe please give me one chance ok thanking you.

    2. Sir I am Jahnavi your fan please say me e how to post my dance video please sir I am Jahnavi


      Thank u sir

  87. , I want to participate please this is first time I am participating and I am dancer not a dancer but I want to dance nicely please

  88. I want to participate in dance+ plz give me one chance ohmkar annaiah plz….

    1. It’s not about anchor
      U have to register first nd then face ur auditions in three levels.
      Then u r eligible to dance in Dance+

    2. hii aanayai lam sanjana please give me one chance my dream aanayai please aanayai my years old 10

  89. How will participate the Dance+Program lam a Dancer

  90. Iam A Dancer iwill participating How will participate the Dance+

    1. Nagamani I interested dance so I am patispated in this programm

    2. Please extend the date

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