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nayaraenergy.com Nayara Scheme Sab ki Jeet Guaranteed Contest 2023

Organisation : Nayara Energy Limited
Contest Name : Nayara Scheme Sab ki Jeet Guaranteed Contest 2023
Applicable For : Citizen of India
Applicable State/UT : Open to all states
Last Date : 26th January 2024
Website : https://www.nayaraenergy.com/terms-condition

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What is Nayara Scheme Sab ki Jeet Guaranteed Contest?

‘Nayara Sab Ki Jeet Guaranteed’ for consumers, which is sponsored and brought to you by Nayara Energy Limited. This scheme is open to Indian Citizens living in India only, are active on WhatsApp and the persons above 18 years of age. Last Date of Contest is 26th January 2024.

Eligibility of Sab ki Jeet Guaranteed Contest

** Employees of Nayara Energy and their families, Nayara Energy Dealers/Distributors/other Channel partners, employees of Advertising Agencies of Nayara Energy, Service providers/Event managers, etc. associated with this offer, either directly or indirectly are not eligible to take part in this scheme.
** Entry to this offer shall be treated as void wherever (including any State or Union Territory) such offers are prohibited under local laws.
** The scheme commences from 1st Nov 2023 and closes on 26th Jan 2024 at midnight (referred to as “Scheme Period”). Any entries received after 12.00 midnight on 26th Jan 2024 will not be considered.
** Entry to this offer shall be treated as void wherever (including any State or Union Territory) such offers are prohibited under local laws.
** This scheme is open to Indian Citizens living in India only, are active on WhatsApp and the persons above 18 years of age. Any entries received from Indian Citizens below 18 years shall be disqualified.

How to Participate in the Sab Ki Jeet Guaranteed?

** By entering this offer, you agree that the information SMSed, or calls made and the mobile numbers from which the entries are received may be used by Nayara Energy for the administration of the draw. We may also use the information to carry out research into this scheme or communicate future promotions and other messages to the participants of this scheme

** All customers interested in participating in the scheme need to first register on the Nayara Energy WhatsApp Business Account. To register, the customer needs to scan the QR at the participating Nayara Energy retail outlets which opens the WhatsApp Business Account of Nayara Energy.

The WhatsApp bot will request the customer to enter their legal name. By completing the registration, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions. The name registered shall be verifiable through government issued identity documents. In case the name registered is not verifiable then it will lead to disqualification.

The customer will get 7 days to share supporting documents to verify the name. Failing to do so may lead to disqualification from the scheme.

** Only those customers who purchase petrol worth Rs 200/- to Rs. 999 (Fill 1) and Rs. 1000/- or more (Fill 2) at any Nayara Energy Retail Outlet are eligible to participate in the offer.

** This offer is exclusively applicable for the purchase of petrol at select Nayara Energy retail outlet where integrated POS is available. Integrated POS refers to the payment POS device of Fiserv. The list of participating Nayara Energy retail outlets will be refreshed from time to time during the scheme period.

** A customer purchasing petrol as per Fill 1/Fill 2, should share POS Bill with QR to the WhatsApp business account of Nayara within 24 hours of the purchase. Here the ‘POS Bill’ is the ‘bill of purchase’ printed from the integrated POS and is issued by the Nayara Retail Outlets for the purchase of petrol during the scheme period. Sharing the QR section of the POS Bill is a must to participate in the scheme.

Post successful upload, customer will receive a success confirmation. Only 1 POS bill per day will be considered valid participation. A customer can submit a maximum of 10 POS Bills in a month during the offer period.

Customer will be eligible to get an assured fuel voucher worth Rs. 10 on the upload/sharing of the 1st POS bill and sharing of the 4th POS bill to the WhatsApp business account of Nayara. 1st POS bill is the first valid POS bill (Petrol bill of Rs. 200 or above) shared on WhatsApp business account of Nayara

** Each POS bill uploaded is considered as the customer’s participation for the lucky prizes (smartphones, scooter, and car).
** Fuel vouchers will be valid for 30 days. The fuel voucher cannot be redeemed or exchanged for another gift voucher/card/gift card/etc. Also, it cannot be re-validated once it has past expiry date
** Customers can also call Customer Support number 1800 1200 330 for assistance in participation and any clarifications regarding the scheme.
** The WhatsApp Business Account Chatbot facility is available on WhatsApp. Nayara Energy shall not be liable or responsible if for any reason the customer is not able to upload the POS bill or does not receive the acknowledgement for having participated in the scheme because of technical/other issues

** For Tamil Nadu Participants only (relevant terms and conditions listed above shall apply):
a. Only those Customers who purchase minimum petrol worth Rs. 200 to Rs. 999 or Rs. 1000 or more at any Nayara Energy Retail outlet shall participate in the contest during the Offer Period.
b. The eligible participant should complete the registration formalities and share the POS bill to participate in the contest.
c. The participant should answer the Q&A.
d. Upon submission, the participant will receive a fuel voucher upto Rs. 1000 (applicable on 1st and 4th POS bill).
e. The participant must preserve the invoice copy in soft/physical form to claim the reward.

Prizes of Sab Ki Jeet Guaranteed Contest

The prizes for the Scheme are: a. 1st Prize – Car – 7 Nos. b. 2nd Prize – Two-wheeler – 24 Nos. c. 3rd Prize – Mobile phones – 48 Nos.
Nayara can change the frequency of winner selection at its own discretion within the offer period

The customer is required to preserve the original POS bill of the purchase of petrol based on which the customer has entered the offer for claiming the prize, if any, won by him/her. Loss/mutilation of the original POS bill will make it invalid for claiming the prize if the customer wins a prize. No photocopies of POS Bill will be accepted.

However, it’s recommended that the customer keeps the photocopy/photo of original bill to help in verifying the original bill if it partially fades away.

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