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Organization : Central Board Secondary Organization
Competition Name : COBSE Best Practices to Upgrade the Quality of Secondary Education Contest 2015 Maharashtra
Applicable States : All India

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Notification :

Intra- Board Level :

** National/ State Boards of School Education which are members of COBSE are invited to submit their entries to the Board in the given format.

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** These entries will be examined by a Committee set up by the Chairperson of the Board and three best entries will be selected.
** Three board-level awards will be given, namely 1st Position (?10,000/-), 2nd Position (?7,000/-) and 3rd Position (?5,000/-).
** The Board level awardees shall be eligible for the contest at the next level.

COBSE Level :

** At the national level, a committee set up jointly by COBSE and Maharashtra Board will select three entries for the National Level Awards.
** The awardees would be invited to give their presentations before the delegates attending the 44′” Annual Conference at Pune towards the end of 2015.
** There may be scope for other outstanding entries as well to make their presentations in the Annual Conference.
** The National-level awards will be ?20,000/- for the 1″ Position, ?15,000/- for the 2nd Position and 10,000/- for the 3rd Position.
** In addition, the award winners at the Board level and National level shall be given Certificates of Appreciation and Recognition by COBSE

The details of the Contest :

i. Management and Conduct of Public Examination including its reliability, any examination reform or the use of technology to maintain students’ record related to the Board Examination or measures to control and prevent malpractices during examinations
ii. Assessment of students in the Co-scholastic / Co- curricular Area under the CCE System
iii. Integration of vocational skills with the Secondary Education Curriculum
iv. Life Skills development
v. Value Inculcation
vi. Involvement of Corporate and Industrial Houses/ National/ International Agencies/Organizations to Upgrade Infrastructure
vii. Innovative practice to upgrade quality of infrastructure including toilets and drinking water facility
viii. Community participation to address issues like the dearth of qualified teachers
ix. Use of IT / Digital technology to upgrade the quality of learning
x. Any other area related to Secondary Education

Who can participate :

i. Any educational institution / organization affiliated with the CBSE.
ii. Any educational functionary / school teacher working at the secondary school level of the school affiliated to the Board

Criteria for the selection of entries for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions as outlined by the COBSE :
i) Genuineness and relevance of issue/ problem to the quality of learning /Secondary Education (5 Marks)
ii) Innovativeness and Uniqueness of the Best Practice (5 Marks)
iii) Usefulness/ effectiveness of the Best Practice in realizing the desired Outcome/Impact as an evidence (5 Marks)
iv) Potential for replicability/ adaptability of the Best Practice (5 Marks) Total Marks – 20

Format in which entries are to be submitted:

i. A small paragraph on the profile of the Institution / School or about the person submitting the entry
ii. Statement of the Issue / Problem / Challenge
iii. Define the Objective / Goal
iv. Describe Best Practice including methodology/ activities to address the issue/ problem/challenge
v. Describe participation of persons & institutions in decision-making, planning, and carrying out activities to complete the task
vi. Demonstrate desired outcome/ result/ impact evaluation as an evidence of best practice
vii. Financial implications, if any to carry out Best Practice
viii. The entry should be in the written form comprising about three typed pages (1000 words) with name, institution, and address (including e-mail. mobile)
Ix. You are hereby requested to send the entries to the CBSE as per the guidelines mentioned above by 20.07.2015 for the Board level (Intraboard) of this contest.
X. summarily rejected. Only soft copies of the entries should be sent to the following email id

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  1. Please provide the links to the practice questions of second level of RAA

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