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Sakal Times Balmitra Drawing Competition 2015 Maharashtra & Goa

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Organization : Sakal Media Group
Competition Name : Sakal Balmitra Drawing Competition 2015
Applicable States/UT : Maharashtra & Goa
Competition Date : 20th December 2015

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Sakal Balmitra Drawing Competition :

** Sakal Balmitra Drawing Competition 2015 will be held on Sunday, December 20 for young artists in Maharashtra and Goa. The aim of the competition is to provide children with a platform to express themselves and boost their imagination.

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ANAAC National Level School Drawing/Painting/Singing/ Dance Competitions 2015 :

** This is the 31st year of the competition, which is organised simultaneously across all schools in Maharashtra and Goa. The competition has been receiving a great response from the students with each passing year.
** Students or schools can participate in this competition without any entry fee. The students who are unable to participate in the competition can even participate online this year.
** The Sakal Media Group has been undertaking initiatives to bring about a change in society through public participation. Sakal believes that ‘Children are our future’ and has provided children with publications like Sakal NIE and Sakal Youngbuzz as well as many other initiatives.
** Sakal Balmitra Drawing Competition is one among many such initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria :
Students studying from standard I to standard X are eligible to participate in this competition. The competition has been divided into four groups based on the standard students are studying in.
** Group A includes students from standards I and II, group B includes those in standard III and IV, group C includes students from standard V to VII and group D includes those studying from standard VIII to X.
** The competition will be held between 9 am to 10 am for group A and B, while the timing for group C and D is 11 am to 12.30 pm. Special children can also participate in this competition.
** Drawing sheets will be provided by the Sakal Media Group and the students must carry their drawing material. The complete details of the location of the competition will be announced in the third week of December.

Registration Procedure :
Students must register for this competition through their schools. The results of the competition will be announced in January 2016. After this, a drawing exhibition displaying all winning entries from across the state and from Pune division, as well as a prize distribution ceremony will be organised in Pune. All schools and students willing to participate in the competition should contact the nearest Sakal office.

Translated from

Balamitra morning painting contest 2015 :
“Sakal Media Group on behalf of the school year for students,” the morning balamitra painting competition is conducted. This has been happening for 30 years diverse competition.

31 V “morning balamitra painting competition is coming up on December 20.” Sakal Media Group has consistently pursue the plans and programs to bring about changes in the last few years.

“Sakal the initiative have been significant changes in many areas. Of the active participation of the social, as well as part of approaches to us to bring about changes in the cultural.

Us many was difficult to come up with a stage of sahabhagasivaya. The children thought the place Facilitates freely and artistic way, so that” the morning balamitra spardheci started painting.

The response was huge, or concept. The last few years, more than five children are participating in the event every year. Principals of schools involved in “morning” on the activities of these showed visvaesamuleca sakyala.

It is our children’s future, on the “sakalamadhalya us visvansa sagalyancaca. Same context” Sakal Media Group for Children “enaayai morning” and “morning yangabajha ‘publications such as the present.

While children enjoy opposed entertainment, organizing a number of programs that the scope of their creativity “is the name of Sakal. While the growing influence of the digital era” morning balamitra painting competition and this year is going to a new step.

At the time of this contest will be paddhatinehi Online. Number of children that can not be in direct competition, your pictures will be sent online to take part in the competition.

Art is not just trying to worship, is a unique gift. It is important for the growth of the overall cultural and store it in their children.

Information about the competition:
** All the information when asked to participate in an online competition atyavasyaka filling.
** No entry fee to participate in any tournament.
** Students are allowed to use any means to paint the picture.
** 11-inch to 15-inch image (ie, 35 cm x 25 cm, 250 mm or 350 mm *) to use the size of the drawing paper.
** Online painting will be the subject of a separate competition. Be free to remove this competition.
** Online spardhesathice painting on the subject will be published on 19 December
** Figure out, by 22 December rangavuna scan and upload. December 22 will be closed and the link to upload pictures.
** Scan the picture size can not exceed 1MB.
** Contest results will be announced by the end of this January 2016.
** “Register” link on the top you have to register avasyeka e-mail. This will facilitate the user ID and password to login to upload images directly.
** On December 20, students participate in the tournament held at the painting and can not participate in the tournament online.

Divisions :
A: First and second classes – age: 6 to 8 years
Group B: The third and fourth classes – Age group: 9 to 11 years
Group C: standard fifth to seventh – age group: 12 to 14 years
Group D: Classes VIII to X – age groups: 14 to 16 years

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  1. Who is the winner of Sakal Balmitra Spardha in Indapur?

  2. When are the results going to be declared?

  3. Whether the results get declared for online drawing competition?


  5. When will be the result of Online drawing competition which we uploaded on or before 22 Dec 2015? Is there separate result of online competition because topics of that competition were different?

  6. I want to participate in the drawing competition. I am a good painter. I am studying in 8th standard.

  7. Please declare the result of Sakal Balmitra Spardha contest held on 20th December 2015 for Satara district on internet.

  8. When will the result of Sakal drawing competition (held on 20th Dec 2015) get declared?

  9. When will results for Sakal Balmitra drawing competition held on 20th DEC. 2015 be declared. We are in the month of February now.

  10. May I know about competition result held on 20 December 2015. Where can we see results?

  11. Senapati Narayan Dalvi

    When will the result for Sakal Balmitra competition which was held on December 20th be declared? When is the result? From tomorrow onwards, February will start.

  12. Dr Swapnali Wadekar

    Please tell me the result date for the drawing competition.

  13. Please tell me on what date will the results of Sakal Balmitra competition held on 20th December be declared? Will they be displayed on net also?

  14. Please tell me till what date will the results of Sakal Balmitra competition held on 20th December be declared? Will they be displayed on net also?

  15. My son is studying std 7th at Oman but we are Indians and he participated in the competition when he came for vocation in December.. Is he eligible for the competition?

    1. From the Website :

      Students must register for this competition through their schools.

      Did you register like this?

  16. When will the result of Sakal drawing competition be declared?

  17. Can I know the actual date of result in January 2016?

    1. Contest results will be announced by the end of this January 2016.

  18. I have registered by name online.
    Now it is not taking my password for sending drawing.

    1. Competition gets completed on December 20 2015

  19. What is topic of competition for group C?

  20. Where is the nearest centre from Ghatkopar? Or address please.

  21. We want to register our school children Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana from Pune. We are an NGO. We have brought 250 children from Marathwada whose parents who are farmers have committed suicide. We want these children to participate. Kindly provide assistance.

    1. All schools and students willing to participate in the competition should contact the nearest Sakal office.

  22. Our school doesn’t provide registration help.

    1. In that case, you have to talk to your school and take things further from here.

  23. My name is Parinita Shirolkar, a resident of Mumbai. I Want to know the procedure for appearing in this drawing competition for my daughter. She is aged 9 years and doing 5th Standard.

    1. Looks like you cannot register directly. It has to be done through your school.

      Students must register for this competition through their schools.

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