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VIL Vi Love The Plot Program 2024 #ViLoveThePlot : Vodafone Idea

Organisation : Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL)
Contest Name : #ViLoveThePlot Vi Love The Plot Program 2024
Applicable For : Active Subscriber of VIL
Applicable State/UT : India
Starting Date : 10th February 2024
Last Date : 14th February 2024
Website :

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What is Vi Love The Plot Program?

This #ViLoveThePlot Program is sponsored by Vodafone Idea Limited. Active Subscriber shall mean a Subscriber who uses the Subscriber Identity Module of VIL on a regular basis for purposes other than to participate in any offer or Challenge offered by VIL. The Program will take place on Vi’s Facebook page, Instagram account, X’ handle (hereinafter “Vi Social Channels”) for 5 days. The winners will be announced on Vi’s Social Channels within 90days from the commencement of the Program. Last date of Contest is 14th February 2024.

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Program Period of Vi Love The Plot

10th February to 14th February 2024 only. VIL reserves the right to extend or shorten the period, as it deems fit. If, in any State and/or territory or part thereof, the running of this Program is prohibited as per local rules or laws or requires licenses, Subscribers from such State and/or territory or part thereof shall not be eligible to participate in the Program. No further notice shall be given by VIL, in this regard.

How to Participate in the Vi Love The Plot Program?

The Program will take place on Vi’s Facebook page, Instagram account, X’ handle (hereinafter “Vi Social Channels”) for 5 days. For the Program, VIL will push 1 question on each of Vi’s Social Channels each day to leverage audience participation during the Valentine week.

The Subscriber participating in this Program (“Participant/s”), will have to attempt all the 5 questions (i.e. one question per day) and answer in the comment section of the posts. The Participant can attempt the question only once.

Participants to be eligible for winning in the Program must follow/be a follower of VIL’s Social Channels and must answer all the question for all the 5 days correctly.

Gratification of Vi Love The Plot Program

From the list of Participants who have answered all the questions correctly during the Program, 3 winners will be selected by the third-party auditor, using the computerized process from across all the Vi Social Channels. Total 3 winners will be selected from the entire Program and each winner will win a couple date (comprising of movie ticket vouchers for 2 + dinner + pick and drop service).

Winner Announcement:
The winners will be announced on Vi’s Social Channels within 90days from the commencement of the Program. The winner will be chosen by a third-party auditor. The decision of the auditor in this regard shall be final and binding, no dispute, shall be entertained by VIL.

Other Conditions of Vi Love The Plot Program

a. Multiple entries of the same individual/Participant through single or multiple IDs will be dis- allowed.

b. In consideration of participation in the Program, each Participant grants a worldwide royalty free perpetual license to VIL to feature any or all of the submitted materials/entries in any and all media for publicity and wider communication purposes. In this regard, Participants will not reproduce or otherwise use, transmit, share, download, rip or exploit the entry other than for the purposes of the Program and in strict accordance with the Program terms and conditions.

c. In the event, the winner fails to provide required details or documents, the prize will not be issued to him/her. VIL reserves the right to declare another Participant as the winner.

d. Shortlisted winners will be contacted through Vi’s Social Channels or email or through phone for 3 consecutive times/days, and will be given further details as to how, when and where they can redeem their respective gratification(s).

The winners are requested to acknowledge the call/email. Failure on the part of winners to acknowledge the email or answer the call as stated herein or to redeem the gratification at the time of delivery/event will entitle VIL to disqualify the winner and replace him/her with another eligible Participant.

e. In the event, the winner fails to provide required details within a period of 24 hours from the receipt of the call/email, such winners will not be given any prize. VIL reserves the right to declare another eligible person as the winner.

f. In case the winners are requested to reach any pick up place, winners will have to bear the travel related cost i.e. from his/her residence to the said place.
g. No requests for reissue or replacement of the vouchers will be entertained by VIL for stolen/lost/misplaced vouchers.

h. VIL shall be entitled to use, the details of the Participant such as name, photograph, the prizes awarded to them etc. for their marketing purposes, if any. The Participant also hereby agree to the same.

VIL may, at its discretion, choose not to disclose the identity of the Participant to other Participant unless expressly mentioned herein. Participants’ personal information will be stored and processed in accordance with VIL Privacy Policy which is available at

i. You agree that VIL has no responsibility and liability with regard to the privacy, safety and security of any information (including personal information) that you may have to share independently with third parties.
j. The winner agrees to participate in all promotional activity relating to the Program and further consents to VIL using his/her name, likeness, photo, image, and/or voice to picture, tape or portray him/her as a winner in any or all media.

k. The movie ticket voucher, dinner date restaurant voucher and pick-up & drop voucher is sponsored by the merchant or the restaurant or the logistic vendors respectively as mentioned on the voucher. Any issues or claims arising out of the voucher shall be governed by the terms and conditions as applicable to that voucher. VIL shall not be held responsible for any claims with respect to such vouchers.

l. VIL is neither responsible nor guarantees the quality of the food/services being offered
m. All incidental costs/taxes/levies related to the gratification(s), if any, shall be exclusively borne by the winner.
n. The gratification will be subject to compliance with applicable documents and formalities as required by VIL.
o. The gratification cannot be assigned or transferred.
p. The Program gratification cannot be used in conjunction with any alternative Program or promotion.

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