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Star TV Dance Plus Season 6 Audition 2021 : startv.com

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Organisation : Star India Private Limited
Contest Name : Dance Plus Season 6 Audition 2021
Applicable For : Anyone Age Group 10 to 55 years
Digital Audition Last Date : August 15, 2018
Website : https://www.startv.com/legal-terms-policies/terms/contest-terms-conditions/dance-plus-season-6/

Star TV Dance Plus Season 6 Audition

“Dance Plus Season 6” Auditions hosted by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited for the purpose of selection and participation of Participants in the Program.


Eligibility Criteria for Participants
i. Individuals who are between the age of 10 (ten) years and 55 (fifty-five) years as of January 1, 2021; and
ii. Individuals who are Indian citizens and are resident in India, as per applicable laws; and

iii. In case the Participant is a Minor, at least 1 (one) Parent of such Minor Participant must also be an Indian citizen who is resident in India as per applicable laws;

Procedure to Register

Participants who are desirous of entering the Auditions are required to register for the Auditions at [ ] (“ Registration Website”) by uploading the Audition Clip, Accepting the Terms and Conditions, providing and accepting Parental Consent, in case of a Child Participant, submitting their Personal Information and the Audition Clip, as further detailed below.

Recording of Audition Clip & Uploading in YouTube

(a) The Participant or Parent of the Child Participant shall record an audio-visual recording of the Participant dancing to a Hindi song of their choice.

(b) The Participant or Parent of the Child Participant shall create an account with YouTube and comply with applicable terms and conditions of YouTube
(c) The Participant or Parent of the Child Participant shall then upload the Audition Clip to YouTube.

(d) Each Audition Clip shall be :
(I) of at least a duration of 1 (one) minute and 30 (thirty) seconds;
(II) audible, having a good audio/sound quality;
(III) visually clear and should not be pixelated or distorted;
(IV) be shot against a clean and uncluttered background;

(V) be shot in the premises of the Participants’ houses, connected areas or private spaces and not shot in any public spaces;
(VI) not contain any watermarks or logos, filters and shall be free and clean of any product placement or brand integration or endorsement;

(VII) not be edited using any film making effects (lapse photography, slow motion, half speed, etc.);
(VIII) should be shot in a way to ensure that the Participants’ face is always visible and the Participants’ can be easily identified.

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(e) The Audition Clip should have a valid, shareable YouTube link or URL.

Registration on the Platform & Entries

(a) Once You accesses the Registration Website, You shall be required to share the Personal Information of the Participant by duly filling the personal information, including but not limited to full name, age, email ID, mobile phone number(s), Parent’s name, city name, and/or any other information/documentation as sought by the Company, at its discretion during the Audition Period (“ Personal Information”) in a manner and form, as requested and /or prescribed on the Registration Website.

(b) You shall also share the YouTube link to the Audition Clip in the designated field, on the Registration Website.

(c) Participant’s consent or Parental consent for a Child Participant as required on the Registration Website will also need to be submitted in the mode and manner as prescribed or requested on the Registration Website from time to time during the Audition Period.

Company may request details and documents of the Parents of Child Participants such as full names, proof of relation, contact details, email ID and other Personal Information of the Parent.

(d) If at any point of time the Company finds that the email ID or phone number or any other Personal Information shared by You on the Registration Website is false and/or unauthenticated, then Novi shall have the right to forthwith disqualify such Participant from further participation and his/her Entry shall immediately be considered to be null and void.

(f) Once You have completed filling details of Participant’s Personal Information, You shall carefully read the Terms and Conditions available at [•] and click the checkbox ‘I Accept Terms & Conditions’ (or any other similar wording) in order to accept the Terms and Conditions.

(g) Pursuant to the above, You shall click on “Submit” in order to submit the Entry and You may receive a One Time Password (OTP) message on the mobile number submitted by You.

You shall submit the OTP in the designated field on the Registration Website within the permitted time as mentioned therein on the Registration Website

If your Entry has successfully been submitted, you will receive a pop-up notification on the entry submission page confirming the same.

In the event You fail to verify /authenticate the validity of Your mobile number or validate the OTP during such mobile verification by the Company, the mobile number by You is found to be false and /or unauthenticated and /or fabricated and /or the said mobile number is not registered in the Participant’s and Parent’s name, then the Company shall have the right to forthwith disqualify the Participant from further participation and his/her Entry shall immediately be considered to be null and void.

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