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isro.gov.in Robotics Challenge-URSC 2024 IRoC-U : Indian Space Research Organisation

Organisation : Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
Contest Name : Robotics Challenge-URSC 2024
Applicable For : Indian students
Applicable State/UT : All India
Last Date : 5th December 2023
Notification here : https://www.ursc.gov.in/IRoC-U2024/index.jsp
Website : https://www.isro.gov.in/ISRO_Robotics_Challenge_URSC2024.html

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What is ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC?

Robotics Challenge-URSC 2024 is organized by ISRO. To provide the opportunity for the students in the area of space robotics, “ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC 2024 (IRoC-U 2024)” is organised with a tagline of “Let’s build a space robot”. The challenge consists of an engineering project where the Institutional teams build robots to compete in an extra-terrestrial-inspired arena, performing tasks based on the real-life challenges faced by space robotics. Last Date of Contest is 5th December 2023.

Objectives of the ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC

** To provide a standardised platform for exploring the area of space robotics
** To develop a deeper understanding of space robotics and its applications among the student community. It enhances their communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving and flexibility skills that will benefit them in their academic and professional lives.
** To co-develop (students and ISRO) future technologies needed in the area of space robotics.

Outcome for Student Community of ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC

** Identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of mathematics, science and engineering
** Apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs
** Communicate effectively
** Collaborate with a team, provide inclusive leadership, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives
** Formulate and conduct appropriate experiments, analyse and interpret test and analytical data and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions

Venue of ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC

The final onsite competition to perform the required tasks is planned to be conducted in URSC Bengaluru Campus in the Month of August 2024. For information about the IRoC-U 2024 competition venue, please follow our updates on the website.

Important Dates of ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC

Announcement of the challenge 08.11.2023
Submission of registration form along with proposal 20.11.2023 to 5.12.2023
Announcement of Selection of teams for Second round (Maximum 50 teams will be selected) 15.01.2024
Submission of Design Report (DR) by selected teams 15.02.2024
Feedback on DR by organisers 01.03.2024
Demo of prototype by selected teams 15.05.2024 to 19.05.2024
Selection of teams for final round (Maximum 10 teams will be selected) 25.05.2024
Release of task particulars for final round 01.06.2024
Operation Readiness Review and feedback 01.07.2024 to 06.07.2024
Team Preparation Day 04.08.2024
ISRO Robotics Challenge Day 05.08.2024 and 06.08.2024
Awards Ceremony on National Space Day 23.08.2024

Note 1: Organisers reserve the right to change the dates depending on exigency of situation.
Note 2: All deadlines are on 8.30 PM (IST) on the respective dates.

How to Participate in the ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC?

All teams must complete the registration process on the website. The registration procedure includes:
1. Team login account creation.
2. Filling out the team details and download auto-generated registration form.
3. Upload duly signed auto-generated form.
4. Upload proposal file in .pdf format (Max. pages:30 and Max. file size: 10 MB).
NOTE: Registration shall deem to be completed only after uploading as per step 3 and 4.

Awards & Recognitions of ISRO Robotics Challenge-URSC

The first three teams will be awarded based on the evaluation by jury and fair play attitude of teams. Additionally, two consolation prizes are also planned. The awards in the form of cash and institute trophy are planned as follows :
1st place Rs 5.0 Lakhs along with Institute trophy
2nd place Rs 3.0 Lakhs along with Institute trophy
3rd place Rs 2.0 Lakhs along with Institute trophy
Two consolation prizes Rs 1.0 Lakh each along with Institute trophy

** The teams qualifying for the Field Round and participating on challenge day will be awarded with an appreciation certificate to each of the team members and mentors.

** The teams qualifying for the Quals and who have submitted the design report will be awarded with participation certificate to each of the team members and mentors. No certificates will be given to the teams who fail to submit the design report by the specified timeline.

** First three Prize winning rovers (viz., places 1st, 2nd and 3rd) will get commemorative sticker placed on it by the organisers for each place.

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