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K-Pop India Contest 2021 : kpopindia.com

Organization : Korean Cultural Centre India
Contest Name : K-Pop Contest 2021 India
Applicable For : Above Age 14 years
Country : India
Contest Last Date : 31st May, 2021
Website : http://www.kpopindia.com/index.php

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K-Pop India Contest

Entries are open for K-Pop Contest 2021 India. We request all participants to follow the safety guidelines issued by their State Government.

We also request all participants to wear a mask if filming in public spaces. We will allow both solo and group entries for K-POP Contest 2021.

Contest Period

Entries will be accepted from 30th April, 2021 11:00am (IST) till 31st May, 2021 11:59am (IST). No entries will be entertained after the deadline.


** Anyone interested in K-Pop.
** Indian Nationals currently living abroad can participate, as long as they are able to attend the regional round in India.

** Contestants must be able to travel overseas. Please make sure you will have a valid passport if you are selected as a finalist.
** Non-Indians can not participate in the Contest.

** First Prize winning teams/solo acts from previous years are not allowed to participate.
** Members of First Prize winning teams/solo acts from previous years’ final round are not allowed to participate.

** Participants can submit entries for both vocal and dancing categories. But not more than one entry per category.

** By participating in the contest, Participants agree and give their permission to all related parties to record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape their performances, and to display, publish or distribute these works for publicity or advertising purposes.

How to Participate?

To Participate in K-Pop Contest 2021 India just follow the simple steps mentioned below
Step 1 : Go to the official website of Korean Cultural Centre through the URL https://www.kpopindia.com/index.php

Step 2 : Then click Upload link in the menu bar and fill the following details.

1. Enter your User Id – SAME AS EMAIL ID(required)
2. Enter your Password (required)
3. Select your Region of Participation (required)
4. Select Vocal or Dance (required)
5. Enter your Participants Name Or Team Name (required) Eg.: Immortals Army, Staccato

6. Enter Number of Members (required)
7. Enter the Names of All Members (required)
8. Enter your Name Of The K-Pop Song & Band (required) Eg.: BTS-Dope
9. Enter your State (required)
10. Enter your City (required)
11. Enter your Active Contact No 1 (Required)

12. Enter your Active Contact No 2 (Required)
13. Enter your Postal Address (Required)
14. Enter your Video Title (required)
15. Upload your Video Link (required)

Step 3 : Tick the check box I Agreed to all the terms
Step 4 : Enter the contents of image and Click Confirm button

How To Register Your Video?

Step 1 : Upload your video to YouTube.
Step 2 : Click the ‘Share’ link below the YouTube video.
Step 3 : Copy the YouTube video URL.(NOT the URL in your browser’s Address bar)
Step 4 : Paste the URL in the VIDEO LINK box above.

Online Round Rules


** Entries containing any obscene/ provocative/ inappropriate contents will be automatically disqualified.
** Multiple entries per category will lead to disqualification.

** Any entry apart from K-POP will not be entertained.
** One FULL song must be performed; there is no limitation on time.

** K-Pop Contest 2021 India is a nationwide contest and participants can upload videos irrespective of whether their city is chosen as a regional round venue or not. Participants must apply only to the region that they are currently based in/ nearest to.

** Full names of all the participants should be clearly mentioned in the registration form.
** Direct point of contact provided in the registration form should be active with communication.

** In case of any invalid/misinformation or not fulfilling the criteria of the registration form will lead to disqualification.
** Participants irrespective of the category can choose to change the song they wish to perform for each round.

** No surprise is allowed (throwing glitter, water, gel or any other material).
** Props directly related to the choreography can be used if Korean Cultural Centre sees fit. If a participant wishes to use a prop in the cover, they must approach Korean Cultural Centre first.


** The K-pop Song should be covered 100% and freestyle is NOT allowed.
** No English songs or English versions of Korean songs will be acceptable, even if performed by Korean artists.

** Rapping is allowed. Please note that in this case the selection criteria for vocalists will be utilized to mark your performance, and hence if you are confident in your rapping skills, and pronunciation, you may apply.

** Studio recording is NOT allowed.
** Merging of songs is NOT allowed.

** Editing of videos in any form is NOT allowed, we request participants to not use any filter/ affect or camera work as it can be perceived as editing by the judges and could lead to disqualification. All participants should film their videos clearly.

** Vocalist face must be clearly visible in the video.
** The video’s sound quality should be good.
** Vocals should be audible.
** Playing Instruments is not allowed.


** For the competition all participants MUST cover K-pop song 100%
** The main criteria for judging will be similarity between the official choreography of the song and the submission by participants.
** Merging of songs is NOT allowed.

** Editing of videos in any form is NOT allowed. We request participants to not use any filter/ effect or camera work as judges can perceive it as editing and could lead to disqualification. All participants should film their videos clearly.

** It is not allowed to overlay music over the video.
** Participants should know the lyrics of the part they are covering.
** Dancer face must be clearly visible in the video.
** Video quality should be good.

Selection Criteria

Ability: 60%Choreography(Composition, uniformity, similarity to the choreography): 40%
Expression and Pronunciation: 20%Technique: 30%
Stage Charisma: 20%Stage Charisma: 30%

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