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Star Maa Music Reels Contest 2021 :

Organization : STAR India Private Limited Star Maa Music
Contest Name : Star Maa Music Reels Contest 2021
Applicable For : Viewers/Users in India
Last Date : 07th Jan, 2022
Website :

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Star Maa Music Reels Contest

“Music Reels” which will be hosted by Star India Private Limited on STAR Maa Music Instagram profile

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Who Can Participate?

For the purposes of this Contest and qualifying for gratification
(i) Logging onto the Platform in the manner as stated herein above
(ii) mandatorily having a valid Instagram account
(iii) being a resident of India aged eighteen (18) years or above during the Period of the Contest

(iv) mandatorily selecting a Song from the drop down list displayed during the respective Weekly Period and mandatorily uploading the Reel using the pre-selected Song only on the Platform with the requisite hashtag #Starmaamusic and tagging @Star Maa Music

Contest Period

The Contest will commence on 07th Jan 2021 at 18:00 hours Indian Standard Time (IST) and will end on 07th Jan 2022 at 19:00 hours IST on the Platform.

It is clarified that the Contest will remain open on weekly basis during the Contest Period, extending from every Monday to Sunday of that corresponding week between 06:00 IST until 24:00 IST.

How to Participate?

To participate in the Contest, all persons interested in participating and /or Participants shall be mandatorily required to do the following during the Period

a. log in to the Platform using his/her Instagram account/credentials and click on the relevant page of the Contest on the Platform or in any other manner or form as may be prescribed /requested on the Platform.

b. Upon entering into the relevant page of the Contest on Platform, a list of Telugu songs available on Instagram reels music shall be displayed. For avoidance it is clarified that these Songs shall be subject to refresh and change on a weekly basis during the respective Weekly Period.

c. The Participant should make/create Reel from the list of Songs available on the Platform and upload the same on his/her Instagram profile by using hashtag #starmaamusic

Reel Upload Functionality

i. The Participant(s) shall record, upload and/or submit one (1) Reel in his/her Instagram profile on the Platform by using the hashtag #starmaamusic in MP 4 format featuring any performance by him /her on any one(1) Song as displayed on the Platform during the respective Weekly Period.

Each Reel shall comprise of a minimum duration of 15 (fifteen) seconds and maximum duration of 45 (forty five) seconds which may comprise of an individual or a group performance on Instagram.

ii. It may be clarified that Reels uploaded in any other format other than that prescribed or having an unclear audio or Reel will be deemed invalid and will be disqualified.

iii. The Reels shall be uploaded on the Platform in the following manner and shall at all times be in accordance with the Terms of Use/User Conditions of the said Platform:

Instagram – The Participant shall upload the Reel of minimum duration of 15 (fifteen) seconds and a maximum duration of 45 (forty five) seconds on Instagram app or record the Reel directly on such app using the hashtag #Starmaamusic by tagging @Star Maa Music;

General Rules

1. Employees of STAR India or third party vendor which has been appointed from time to time, and also employees of the main sponsors and members of their immediate family; individuals not conversant in spoken Telugu or English; are ineligible to participate in the Contest.

2. In the event of any fault, misunderstanding or dispute concerning any part of the Contest the decision of STAR India shall be final.

3. Proof of age, if requested, of the Participant(s) in the Entry must be submitted to STAR India (i.e. Birth Certificate, 10th Class leaving certificate/school certificate/passport/an affidavit signed by a magistrate) as may be required by STAR India confirm the eligibility of the Participant(s)

4. The Participant(s) represents and undertakes to execute and produce such further documents as may be required by STAR India in relation to the Contest.

5. Participants must participate in the Contest voluntarily on their own behalf and through their own authorized Instagram account, as the case may be. Entry(ies) by proxy will not be accepted.

6. The Prize/Gratification cannot be transferred, negotiated, refunded or exchanged for money etc. For the sake of clarity, there shall be no other gratification.

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