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mea.gov.in Logo Competition 2023 : Ministry of External Affairs

Organization : Ministry of External Affairs Government of India
Contest Name : Logo Competition 2023
Applicable For : Citizens of India & Indonesian national
Applicable States/UT : All India
Website : https://www.mea.gov.in/

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What is MEA Logo Competition?

Logo Competition 2023 is organized by Ministry of External Affairs Government of India. In 2024, India and Indonesia will commemorate 75 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations. To mark this occasion, a joint logo design competition is being organised by both countries. An Indian or an Indonesian national can apply for this contest. Acceptable design formats should be in the form of .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf. Last Date of contest is 10th December 2023.

Eligibility of Logo Competition

Qualification Criteria: An Indian or an Indonesian national

Registration Process of Logo Competition

** Each person / company may only register 1 (one) design
** Entries will only be accepted/registered via this email address: logoindiaindonesia75[AT]gmail.com
** Acceptable design formats should be in the form of .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf, minimun file size 5 MB, with maximum file size up to 10 MB, with minimum 300dpi upto 600dpi resolution (A4-size to Banner printable).
— The winner will likely be requested to enhance the design format by the assessment committee.
** Brief description and design background created, may be written in Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia or English languages on the registration form.
— This explanation and background will be announced at the time of the announcement of the winning entry.
** Designs may be submitted in 2 (two) versions: Full Colour / FC (no limit on the number of colours or gradations) and Black & White / BW.
** The logo data should be original and never been published in any country.
** Designs once submitted and accepted by the committee cannot be withdrawn/canceled.

1. Please include an alternate phone number or email (if any)

2. The winner design will be displayed on the websites mentioned above. If the participant has any objection to revelation of his personal information, such as name etc., the same may be mentioned in “Other information” in the body of the email. If there is no such statement, the committee will consider it as a consent statement regarding the inclusion of a name on the organizer’s website and social media.

3. Please submit the following documents as attachment:
** Signed complete Registration Form and undertaking in PDF format
** Data logo design in 2 versions, FC and BW

Winner of Logo Competition

** Winner will be announced on the websites of Ministry of External Affairs Government of India, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia, Embassy of India in Indonesia, Embassy of Indonesia in India, and Consulate Generals of both sides.
** All designs will be assessed by a joint committee from India and Indonesia. Best design winner will be awarded return air tickets for the winner (plus one) between Indonesia and India.

Copyright & Other Information of Logo Competition

1. The design work should not have been published inside or outside the country. It should be conceptually different from the logo published during the celebration of 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations(Annexure A);

2. Design works that are deemed to disturb public order and morality, violate applicable laws and regulations and violate copyright or other rights of third parties, will not be assessed by the committee. If any nomination or winner is found to be in violation of the above applicable laws, the winning status or nomination shall be canceled forthwith without assigning any reason.

In addition, after being announced as the winner, if the design work is found as a plagiarism work, it will be cancelled. Participants are expected to pay attention to applicable laws, rules and regulations in order not to cause legal problems in the future.

3. Please note that in the event of any claim, dispute and otherwise, it will be entirely the sole responsibility of the participant that is found to be in breach of the terms and the participant shall release the Foreign Ministries of the two countries from all responsibility and demands of the third party as well as the authorities;

4. If the writing of the form is found to be dishonest, although the design work is declared a nominee or declared the winner, the nomination or decision will be canceled;

5. It is possible that the winner may be required to make adjustments or alterations to his or her design work to be finalized. If the design work fails to meet the criteria or requirements for the adjustment process, or the participant does not approve of any adjustment to his or her design work, the win will be canceled;

6. All rights, namely copyright, property rights and user rights of design works declared as winners, shall be entirely owned by the Ministry of External Affairs Government of India and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia (including the prevalent rights set forth in the Copyright Acts of India and Indonesia), the Participant shall not exercise any moral right to his work;

7. The final design work will be handed over to parties designated by the Ministries of External/Foreign Affairs and the Embassies of both countries and will be used to commemorate 75 years of India – Indonesia diplomatic relations. At that time, in essence, no design changes will be made except changes in size and change from FC to BW;

8. The committee shall not provide any personal information (except name and place of work) to a third party, without the consent of the participant;
9. The Committee shall not entertain any questions about the selection process.

What is the Last Date of Logo Competition?

Last Date of Logo Competition for Submission deadline is 10th December 2023, 23:59 local time.

Terms & Conditions and Registration Form download here : https://www.contest.net.in/uploads/pdf2023/68985-logo.pdf

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