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IGA Indian Gadget Awards 2023 91 Mobiles : indiangadgetawards.com

Organisation : 91 Mobiles
Contest Name : Indian Gadget Awards 2023 IGA
Event Place : The Palms Town & Country Club, Gurgaon
Event Date : December 14th, 2023
Website : https://www.indiangadgetawards.com/

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What is Indian Gadget Awards?

The Indian Gadget Awards (Voice of the Industry) is the most authoritative tech awards event in the country, where over 30 tech experts come together to vote for the best gadgets of the year. In the Indian Gadget Awards (IGA) 2023, we have over 200 nominees across 35 award categories, and the winners will be chosen through anonymous voting by a jury of 35 members, comprising top tech reviewers and experts. You stand a chance to be among 10 lucky winners to win an Amazon gift voucher worth ₹1,000 each.

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Event Date & Places of Indian Gadget Awards

The winners of IGA 2023 will be announced on December 14th, 2023, at a mega event at The Palms Town & Country Club, Gurgaon. It’s a day-long event that will be attended by 600+ gadget enthusiasts and industry leaders to celebrate the best gadgets of the year.

As in previous years, we have planned immersive gadget experience zones and mobile gaming competitions for the tech lovers attending the event. This year, we also have dedicated booths from leading gadget brands who will be showcasing their hero devices at IGA.

Categories of Indian Gadget Awards

Smartphones :
Best Phone of 2023 (under 15k) :
The entry-level segment for smartphones has a bunch of compelling devices. As the stepping stone for those upgrading from feature phones or even first-time users, this category applauds the smartphones that focus on delivering the basics in the best possible manner.

Best Phone of 2023 (under 25k) :
One of the most exciting smartphone categories, especially considering the highly capable options available, this award category is understandably packed with quite a few contenders vying for the crown. This segment poses a challenge for the jury for sure. It’s not easy to offer the balance users want from this segment though, and the winner here has to be truly special.

Best Phone of 2023 (under 35k) :
Another exciting category that saw plenty of action this year was the one where phones came close to offering flagship performance and premium designs without burning a hole in your pocket. The jury has its hands full in choosing the best phone that truly defines what an affordable flagship looks like this year.

Best Phone of 2023 (under 50k) :
Flagship performance, flagship imaging, and flagship everything else, this category is also filled with tons of options. These are all-rounders that can’t go wrong in any aspect of the smartphone user experience, and pretty much all nominees here are winners in their own right. Which one stands above the crowd?

Best Selfie Phone of 2023 – Mainstream (under 35k) :
The front cameras on phones might come in various forms – hiding in notches and punch holes. Selfie cameras are also quite feature-rich these days, borrowing capabilities from primary snappers in a big way. However, they all need to deliver on the selfie and the video calling front and that’s what this award is for.

Best Camera Phone of 2023 – Mainstream (under 35k) :
Photography is possibly more crucial for many smartphone users than calling and messaging. We’re not judging, but we sure are judging the imaging capabilities of mainstream phones to check if they can deliver in real life. Not an easy task, given that smartphones in this segment are now challenging even their premium counterparts.

Best Camera Phone of 2023 – Premium (Budget no bar) :
DSLR-level quality, complete with all the bells and whistles. We’re talking serious photography chops here, so choosing a winner isn’t going to be a ‘point-and-shoot’ task. Thankfully, our experts are ready with their trigger fingers and should have a winner before you can say cheese.

Best Gaming Phone of 2023 – Mainstream (under 35k) :
Gaming phones have come a long way, and are no longer restricted to the premium segment. There are several impressive phones for buyers under Rs 35,000 that deliver top-notch performance, battery life, and more required to game till your heart’s content. But which one stands out from the rest?

Best Gaming Phone of 2023 (Price no bar) :
Quite a few aspects, including performance, thermals, display quality, audio, battery life and software features matter when it comes to gaming phones. And when we consider the premium segment, a smartphone really has to go all out to come up as a contender for the award. Which one will win?

Phone Of The Year 2023 – Overall (All rounder, price no bar) :
The most coveted award. Out of hundreds of phones launched this year, this award is for that one phone that manages to tick all the right boxes for our judges… standing out as a disrupter that emerged as the best all-rounder, scoring high on all aspects of smartphone usage.

