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KVIC MyGov Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest 2023

Organisation : Khadi and Village Industries Commission KVIC & MyGov
Contest Name : Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest 2023
Applicable For : Citizen of Indian
Start Date : 07th October 2023
Last Date : 15th November 2023
Website : https://www.mygov.in/task/khadi-mahotsav-jingle-contest/

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What is MyGov Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest?

Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest is one such online competition being organized by KVIC on MyGov portal. Jingles on subject/ theme related to the Atmanirbhar Bharat / Vocal for Local /Khadi for Nation Khadi for Fashion are invited to participate in this competition. The competition will be open to all Indian citizens. Last Date of Contest is 15th November 2023.

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Eligibility Conditions of Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest

(a) The competition will be open to all Indian citizens.

(b)Jingle must catch the essence and message of Khadi Mahotsav as elaborated above. The participants are encouraged to explore their creative instinct and produce a jingle that promotes Khadi and local products. It should attract the younger population towards use of local produce for creating a self-reliant India. It should motivate them on a higher level to contribute towards Atmanirbhar Bharat by using Khadi and local products.

(c) Number of lines for jingle lyrics should not exceed 5.
(d)Audio version of the jingle should also be submitted along with the written lyrics. In case of an audio clip, the duration of jingle should not exceed 1 minute
(e) Exceeding the defined limit would lead to disqualification.

(f) The jingle should be in any of the following Indian languages:
1. English;
2. Hindi;
3. Assamese;
4. Bengali;
5. Gujarati;
6. Kannada;
7. Malayalam;
8. Marathi;
9. Odia;
10. Punjabi;
11. Tamil;
12. Telugu

(g)The creator of the jingle should be an Indian national.
(h)The lyrics of the jingle should also be submitted in the original language script and its pronunciation in English script.

Disqualification :
(a) In case of jingles originally made for television, entries sent in telecast format with commercial breaks, advertisements, channel logos/IDs etc., the same will not be eligible.
(b)Dubbed/ Revised/ Remake/ Re-edited version of a jingle which was submitted earlier will not be eligible.
(c) Jingles for which a pronunciation script in English is not provided will not be eligible.
(d)Entries received in sub-standard quality will not be eligible.
(e) An applicant would be disqualified automatically for consideration of his/her entry if it is found that he /she is influencing any member of the jury in and the decision of KVIC, in this regard would be final and binding.
(f) If any of the declaration submitted by the applicants is found to be factually false or incorrect, KVIC reserves the rights to reject the entry or even cancel the selection of the jingle after the final results/announcements.

How to Participate in the Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest?

(a) The Producer(s) may apply on my Gov platform. The entry details and regulations of the Jingle Competition are available on the following websites: https://www.mygov.in.

(b)Each entry shall be accompanied by the material detailed below:
i. Jingle must be submitted in clear, readable, and downloadable PDF format and also in mono or stereo audio format (with or without music).
ii. The participants should upload their entry as a high-quality audio file on any media platform, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and enter the publicly accessible link in the comments section.
iii. The script in original language and its pronunciation in English also needs to be submitted as a PDF document.


Selection of Winning Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest

(a) Jingles will be selected by the duly constituted jury.
(b)The Jury will determine their own work process.
(c) A person will be ineligible to serve on a Jury ONLY if his/her own jingle is an entry. In the event of his / her close relative being associated with the jingle, the jury member shall recuse himself/herself from the preview of the jingle.
(d)The Jury Members shall maintain strict confidentiality regarding the deliberations/recommendations of jingles during panel screening and final screenings. In case of any violation by jury members, suitable action will be initiated.
(e) The Nodal officer at KVIC and/or his/her nominee may provide information/clarifications, required by the panels regarding the entries. They shall however neither participate in the deliberations nor vote.
(f) The decision of the juries shall be final and binding and no appeal or correspondence regarding their decision shall be entertained.
(g)The selected jingles will be used by any Ministry or Department under the Government of India.

Prizes of Khadi Mahotsav Jingle Contest

A. The Top three winners at National level, will be awarded KVIC e-coupon* worth
1st Prize- e-coupon* worth 25,000/-
2nd Prize- e-coupon* worth 20,000/-
3rd Prize- e-coupon* worth 15,000/-

B.One jingle in each language category will be awarded a KVIC e-coupon* worth Rs. 15,000/- each.

The rewards will be given in the form of a KVIC e-coupon which will be redeemable on the KVIC e-commerce platform www.khadiindia.gov.in subject to the condition that the winner has to purchase Khadi and V.I. products worth a minimum of Rs.100/- from www.khadiindia.gov.in and further the winner has to declare a list of 5 to 10 items, which he/she would replace with local products, in the KVIC e-commerce-platform viz.

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