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CREST International Drawing Olympiad CIDO Exam 2024 : crestolympiads.com

Organisation : CREST Olympiads
Contest Name : CREST International Drawing Olympiad (CIDO) Exam 2024
Applicable For : Grades KG – 10th Students
Contest Date : 5th July 2024
Website : https://www.crestolympiads.com/drawing-olympiad-cido

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What is CREST International Drawing Olympiad?

International Drawing Olympiad (CIDO) Exam 2024 is organized by CREST Olympiads. This Drawing Competition is open from the tiny tots of kindergarten to the mighty warriors of grade 10. It’s a mission! To ignite the imaginations, fuel the creativity, and equip the students with the tools they need to become true champions of Mother Earth. CREST International Drawing Olympiad exam, students can showcase their creativity and imagination and develop their skills further. The exam evaluates the Creative Skills of the students. Last Date of Contest is 5th July 2024.

Eligibility Criteria of CREST International Drawing Olympiad

** The participating candidate’s school must be affiliated with any Indian-recognized education board like CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Board, etc. Also, students residing outside of India can participate.
** Candidates in Grades KG – 10 are eligible to participate in the examination.

How to Participate in International Drawing Olympiad?

The basic requirements for participation
** Gather your materials for e.g. paper, a pencil, an eraser, and perhaps some pens or markers if you want to add colour later.
** Find a comfortable, well-lit area to work in. Make sure you have enough space to move your arm freely. You should be facing the camera and yes, do not forget to show your drawing to the camera after every 10 minutes.
** Take a moment to really look at your topics. Pay attention to its shapes, proportions, and details.
** Once you have finalised topics, start adding details and gradually refine your drawing.
** To give your drawing depth and dimension, add shading to create highlights and shadows. You can also add texture by varying the pressure of your pencil or adding cross-hatching.

CREST International Drawing Olympiad (CIDO) exam will help you to improve your drawing skills. Make sure to go through the marking scheme for complete instructions.

Registration of Students through schools:
** Students from grades Classes KG – 10 are eligible to take give CREST International Drawing Olympiad. Prospectus containing the registration forms are sent to all schools registered with CREST Olympiads.

** If your school is not registered with us, then please send an email to info[AT]crestolympiads.com and we will send you the prospectus soon. It is mandatory for schools to return the registration forms to CREST Olympiads, duly filled in and completed in all respects by the due date.

Registration for individual participants:
If your school does not conduct Olympiads, then you can register as an individual participant as well. The link for the online registration for individual participants is here https://www.crestolympiads.com/registration.

Dates & Fee for Drawing Olympiad

The exam dates for CREST International Drawing Olympiad (CIDO) for the Academic Year 2024-25 are as given below:
** Practice 2 exam date – 7th June 2024
** Level 1 exam date – 6th and 19th July 2024
** Last date for registration – It is advisable to register for the exam before 5th July.
** Result date – Generally, the results for Level 1 exam are announced within a month’s time
Note: Check Drawing Olympiad exam dates for other CREST Olympiad subjects as well.
** The exam fee is INR 225 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is country-specific.

How to Prepare for Drawing Olympiad?

** “Practice leads to improvement. You won’t get any better unless you engage in the attempt. The more you draw the more confident you’ll become.”

** To excel in a drawing Olympiad, you must master drawing skills, understand art principles, and become acquainted with potential competition tasks. The topics for the Drawing Olympiad exam are tailored to each student’s age and grade level. Each year, The Drawing Olympiad exam features a diverse range of topics that cater to students of different age groups and grade levels.

** This allows students to improve their drawing skills and prepare for the exam with confidence. Whether it’s sketching, shading, or colouring, the topics are designed to challenge students and bring out their creative best. With rigorous practice and dedication, students can ace the exam and showcase their artistic talents on a platform.

Prizes of CREST International Drawing Olympiad

CREST International Drawing Olympiads recognize students with Merit Certificates, Trophies, Medals, ‘Honorable mention’ Digital Certificates, etc. for their achievements in the examination. Each participant is also given a digital participation certificate. Students can check Olympiad awards for CREST Olympiads.

FAQ on Drawing Olympiad

1. What is the participation fee for the International Drawing Olympiad?
For students studying and enrolling from India for Classes KG-10, the registration fee is INR 225 & for students studying and residing outside India, the fee is country specific.

2. How do I study for the International Drawing Olympiad?

To improve your drawing skills, it’s essential to begin by mastering the basics, such as lines, shapes, forms, perspective, shading, and proportions. These fundamental skills will form the foundation for all your drawings. Therefore, it is crucial to set aside dedicated time each day or week for drawing practice to ensure consistency in your improvement. Even short practice sessions can be beneficial in the long run. One of the exercises that can help improve your hand-eye coordination and observational skills is contour drawing. It involves outlining an object without lifting your pen or pencil from the paper.

3. Who is eligible to participate in the International Drawing Olympiad?

Students from across the world can participate in the CREST International Drawing Olympiad examination. Students of Classes KG to 10 are eligible to participate in level 1.

4. Can I participate in the Drawing Olympiad exams individually?

Yes, students can participate in the examination through schools as well as individually. Online individual Drawing Olympiad registration is accepted.

5. Can I reappear in the same test again?

No, once one appears for the test they cannot take the test again.

6. Are there any specific books or study material that students can refer to before taking Drawing Olympiads?
No, in art, practice always comes before theory.

7. Where can I look for Drawing Olympiad results?

To view Level 1 result:
** Login with your credentials on https://www.crestolympiads.com/login
** Go to Dashboard -> Performance -> Results -> Select CIDO > Select CIDO Level 1 & result page will show up.

8. What is the importance of the Drawing Olympiad?

The Drawing Olympiad is important because it provides a platform for young artists to showcase their talent and creativity on a global scale. It also fosters a sense of competition and camaraderie among participants, encouraging them to push their artistic boundaries.

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