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Yoga with Family Video Contest 2024 : innovateindia.mygov.in

Organisation : MoA, ICCR & MyGov My Gov
Contest Name : “Yoga with Family” Video Contest
Applicable For : Open to All
Last Date : 30th June 2024
Website : https://innovateindia.mygov.in/yoga-with-family/

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What is Yoga with Family Video Contest?

“Yoga with Family” Video Contest is organized by MoA and ICCR. The contest will be open to participants from all over the world. The entries must include a 1-minute video of the participant doing yoga along with family against an aesthetic background and a short slogan/theme not more than 15 words depicting the video. Last Date of Contest is 30th June 2024.

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Entry Guidelines of Yoga with Family Video Contest

** Visit the dedicated contest page on MyGov platform.
** Fill in your details, as requested in the participation form. Only one member from Family should fill the entry form. Multiple entries for the same video will entail disqualification.
** Shoot a 1-minute video of your family doing Yogasana. All members can do the same Yogasana or do different Yogasana
** Upload the 1-minute video on your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or twitter account and make it public and downloadable.
** Enter the name of the asana/ asanas in the participation form.
** Enter a slogan befitting the video uploaded on the participation form.
** Upload your entry (1-minute Family yoga video) on the contest page by uploading a link to your video uploaded on YouTube OR Facebook OR Instagram OR Twitter. Please ensure the video is public and downloadable.
** Go through the terms and conditions and click on submit.

Share the video:
** Like and follow Ministry of AYUSH page (https://www.facebook.com/moayush/) on Facebook, on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ministryofayush/), on Twitter (https://twitter.com/moayush)
** Upload the video on his/her Facebook page/Twitter/Instagram and tag Ministry of AYUSH, use the hashtag #Yogawithfamily
** Share the post with maximum number of people and get maximum number of likes on the video.

Guidelines on the video :
** Participants shall not disclose their personal identity within the video created (name, caste, country etc.).
** It is recommended that the video should be made in landscape orientation.
** Participants are required to make a video of their family doing yoga simultaneously (Group practice) for a minute only (See Annexure 1 for examples)

** The video can be of family doing different yoga practices each or only one specific practice in synchrony. They need to enter the names of asana/asanas being done by the family members in the video in the participation form.

** The participant may judiciously include within this 1 minutes duration the video of family doing yoga and describe in the application form a slogan apt for the video.
** One should upload his/her family video on their respective youtube, facebook, twitter or Instagram account, make it public and downloadable.

** The video link forms their respective YouTube, Facebook, X (Twitter) or Instagram account may be uploaded on https://innovateindia.mygov.in/yoga-with-family/. The uploaded video should not exceed 1-minute duration. Make sure the video in the link is public and downloadable. Organizers are not responsible if the link or uploaded video fails to open for evaluation and the entry will not be selected for the prize.

Timelines of Yoga with Family Video Contest

** The entries can be submitted from 5th June 2024.
** The deadline for the submission of the entries is 30th June 2024 17.00 hrs.
** In order to participate in this contest, all the entries must be received by this deadline, as per the aforementioned guidelines.

Award Categories & Prizes of Yoga with Family Video Contest

** This time the contest is proposed to be organized in One category. However, there will be country specific and global prizes.

** Prizes will be announced in each of the aforementioned categories:
Country-Specific Prizes :
India :
** First Prize – INR 100000/-
** Second Prize – INR 75000/-
** Third Prize – INR 50000/-

Other Countries :
To be determined and communicated by local country Missions.
Global Prize :
The top 3 entries from each country are further considered for global-level prizes.
** First Prize – $1000/-
** Second Prize – $750/-
** Third Prize – $500/-

** MoA will publish the results through its official channels such as the Website and Social Media handles and will reach out to the winners for further details. If unreachable/unresponsive, MoA reserves the right to select alternate winners for the contest.

** Any changes/updates to the contest will be published through the official communication channels of MoA, the MyGov platform, and their official social media channels.

Evaluation Process of Yoga with Family Video Contest

Country-level evaluation will be conducted in two stages as provided below,
i. Shortlisting of entries
ii. Final evaluation

** The entries will be shortlisted by the screening committee, based on the contest guidelines to provide a filtered number of entries to the final evaluation panel for consideration and selection.
** The winners will be selected from the shortlisted entries, by an evaluation committee consisting of prominent Yoga experts Constituted by MoA and CCRYN for Indian entries and by respective Indian Missions in foreign countries.
** Once country-level winners are decided, the top 3 entries in each category will be evaluated by an evaluation committee to decide on the global prize winners.

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