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indoremarathon.in Coal India Indore Marathon 2024

Organisation : Academy of Indore Marathoners
Competition Name : Coal India Indore Marathon 2024
Applicable For : minimum age 14 years
Race Date : 04 February 2024
Website : https://indoremarathon.in/

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What is Coal India Indore Marathon?

Coal India Indore Marathon 2024 is organized by Academy of Indore Marathoners. AIM is a nonprofit organization that was formed to conduct Marathon in Indore every year from time to time to all category of people i.e. Full time, part time, Dream Runners, Veterans, or disability to help increase grassroots participation for a safe, enjoyable and learning experience. We aim to achieve this through the widest voluntary collaboration with the existing bodies and local associates of Indore.

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Event Details of Indore Marathon

Every 3k/5k runner gets: T-shirt, Cap, Bib, Refreshment, Medal and eCertificate.
Every 10k/21.1k/42.2k runner gets: T-shirt, Cap, Bib,Timing chip , Refreshment, Medal and eCertificate.
Availability of your preferred size of T-shirt and Cap, is Subject to Availability (will be distributed on first come first serve basis.
T-shirt, cap, bib will be provided in the Expo.
Event Date : 04 Feb 2024 .
Expo Date/Time : 02 Feb 2024/10:00AM – 07:30PM.
Expo Venue : Nehru Stadium, Indore.

Rules & Regulations of Indore Marathon

** The rules and regulations are to make Indore Marathon, a safe and pleasant experience for all the stakeholders. It is important to read and comply with them. Noncompliance may result in cancellation of the registration and dis-qualification from the race.

** Participants must provide the accurate information about age, gender, address, mobile number and email id.

** Registration and event Information will be sent to individual on his or her registered mobile ID. Participants are requested to provide correct contact information in the registration form to receive all communication from Indore Marathon in timely manner.

** If the runners does not receive any notification from us with 48 hours of submitting the registration form, then he/she contact to us on 91119-99280, with the required registration and payment information.
** Every runners will be assigned a unique running number (Bib), which they have to collect individually from the designated location. Location and date for collecting the Bib will be communicated all participants through SMS one week before the event.

** In the event if the runners is unable to collect her/his running number individually, the same can be collected by his/her representative. The representative must carry the authorization letter along with the copy of the runner’s govt. issued photo ID proof along and the copy of the email which was sent to the participant. The authorized rep also must carry his/her own id.

** All runners must mandatorily be dressed in the running number bib at all times throughout the event. The participants will not be allowed the entry into the holding area before the race if they failed to wear the Bib.
** Any runner who is either wounded or exhausted must be carried to the close by Energy/medical Station for support. If the injury is severe the runner is requested to pursue the necessary medical emergency measures.
** All runners are requested to value the environment and local neighborhoods by using the trash bins and recycling bins at the Energy Stations and on the race track.
** Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly banned throughout the event, on the trail and at Energy Stations.
** All runners are request to use and follow parking rules.
** The event location and course will be greatly marshaled by the volunteers and the runners are required to follow the directions given by the volunteers in all eventualities. Failure to do so will result in the dis-qualification from the race.
** Every participant is expected to perform in a socially responsible manner throughout the event. If it is found that any runner’s behavior is anti-social, he/she will be disqualified and will be removed from the race track.
** All the runners are requested to make their own arrangements for storing valuables and baggage. The Academy of Indore Marathoner will not be responsible for the safety of the runner’s baggage or stuffs.
** Every runner is requested to wear suitable footwear & clothes that are appropriate to run a marathon wearing unsuitable footwear or running barefoot may lead to serious bodily injuries.

** Each participant is requested to check with a doctor to inspect his/her health for participating in the marathon. Even though the coordinators will make preparations for the accessibility of essential medical support during the route of the event, the coordinator shall not be held responsible for any accidents or medical emergencies that may take place during the course of the marathon.

** The winner of the marathon will be selected in an agreement with the marathon’s rules and the decision of the Indore Marathon Judges squad will be final and binding to all.

FAQ on Indore Marathon

Can I register online for the Indore Marathon?
Yes, you can register online by just clicking on the registration tab.given at the slider on the home page of the website.

Is my online registration and my account details are protected?

Yes, The Online payment is secured with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This technology secures your card datafrom the fraudulent activities and also prevent from misusing your Credit/Debit cards.

Is there any other different modes of entry fee payment?

People who are intending to register offline should pay by cash and get themselves enrolled at the registrations centers, address details of which will be displayed on the website and promotional banners.

should I carry the print-out of the e-mail sent to me for collecting the bib?
We will accept the message in electronic format too. However you must carry with you one government issued ID card for collecting the bib.

Can I register and run for 2 different races or run for both the distances?

You can register for multiple events but can take part only in one of them.

Is my registration transferable?

Sorry, the registration once done are neither transferred nor cancelled.

Is there some age limit for every run?

For 21K the minimum age is 18. For 10K the minimum age for participation is 14 year. However for 5K there is no minimum age criterion.Having said this we urge you to seek advice from qualified health practitioner.

To watch the event can I get my family/friends?

Yes, you can get them. They can also be presented at the start/finish position or any other position along the running route suitable to you.Cherish the moment with enjoyment with your family and friends.

If I am a runner and a walker, what I should register as?

You are allowed to walk if exhausted and then continue running. For 21 K, it will not be possible to complete the race by only walking.

Can kids take part in the mini marathon?

kids up to 14 year are permitted to take part in 10K and 5K is open to all. However, parental consent is required at the time of collecting the Bib.

How will my entry for marathon be approved and intimated to me?

Once you make payment, you will get registration confirmation email and a text message on your registered mobile ID.

How many number of participants would run in this marathon with us?

Last year appx. 17,000 participant took part in this event.

Is there any cut-off period to complete the event?

Yes, for 21K you must complete the race in 3.5 hours. For 10K the cut-off time is 1.5 hours. You must adhere to these limits in order to get the timing certificate.

Will there be any medical assistance throughout the event?

On the day of event, a squad of skilled doctors and health attendants will offer medical support to runners in need. A health attendant with the First Aid Kit will be available at each energy stations and at the location with short interval pit stops. The medical team’s opinion is final & binding on allowing the participant to run further.

What arrangements have been made for any medical emergency?

The organizers will make preparations for the accessibility of essential health checkup during the course of the event. However the organizers shall not be held for any medical crisis or mishap that may take place all through the course of the marathon.

What will I find in Energy stations?

There will be number of station on the way. These will be marked on the route map.You will be served with water, electrolytes fruits and biscuits at these stations.

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