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Kaleesuwari Valentine’s Day Contest 2021 : Awesome Twosome

Organisation : Kaleesuwari Refinery Pvt. Ltd.
Contest Name : Kaleesuwari Cardia Awesome Twosome Valentine’s Day Contest 2021
Applicable State/ UTs : All India
Last Date : 28.02.2021
Website :

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KRPL Cardia Awesome Twosome Valentine’s Contest

Show her your Love. Make a Special Dish with Cardia.

How to Participate?

Every day is Valentine’s Day when you are in love. But Valentine’s Week is an opportunity to show how much you Love your spouse or partner. Participating in this contest is easy and the winners get one more opportunity to have romantic dinner.

Here’s what you need to do,
1. Take a picture of what you cooked, along with a Cardia Pack.
2. Upload the picture here
3. Complete the slogan. Like Cardia we are an awesome twosome because _________ (not more than 8 words)
4. Win a Romantic Dinner Voucher for two (100 winners). 900 winners get a special gift from

Last Date

Contest closes on 28th Feb, 2021.

About Cardia Life :
** Cardia life is a Premium Healthy edible Oil that promotes active lifestyle.
** State of the art cooking oil engineered specifically for the go-getters.
** Helps you stay healthy and active while ensuring the food tastes great.
** Cardia Life comes in two spectacular variants, Cardia Life and Cardia Life Fit.
** Packages Available in 1 ltr (stand up pouch)

Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil :
** Launched in 1994 as a flagship brand to redefine the refined edible oil space.
** India’s first edible oil fortified with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A from a plant source.

** Vitamin D3 helps strengthen bones, increases immunity, improves heart health, regulates blood pressure and in the prevention of diabetes and Vitamin A helps in improving vision.
** Light and suitable for all kinds of cooking.
** Also contains PUFA (Omega 6 fatty acids) and vitamin E.

Packages Available in :
** Pet – 1 ltr,2 ltr and 5tlr.
** Jar – 5 ltr and 15 ltr.
** Tin – 15 ltr.
** Pouch – 50ml, 100ml ,200 ml, 500 ml and 1 ltr.

Gold Winner Refined Groundnut Oil :
** Launched in 2011, this edible oil is procured from the finest peanut seeds.
** The oil is processed using a sophisticated yet traditional method to ensure the richness of the groundnut is preserved.

** Enhances the flavour while retaining the aroma and purity. Contains Vitamin E.
** Boosts immune system, maintains cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of heart diseases and has longer shelf life.
** Suitable for deep frying and sauteing due to its high smoking point.

Packages Available in :
** Pouch – 1 ltr
** Pet – 1 ltr
** Jar – 5 ltr
** Tin – 15 kg

About Us :
We at Kaleesuwari, zealously believe in delivering Health and Happiness through our products and are driven by virtues such as effectiveness and responsiveness, customer centricity, value for money which is demonstrated through the following strategies

** Strengthening market position by increasing responsiveness to customer requirements.
** Providing cost-effective solutions through augmented productivity, resulting from innovation and economies of scale.

** Manufacturing capacity expansions which include internal expansion and increasing the number of manufacturing units.


For Queries and Contest details contact: +918870122211

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