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Star Jalsha Missed Call’ey Jackpot Contest 2021 : startv.com

Organisation : Star Jalsha
Contest Name : Missed Call’ey Jackpot Contest 2021
Applicable For : Residents of West Bengal
Last Date : 29.07.2021
Website : https://www.startv.com/legal-terms-policies/terms/contest-terms-conditions/missed-call-ey-jackpot/

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Star Jalsha Missed Call’ey Jackpot Contest

“MISSED CALL’EY JACKPOT” (“Contest”/ “Activity”) which will be organized by Star India Private Limited.


** The Contest / Activity is strictly open to Participant(s) residing in West Bengal during the Period of the Contest / Activity and of the age of 18 (eighteen) years and above only.

** The Participant (s) should not have criminal conviction or an arrangement or a contract that prevents the Participant(s) from participating in the Activity.

Activity Period

Level-I (On Air Contest) of the Activity / Contest consists of 20 (twenty) days and will commence on July 10, 2021 and will continue till July 29, 2021.

How to Register?

The Contest / Activity will comprise two (2) Levels ie, Level-1 (On Air Contest) and Level-2 (Game Show on Digital Platform). For clarity purpose, it is explained that only the winners of Level-1 contest are eligible for participating in Level-2 of the Contest. Winners of Level-1 contest for 2 (two) consecutive days will participate together in the Level-2 Contest

To participate in the Contest /Activity, all Eligible Participants shall be mandatorily required to do the following

Level 1 Contest

a. Four (4) questions, each having 2 answer options will be aired on the channel from 06:00 PM to 10:00 PM during the Level-1 Activity Period.

b. All eligible Participants who wish to participate in the Contest need to answer these questions by giving a missed call from their registered mobile number to the designated number shown against the answer options within thirty (30) minutes of the question being prompted.

c. The Participant can answer to a particular question only once during the above time period of thirty (30) minutes. On successful receipt of the missed call for a particular question, the Participant will receive an SMS acknowledging the same, containing the text “Thanks for participating in Missed Call E Jackpot. Keep watching Star Jalsha to know the list of the winners of the first round.

If any participant (after giving a successful missed call as above for a particular question) again trying to give a missed call to the same or a different answer option to the same question during the above time period of thirty (30) minutes, the same will not be accepted and he /she will receive an SMS containing the text “We are sorry, you have already given your answer to this question through missed call. Keep watching Star Jalsha to know the list of the winners of the first round

d. Out of all the persons who have given right answers for at least two (2) questions out of the four (4) questions, ten (10) participants will be randomly selected and shortlisted on each day during the Level-1 Contest Period for participating in the next Level (Level-2).

If there are no sufficient number of participants who has given the correct answers for all the 4 questions of a day, then participants who have provided right answers to at least 3 questions (if it is still insufficient, those who have given correct answers to at least 2 questions) will also be considered for randomization process for shortlisting of participants for the next level.

e. All questions will be based on the Programs aired on Star Jalsha Channels and will have two (2) answer options.

f. The Company shall make a maximum of 2 (two) attempts (maximum one attempt per day for 2 (two) consecutive days) to reach the Shortlisted participants on the mobile/ phone number as shall be registered with STAR.

In the event the mobile number is engaged or lines on the route are busy, or it is ringing but there is no answer, the Company shall make maximum 1 (one) attempt to call the shortlisted Participant.

In case any the Shortlisted participant is unavailable on all the attempts, the selection of that Participant shall be invalidated, and the Company shall at its sole discretion shortlist another Participant from amongst the Eligible Participant(s).

Level 2 Contest

Level-2 Contest will be conducted on Digital Platform (Zoom / Google Meet etc) only. The total Level-2 Contest Period will be ten (10) days and twenty (20) participants (shortlisted participants on two (2) consecutive days during the Level-1 Contest Period) will be participating per day during the Level-2 Contest Period.

a. There will be an Emcee who will anchor the game show. There will also be a Jalsha Protagonist present on the game show. There will be 2 rounds of game ie, Round-1 Quiz on Star Jalsha Shows and Round-2 Spot the Jalsha Celebrities / Solve a Riddle, on each day during the Level-2 Contest Period

b. A total number of ten (10) game shows will be played during the Level-2 Contest Period and the participant who is giving maximum right answers during the Game Show will be selected as the Winner. There will be one (1) Winner and 5 Runner Ups for every Game Show.

c. The Winners will get Gift Coupons worth Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) and the Runner Ups will get Gift Coupons worth Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten Thousand only) each as gratification.

General Terms
a. Participants can make only one attempt from a registered mobile number during the level-1 Activity Period.

b. All questions will be based on the Programs aired on Star Jalsha Channels and will have two (2) answer options.

c. STAR shall be free at any point of time to contact and /or communicate with the Participant(s) for availing any additional information and/or to verify any details as provided in relation to Entry/ and the Participant(s) shall unconditionally co-operate to facilitate the same.

d. At the end of Level-2 Activity Period, STAR will announce the Winners and Runner Ups of the Contest. These Winners shall be contacted by the Company on the mobile/ phone number through which Entry had been submitted, informing them that they have been selected as the Winners / Runner Up (as the case may be) of the Activity / Contest.

e. All the ten (10) winners and fifty (50) Runner Ups selected will get gift coupons as prize as mentioned herein above

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