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Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest 2022 : startv.com

Organisation : Star India Private Limited
Contest Name : Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest 2022
Applicable For : Participant residing in India
Last Date : April 30, 2022
Website : https://www.startv.com/legal-terms-policies/terms/contest-terms-conditions/rumm-pum-pumm/

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What is Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest?

Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest 2022 is conducted by Star India Private Limited. The entry process is strictly open to Participants residing in India. The Contest will be conducted on the Channel and “Facebook live page’ during the song based Program “RUMM PUM PUMM” consisting of 12 to 14 songs of Telugu feature films/albums. The Contest will end on April 30, 2022.

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The entry process is strictly open to Participant(s) residing in India only during the Contest Period of the Contest and of the age of 18 (eighteen) years and above only.

How to Participate in the Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest?

To participate in the Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest, all persons interested in participating and/or Participants shall be mandatorily required to answer the puzzles as detailed below:

1. The Contest shall comprise of different puzzles with regard to Telugu feature films, which will be triggered on the TV screen & Facebook live page during telecast of each song and the Participant need to identify the correct answers and comment their answers on the Facebook live page before completion of the song. (The detail of different types of Puzzles are as follows.

Puzzle 1:
Three images of a particular movie will be triggered on the TV screen & Facebook live page and the Participant need to identify the movie name and comment the movie name on the Facebook live page. (Magadheera) 3

Puzzle 2:
Three names with missing letters of Hero, Heroin and Movie are displayed on TV screen and the Participant need to fill the missing letters and comment hero, heroin & movie name on the facebook live. (Kajal, Ram Charan Tej, Magadheera)

(a) K _ _ A _ (b) R _ _ CH _ _ A _ _ E _ (c) M _ _ A _ _ E _ R A

Puzzle 3:
First Alphabet of Hero, Heroin and Movie name with a hint will be displayed on TV and the Participant need to comment the hero, heroin & movie name on the Facebook live. (Ram Charan Tej, Kajal, Magadheera)

(a) R

Hint: Bangaru Kodi Petta.
(b) K
(c) M

2. Specific format of the Puzzle will be used in each episode and one Puzzle will be used for each song. The Puzzle will be changed in every prospective episodes of the Program, at absolute discretion of STAR.

3. To participate in the Contest and to be eligible for the Prize (as defined below), the interested Participant(s) shall be required to correctly answer the Puzzle asked on the channel and Facebook page facebook.com/starmaamusic in the following manner, by sending Facebook message in English/Telugu language by sending their answer to the same Facebook page facebook.com/starmaamusic on the same day between 10.00 hours and 11.00 hours (“Answers”)

** Participant shall log on to his Facebook page, which navigates to Star Maa Music Page
** ‘RUMM PUM PUMM’ Contest post shall be pinned on to the top
** Participant shall comment on the post with the answer.

4. The Answer sent by the Participant(s) will be deemed to be received when the Participant receives a return message from “STAR”, “Congratulations, thank you for participating” and the winner/s will receive a message “Congratulations, thank you for participating – you have won a gift coupons of “XXXXXX”.


The Winners will be gratified with one e-coupon worth of Rs.100 to Rs.300/- sponsored by different sponsors the Company and the same will be declared on facebook.com/starmaamusic from time to time and value of the same will be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of STAR (“Prize”).

Winner Selection

One (1) winner for each song, on the basis of having made a valid Entry and he/she sending the correct Answer in the manner as stated hereinabove shall be shortlisted by STAR. STAR will select first three (3) names who answers correctly and put those three (3) names on the Randomizer and out of the same the Randomizer will select one winner (“Winner”).

Winners Announcement

The Winner will be announced on the facebook.com/starmaamusic after completion of each episode of the Program within 24 hours from completion of each episode and the prize shall be delivered within 7 days from the date of the Contest through facebook.com/starmaamusic or as deemed fit by STAR.

Contacting Winners

Winner(s) will be contacted by STAR on the registered Facebook account of the Winner(s) from which the Entry was sent for the Contest. In the event the e- coupon sent by STAR is not delivered to the Winner’s registered Facebook account due to any technical reasons including but not limited to network problem, suspension of the account, blocked by concerned authorities or for any other reason and /or the Winner is found to be in breach of any of terms of these Terms & Conditions

What is the Last Date of Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest?

Last date to participate in the Star Maa Music Rumm Pum Pumm Contest is April 30, 2022 at 10.00 hours IST

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