Best Flip/Fold smartphone 2023 – Premium :
It’s been a busy year for foldable phones, and their popularity is only expected to grow in the coming years. Available in flip designs and book-style form factors, foldables are the next big thing in smartphone innovation, and brands are pulling out all the stops to deliver cutting-edge devices. This only makes the jury’s job harder as they will need to crown the best foldable smartphone of the year.

Tablets :
Best Tablet of 2023 – Mainstream (Under 20K) :
In the current scenario, tablets have an increasing role to play from the perspective of content consumption, entertainment, and even education. The mainstream category has new and interesting contenders too, with quite a few brands now making their presence felt. The title of the Best Mainstream Tablet of 2023 goes to…

Best Tablet of 2023 – Premium (Budget, no bar) :
The premium tablet space is the playground of brands that have been around for a while, with a few new ones adding to the competition. These devices not only need to deliver on all the common use cases but also prove their usefulness as serious workhorses and look good while they’re at it. All nominees here make the cut, but we only have one trophy.

Televisions :
Best TV of 2023 – Mainstream (Under 50K) :
Big screens, big value. The mainstream TV category is super important, and we don’t really need to tell you why. As the largest screens in the house, these are our go-to devices for delivering entertainment at a click of a button, opening up a world of OTT apps and services for us. Size matters of course, but not more than image and sound quality.

Best TV of 2023 – Premium (Budget, no bar) :
TVs in the premium segment have to be truly special to justify their price tags. Powerhouse performance, exceptional display quality, rich sound and a plethora of features need to be in the offing, along with a whole lot more to attract potential buyers. Our job here is to choose the most special one out of this list of special contenders.

Laptops :
Best Budget Laptop of 2023 (Under 40K) :
Finding a compelling affordable laptop is harder than it seems, which makes this category all the more special. This award is given to the laptop that offers good features, dependable hardware, and more, all with a pocket-friendly price tag that appeals to the masses. So which affordable laptop takes home the crown this year? Stay tuned to find out.

Best Laptop of 2023 – Mainstream (Under 80K) :
A mainsteam laptop carries a whole lot of responsibility these days, much more than ever before. Laptops have moved on from being shared devices at home and are increasingly becoming more personal, with everyone from school kids to office goers needing their own. And therefore, our jury has a special duty to choose the most deserving one as the winner.

Best Laptop of 2023 – Premium (Budget, No bar) :
From sleek, beautiful-looking machines to performance powerhouses, the premium laptop segment has it all. These machines come packed to the brim with features that can excite and make us drool, though that won’t keep our experts from being objective and fair in choosing one that deserves the crown.

Best Gaming Laptop of 2023 – Mainstream (Under 100K) :
Love gaming, but don’t want to spend the big bucks? Fret not, as these gaming laptops have what it takes to deliver a smooth gaming experience. You do have to loosen your purse strings a bit, but that’s par for the course for this segment. Of course, these devices can handle the usual tasks without breaking a sweat, but that’s more than what can be said for our judges when it comes to crowning a winner.

Best Gaming Laptop of 2023 – Premium (Budget, No bar) :
Serious gaming requires serious horsepower, and this is where these supremely loaded machines come in. Of course, you need to have a loaded bank account, but for your money, you get laptops that can give you immersive gameplay and lots of computing power. This is the cream of the crop, and we’ll be choosing one as the ultimate winner.

Earbuds :
Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2023 – Mainstream (Under 5K) :
Music, calls, freedom. The freedom that comes from ditching the wires. The mainstream TWS segment comprises contenders that give you all that at affordable prices, and come with useful features beyond just the basics too. Now it’s up to the experts to figure out the best one for your ears.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of 2023 – Premium (Budget, No bar) :
If you’re willing to spend, the premium TWS segment is where the big guns are. Loaded with features and tons of audio wizardry, each nominee in our list is a special one and brings its own unique signature to this category. We’ve fired up our favourite playlists and will have a winner ready in time for the big announcements.

User’s Choice Awards

For our community of gadget enthusiasts, you can name your favourite phone in the User’s Choice category. You stand a chance to be among the 10 lucky winners to win an Amazon gift voucher worth ₹1,000 each. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on the latest, high-end gadgets and meet top tech influencers.

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