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KaysFIT Academy OOTYULTRA 2023 Ultramarathon

Organisation : KaysFIT Academy
Competition Name : OOTYULTRA Ultramarathon 2023
Last Date : 28th February 2024
Race Day : 31st March 2014
Website : https://ootyultra.kfita.in/

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OOTYULTRA is an Ultramarathon organized by KaysFIT Academy, founded by Kannan Sundararajan, a.k.a Coach Kay, also the Race Director. With steep up/down gradients, the race is perfect for the regular amateur runners to the serious ultramarathon lovers. With four distance categories, 90k, 60k, 30k & 15k, OOTYULTRA offers an opportunity for everyone to experience this beautiful ultramarathon. The 7th edition of OOTYULTRA is scheduled on 31-Mar-2024, Sunday.

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Key Dates of OOTYULTRA

Registration Starts 31-Oct-2023
OOTYULTRA Registration ends, Qualification window ends 28-Feb-2024
Charity tickets window 29-Feb to 5-Mar-2024
#ultramalaivasi Expo Day Mar 30, 2024
7th Edition of OOTYULTRA, Race Day Mar 31, 2014

Race Categories of OOTYULTRA

** 90k (only by invitation)
** 60k
** 30k
** 15k

Qualification of OOTYULTRA

90k :
** On an invitation-only basis

60k :
** Must be 18 years old (born on or before 31-Mar-2006)
** Must be physically/medically fit and healthy
** Must have completed an official Full Marathon within 5 hrs 50 mins or an Ultramarathon (50+ km) completion after 1-Jul-2023
** Your race category will automatically change to 15k on 6-Mar-2024 if we do not receive your qualification race information

30k :
** Must be 18 years old (born on or before 31-Mar-2006)
** Must be physically/medically fit and healthy.
** Must have completed an official Half Marathon within 3 hrs or a Full Marathon after 1-Jul-2023

15k :
** Must be 16 years old (born on or before 31-Mar-2008)
** Must be physically/medically fit and healthy
** Must be capable of running a 10k distance minimum

Registration Instructions of OOTYULTRA

** Choose your event category correctly. To help you understand the OOTYULTRA race, we have published supporting information on each race category page –> 90k | 60k | 30k | 15k.
** All 60k & 30k runners MUST MUST MUST meet the qualification conditions mentioned on our website (view here)
** If you are an OOTYULTRA 60k or 30k runner, submit your qualification race details within the Qualification Window.
** Read and understand the event rules carefully. Your entry ticket is non-refundable.
** The last registration date will be 28-Feb-2024 or whenever the maximum event capacity is reached.
** Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to receive the latest updates regarding OOTYULTRA. Join the OOTYULTRA Strava club, stay connected with fellow #ultramalaivasi runners
** Write to info[AT]ootyultra.com if you have any questions. Optionally, you can click the Messenger Icon on this page to chat with us.
** Receive the early bird discount of 10% off per ticket till 30-Nov-2023 & Rs. 5% from 1-Dec to 31-Dec.
** Bulk registrations & payments can be made for > ten members in a group. Please write to info[AT]ootyultra.com.
** A limited number of Charity Tickets will be available after the regular registration ends
** 18% GST extra + applicable card & platform charges


What is the OOTYULTRA start time?
The scheduled start time for the 90k & 60k will be 6.00 am.
The scheduled start time for the 30k & 15k will be 6.30 am.

Where can I deposit my baggage?

You can deposit your baggage with change-over clothes at the start line.
Your baggage will be identified against your bib number.
Your baggage will be brought to the finish line and you can collect them by showing your race bib.
You are requested not to keep any valuables in your baggage.

Where is OOTYULTRA Start/Finish?

Start point: Tamil Nadu Tourism Ooty Boat House
Finish point: Government Tea Park, Battarkambai) ~8.3 km away from the start
Shuttle buses will take you back to Ooty town after your run.

Will there be a timing chip used to record my race timing?

Yes, our timing partner will provide this support. There will be two timing mats, one at the start and one at the finish point for all categories of runners.
** The finish point timing mat will also serve as a intermediate timing mat at the 15k, 30k & 60k for the 90k runners
** The finish point timing mat will also serve as a intermediate timing mat at the 15k & 30k for the 60k runners
** The finish point timing mat will also serve as a intermediate timing mat at the 15k for the 30k runners.

Can I change my race category after registration?

OOTYULTRA is happy to allow you to make the changes to your race category.
Upgrading to a higher distance :
** You must qualify for the higher race category
** You will have to pay the difference amount
** An upgraded race category can be further upgraded (ex. from 15k -> 30k -> 60k) provided you have the right qualification credentials

downgrading to a lower distance :
** If you have already qualified to run the registered category, you can downgrade to a lower distance category
** Your downgraded category can’t be reversed. Ex. you can’t move from 60k -> 30k and then request to move back to 60k. In such situation you have to follow the upgrade process once again by paying the difference amount in the ticket.

The deadline for changing your race category will be 1st March

Write to info[AT]ootyultra.com from your registered email address with the description of the changes and we will update your records.

Can I do a bulk/group registration?

Group registration/bulk registration feature is available for groups of 10 members and above. Please write to info[AT]ootyultra.com if you need further information.

Can I transfer my bib to another person if I am unable to run?

No other person can run with your BIB. However, you can transfer it officially to another qualified runner. Write to info[AT]ootyultra.com if you need any further assistance.

How accurate is the OOTYULTRA course measurement?

OOTYULTRA course was chosen and designed considering the following elements,
** Start the event in OOTY and move all the runners to the outskirts and the most beautiful sections of OOTY
** The route should be non-repeating, as much as possible
** Finish the event at another beautiful and a convenient location

The OOTYULTRA route for all distances categories is measured using standard GPS watches and definitely not accurate distances. Visit the individual run category pages listed below to know more about the accuracy of the route.

NOTE: With these distance inaccuracies in mind, we have carefully chosen the cut-off time to help most runners achieve their finish goals in the 15k, 30k, and 60k categories. Runners are requested not to rely on their GPS markers but to follow the kilometre sign boards kept at an interval of 2 kilometres throughout the course
** 90k
** 60k
** 30k
** 15k

While registering, I made some mistakes, can I fix them?

The deadline for fixing any mistakes, changing any personal particulars, or even transferring your ticket to another qualified runner will be 1 of March Write to info[AT]ootyultra.com from your registered email address with the description of the changes and we will update your records.

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