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NEXA Music Hunt 2024 Season 3 Audition : nexaexperience.com

Organisation : Maruti Suzuki India Limited & Qyuki
Contest Name : NEXA Music Hunt 2024 Season 3 Audition
Applicable For : Open to All
Last Date : 30th June 2024
Website : https://www.nexaexperience.com/

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What is NEXA Music Hunt?

NEXA Music Hunt 2024 Season 3 Audition is organized by Maruti Suzuki India Limited and managed by Qyuki Digital Media Private Limited. The Contest is proposed to be exhibited on the internet and hosted on nexaexperience.com and sourced from YouTube, a platform owned and operated by Google LLC. Entry for the Contest is open to all individuals who are aged at least 18 (eighteen) years or over as of 1st June 2024. Audio Entries may be submitted via soundcloud.com and video entries may be submitted on YouTube via unlisted links. Last Date of Audition is 30th June, 2024.

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Eligibility For NEXA Music Audition

1. Entry for the Contest is open to all individuals who are aged at least 18 (eighteen) years or over as of 1st June 2024 (“Participants”). If the Participant is under the age of 18 (eighteen) years but above 13 (Thirteen) years, the Participant must accept the present Terms and participate in the Contest through his/her parent or legal guardian.

2. No Participant who is, in any manner connected and/or associated with the Owner, Qyuki, Exhibitor, Owner or sponsors of the Contest will be permitted to participate in the Contest. Accordingly, any management personnel of the Owner, Qyuki, employees, directors and contractors of Qyuki or the Owner, the Exhibitor, any sponsors of the Contest, partners, its related entities and other agencies, firms or companies associated with the promotion (including suppliers of jobs); and business associates involved in any part of the administration and execution of Contest and their relative(s), including a spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, guardian, child or sibling of the former are expressly ineligible from participating in the Contest.

3. The Audition Entries may be submitted in the following ways:
a. In the event, the Participant already has an audio/ video of his/ her original music piece either on SoundCloud/ YouTube and is willing to get such audio/ video published on nexamusic.com, the Participant can directly click on “participate” on the website, paste the YouTube link / SoundCloud link and submit.

b. Participant may also email their entries to nexamusicauditions2[AT]gmail.com & nexamusichunt[AT]qyuki.com with the subject line “NEXA Music | Auditions”. The email shall contain the Participant‟s name, email id, phone number and the YouTube link/ SoundCloud link or an mp3, wav format audio file (under 5mb) as an attachment to the email.

4. The participants shall during the term of the contest not be entitled to upload the audition entries on any platform other than as provided here in the terms and conditions.
5. The Participant(s) should be of sound mind and health and must not be disqualified by law or have any criminal record (past/present).
6. The Participant can submit multiple Audition Entries for the Contest.
7. The registrations for the Audition shall commence from 1st June 2024 and shall be open until 30th June, 2024 (“Registration Period”).
8. For registration, the Participant(s) must follow the detailed mechanism set out below in these Terms.

Audition Entry Specifications of NEXA Music

1. The Participants are free to submit their Audition Entries in any genre and language of music. However, any usage of translations of existing songs/ music is strictly prohibited.

2. The Participants must have all required equipment for shooting and editing the Audition Entry at their sole costs. For sake of clarity, the Participant shall carry their own music CD‟s or tapes or any musical instrument that may be required for all the Auditions and/or shall be solely responsible to make all arrangements for facilitating their performance and neither Qyuki nor Owner shall be responsible to provide the same.

3. All Participants must name the Audition Entries as follows: “NEXA Music Season 3| Audition Entry | Participant Name” and may submit the same in any of the following ways:
a. Audio Entries may be submitted via soundcloud.com and video entries may be submitted on YouTube via unlisted links. The URL link of the Audition Entry of the Participant on YouTube must be submitted along with other details set out in the registration form on the official entry link of the Contest accessible at nexamusic.com.

b. Audition Entries can also be sent via email nexamusicauditions[AT]gmail.com & nexamusichunt[AT]qyuki.com with the subject line “NEXA Music | Auditions”. The email shall contain the Participant‟s name, email id, phone number and the YouTube link/ SoundCloud link or an mp3, wav format audio file (under 5mb) as an attachment.

4. The Audition Entry must consist of the Participant himself/herself singing clearly and must consist of only the Participant and no other member. The Audition Entry should not predominantly comprise of the Participant humming.

5. The Audition Entry must, at all times, be in strict conformity with YouTube‟s Terms of Service (available at youtube.com/t/terms) and Community Guidelines (available at youtube.com/t/community_guidelines) and the Participant expressly agrees, acknowledges, and confirms that he/she shall strictly adhere to the same.

6. The Participant must fill their Name, E-mail address and other details requested for in the registration form available on nexaexperience.com prior to submitting the Audition Entry. The Participant must ensure such a registration form is duly filled in English language, where it is necessary to fill the same and submit it within the Registration Period.

Moderation of the Audition Entries

The following parameters along with any other parameters deemed fit by the Jury (as defined below) and/or Qyuki will be taken into consideration in the moderation process at their sole discretion:
a. All mandatory fields during the Audition registration stage have been duly completed in accordance with the above process;

b. The Participant‟s name as provided during the registration stage as well as the title, description and / or reason for the entries must not contain any abusive or offensive content or any name restricted by statute or contrary to these Terms;

c. All Participants are also advised to refrain from the following: any communication, upload of content in form of video/ images/ text etc. on any website pertaining to the Contest, if available, or in relation to the Contest in any manner whatsoever (including promotional content) which shall be in contravention of these Terms, and other than as required by Qyuki, the Exhibitor and/ or the Owner, or otherwise unlawful in any manner.

d. The Participants shall not submit duplicate Audition Entries and in the event of any such submission of duplicate or identical entries, Qyuki shall be at liberty to disqualify the Participant from the participation in the Contest.

Winners Selection of NEXA Music Hunt Season 3 Audition

a. Out of the aforesaid shortlisted HUNT Winners, the Owner/ Qyuki and/ or its representatives will select 4 (four) winner (“Super Winners”) who will stand a chance to create 1 (one) audio and 1 (one) video on “NEXA Music‟ i.e. the YouTube Channel collectively featuring all the Super Winners, where they will perform an original work curated by the Curator, which shall be released internationally. Additionally, each of the Super Winners shall get a chance to create a new original music under the mentorship of the Curator.

b. Winner shall feature in the audio-visual of the song produced by the Owner/ Qyuki and thus agree to make themselves available at the studio for recording and/or dubbing/ performing at such time and location as determined by the Owner/ Qyuki and as communicated to the Super Winners. The cost of travel and accommodation of such Super Winners for the said purpose shall be borne by Qyuki.

c. All announcements and information pertaining to the Contest will be made available on the following links nexaexperience.com as well as on sponsor websites, social media, email communication and online advertisements.
d. Qyuki may, at their sole discretion, curtail or extend the Registration Period and/or any other timelines pertaining to the Contest for such period as they deem necessary.
e. The decision of the Jury in relation to any and all selections and/or eliminations pertaining to the Contest will, at all times, be final and binding, and not subject to any dispute or challenge.

What is the Last Date of NEXA Music Hunt Audition?

Last Date of NEXA Music Hunt Season 3 Audition is 30th June, 2024.

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