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Vijay Super Parisu Kondaattam 2021 : startv.com

Organisation : Vijay Super
Contest Name : Vijay Super Parisu Kondaattam 2021
Applicable For : Indian citizen
Applicable State/UTs : Tamil Nadu
Last Date : 03/11/2021
Website : https://www.startv.com/legal-terms-policies/terms/contest-terms-conditions/vijay-super-parisu-kondaattam/

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Vijay Super Parisu Kondaattam

“Vijay Super Parisu Kondattam” which will be hosted by Asianet Star Communications Private Limited for the purpose of promotion and viewer engagement of its channel ‘Vijay Super’.

Who Can Participate?

** The Participant(s) interested in participating in the Contest must be Indian citizen, above the age of 18 (eighteen) years and a resident of Tamil Nadu State only.

** The Participant(s) should not have been previously convicted of any criminal offense or must not be a party to an arrangement or a contract that prevents them from participating in the Contest.

Contest Period

The Contest shall commence from 4th October, 2021 at 6:00 PM Indian Standard Time (“IST”) and shall conclude on 3rd November, 2021 at 10:00 PM IST on the Channel.

Contest Details

** The Contest shall comprise of 3 (three) different multi choice questions, based on the Vijay Films on a daily basis for all 31 (thirty one) days during the Contest Period between 06:00 PM, IST and 10:00 PM IST

** The total number of Daily Questions triggered during the Contest Period shall not exceed 93 (Ninety-Three) multi choice questions. It is clarified that the Daily Questions will be refreshed on a daily basis by ASCPL.

** The lines will remain open on a daily basis during Contest Period for each Daily Question as follows

How to Participate?

To participate in the Contest and to be eligible for the Prize (as defined below), the interested Participant(s) shall be required to correctly answer any of the 3 (three) Daily Questions during the corresponding Daily Contest Period, by sending an SMS to the designated 10 digit virtual mobile number in the following format

“VJS <SPACE> <A/B/C> to 9902391200” (“ Answer/ Entry”)

Note :
** The keywords (VJS) and the answer options (A/B/C) in the Answer/Entry are not case sensitive and Participant may use either capital letters or small letters in the Answer/Entry.

** It is clarified that the Answer submitted vide SMS should contain the respective keywords followed by <space> followed by their options <A/B/C>. If the Participant(s) provides an incorrect Answer(s) then his/her Entry (as defined below) shall be considered incomplete, and the Participant(s) shall not be eligible for the Prize.

Winner Selection

Out of these shortlisted Entries / Answer(s), ASCPL shall by way of random selection based on the criterion mentioned herein at its discretion, from the aforementioned shortlisted Participant (s) select and declare 100 (Hundred) daily winners (33 daily winners for first two Daily Questions and 34 daily winners for the third Daily Question) will be selected on a daily basis for the corresponding Daily Contest Period.

For the entire contest Period the total number of Daily Winners shall not exceed a total number of 3100 (Three Thousand One Hundred).


** Each of the Daily Winners for Daily Question shall be entitled to the following prizes i.e.,
(a) a mobile recharge worth RS.100/- (Rupees one Hundred Rupees only) from the mobile service providers (“Mobile Recharge”)


(b) a cashback worth not exceeding Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) from UPI and /or PAYTM service providers (as decided by ASCPL at its discretion).

The cash back will be provided through a Third Party Service Provider BigCity (“Cashback”)

** In addition to the foregoing, at the end of each week during the Contest Period, on the basis of the Participants having made a valid Entry and submitting maximum number of correct Answer(s) to the Daily Question(s) vide the mechanism as mentioned herein and triggered during the relevant week, Company shall at its sole discretion shortlist valid Entries / Answer.

Out of these shortlisted Entries / Answer(s), ASCPL shall by way of random selection based on the criterion mentioned herein at its discretion, from the aforementioned shortlisted Participant(s) select and declare one winner in each week as Mega Winner (“Mega Winner”) For the entire Contest Period the total number of Mega Winners shall not exceed a total number of 4 (four).

** These Mega Winners will be each entitled to win a smartphone having a monetary value not exceeding Rs.9,999/-

Distribution of Prizes

** ASCPL through its representatives shall contact each Winner through the mobile number vide which the Entry/ Answer is submitted by the Winner by way of a “Congratulations SMS” consisting of the Star Vijay branded web page and inform him/her of winning of the Prize

** The Congratulations SMS shall contain a secured link to the Gratification Page wherein the Winner will be provided with the options pertaining to the Prize as specified in Section 12 above.

For clarity, the Gratification Page will be accessible for a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of announcement of the Winner, and the webpage shall be rendered inaccessible thereafter.

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