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Zee Talkies Kathayan Chashak Contest 2021 :

Organisation : Zee Talkies
Contest Name : Zee Talkies Kathayan Chashak Contest 2021 | ZTKC Contest 2021
Applicable For : Residents of Maharashtra
Hashtag : #ZeeTalkiesKathayanChashak
Last Date : 21st January 2021
Website :

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Zee Talkies Kathayan Cup Contest

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is conducting a contest named “Kathayan Chashak” to promote the Company’s channel titled “Zee Talkies”.

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Who Can Participate?

Each Participant can be
(i) 15 years old and above
(ii) be a citizen residing in the state of Maharashtra;
(ii) have no criminal conviction;
(iii) not have an arrangement or a contract with any third party that prevents the Participant(s) from participating in the Contest.

Note :
Family members and relatives of the employees of the Company and their group companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, holding companies are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

Contest Period

Contest shall be for a period from 1st to 21st January 2021

How to Participate?

In order to participate in the Contest the Participant(s) will be required to submit a movie story (not more than 2000 words) along with a detailed full-length screenplay of the movie story by 21st January 2021 in PDF format on the contest Entry Platform i:e e-mail address talkieskathayan [AT] with details such as the Participant’s name, age, city, mobile no. 1, mobile no. 2, e-mail address.

The story and screenplay need to be in Marathi along with logline and Genre. A participant can submit multiple entries. on the Entry Platform


During the Contest Period, on the basis of the Participant(s) having made a valid Entry on Entry Platform(s), the Company’s Channel team along with an external jury shall select 5 winners with best Screenplays and they shall receive prizes as mentioned in the table below.

Winners –
** 1st winner will receive 3 Lacs
** 2nd winner will receive 2 Lacs
** 3rd winner will receive 50 Thousand
** 4th winner will receive 50 Thousand
** 5th winner will receive 50 Thousand

Contacting Winners

** On selection of the Winner(s)by the Company, the Winner(s) shall be intimated by the Company and /or by any other agency on behalf of the Company by directly emailing on the email address from which the Winner submitted his/her Screenplay on the Entry Platform(s) or by calling on the mobile number provided in the Personal Information

** The Winner will be required to connect with the Company on the contact number/email id that shall be mentioned in the Intimation within 24 (twenty four) hours from the delivery of Intimation by the Company.

Terms & Conditions

** For the purposes of the Contest, a complete and valid Entry will constitute emailing the Story and the full-length Screenplay of the movie on the Entry Platform during the Contest Period along with his/her Personal Information.

** The Company shall not be responsible in the event Entry is not received due to any technical error and/or connection failure and/or electricity failure and/or for any reason whatsoever

** The Company shall not be responsible in the event Entry is claimed by someone.

** The Gratification given to the Winner(s) by the Company is non-transferrable and non-exchangeable. Each Winner agree and undertakes that no alternative gratification/ opportunity will be given to the Winner(s) and the Winner(s) cannot exchange the opportunity given for any kind of gift with value.

** Once the PI and/or the Documents have been verified by the Company, the Company and /or any other agency on behalf of the Company shall inform the Winner(s) about the selection as one of the Winner(s) of the Contest.

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  1. अमोल वा कावळे.

    झी टॉकीज कथायन स्पर्धा आयोजित केल्या बद्दल समस्त झी टॉकीज परीवारास धन्यवाद.. तुम्ही निर्धारित वेळ वाढवून शेवटी १४फेब्रुवारी केली. त्यास दोन दिवस उलटले परंतु आता मात्र रिजल्ट च्या सुनावणी ची तारखेची, कळण्याची आम्ही आतुरतेने वाट बघत आहे.. तारीख कळले तर समाधान होईल..

  2. कथा सबमिट करायची शेवटची तारीख कोणती आहे

  3. Mrs. Nivedita Phatak


    I have seen details on 22nd Jan. I am not professional writer and not having any kind of experience, but sent 2 KATHA which suddenly came in my mind Named as :


    If not feasible, dont consider my entry but have a look on KATHA. Thank YOU.

  4. Namaskar

    Majhya ya Katha saathya ghatnewar adharit ahe

    1.Vatsalait asun tyat eka strichi atmakatha.

    2. Mahadev mystri (the amazing man)
    Common man story

    ahe majhya no. 7722044xxx

  5. We have 2 stories and one liners in Marathi. But we have Full Screenplays with Dialogues in Hindi. Both the scripts are registered with SWA. Novels base on these stories written in Marathi. We can get the screen plays translated into Marathi,if you would like to do so, in the time period; suggested by you.

    In case, the story is selected for Chashak,who will have the copyrights? Do we retain copyrights? Is it that Zee Talkies will take up the Script for Film production?


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