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Britannia 50-50 Chief Selector Contest 2024

Organisation : Britannia Industries Ltd
Contest Name : Britannia 50-50 Chief Selector Contest 2024
Applicable For : Residing in India
Last Date : 15th September 2024
Website : https://www.britannia.co.in/5050cs-tnc

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What is Britannia Chief Selector Contest?

The Chief Selector Contest is organized by Britannia Industries Ltd. This Contest will be open to all residents of India. The contest is applicable for select variants of the Britannia 50-50 brand of biscuits wherein the participant shall participate by getting a pack of the Product. Purchase the Product and scan the QR Code appearing on the pack. The Winner will be eligible for only 1 Cricket Match Ticket in Australia. Last Date of is 15th September 2024.

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Eligibility of Chief Selector Contest

** The Contest will be valid from 17 June 2024 to 15 September 2024 (”Contest Period”). Britannia reserves the right to cancel/amend/extend the Contest Period without giving any notice or intimation.
** This Contest will be open to every individual aged 18 years or above and residing in India.

a. Participant should not be facing any criminal/civil or any other legal proceedings which may prejudice the participation in the Campaign in any way
b. Employees of Britannia and their relatives, and promotion agencies and their respective relatives their respective agents, distributors, retailers and any other channel partner, and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

c. Participant agrees to share their phone number/ WhatsApp number to Britannia/ Agency, as applicable for written/ verbal communications from Britannia/ Agency, as applicable with regard to the Contest. Participants who do not have a valid Phone/ Whatsapp number will not be eligible to participate in the Contest.

d. The Winner needs to have a valid passport with at least 8-months validity on the last date of the Contest Period i.e. 15 Sep 2024, subject to applicable local laws.
e. The participants, upon request from Britannia/ Agency will have to provide their PAN Card or Passport or Aadhaar Card or Driving License or Voter Card or Government issued ID card. The Winners will be announced post verification of the ID proof.
f. Demanding of ID Proof is a part of the evaluation process and it does not mean that the entry has been finalized or the participant has been selected or that the Prize is guaranteed.
g. No communication in this regard from the Participant or his representatives shall be entertained by Britannia/ Agency.
h. It is advised and suggested that the Participants must ensure that they are in good health to take part in this Contest and enjoy the Prize offered if selected as a Winner.

How To Participate in the Chief Selector Contest?

In order to participate in this Contest, Participants have to:
1. Purchase the Product and scan the QR Code appearing on the pack;
2. Authenticate the entry with the User Details & OTP and scan the authorisation code;
3. Upon entering the page, Participants have to either:
3.1. Draw a unique shape in the image of the biscuit, with available tools on the website; OR
3.2. Bite the Product in a unique shape and scan the half-eaten biscuit image;
4. Submit design drawn OR the shape of half-eaten biscuit, whichever is applicable.

** Please note that one pack of the Product provides only one chance to participate in the Contest. i.e. Participants have only one chance to participate in the Contest with one pack of the Product.

Selection Of Winners for Chief Selector Contest

a. The unique shape drawn on the website with the tool OR the image of the half-eaten Product scanned, shall be analysed by AI.
b. The shape/ image which comes closest to the pre-determined shapes in the internal repository shall collect points.
c. The Participants topping the leaderboard with more points/ percentage shall be declared Winners/ Mega Prize Winners.
d. The decision of Britannia/ Agency shall be final and binding on the Participant in this matter. Britannia/ Agency shall in no case entertain any questions, correspondence, enquiries on the manner of the selection of Winners.
e. Britannia/ Agency shall, at all times, have the right to exercise its discretion on the selection of Winners, in order to ensure equity and fairness for all Participants, as per the Terms and Conditions.

Prize of Chief Selector Contest

a. The first 162,008 Participants of the Contest who are declared Winners shall win an assured cash back of ₹10/-. A Participant can receive the cash back only once.

b. Other Prizes, including Mega Prize, are awarded as per the position of each Winner in the leaderboard. Details are as follows:
Prize Awardees :
Cash back of INR. 10,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Ten Lakh only) Topper of the leader board
Mega Prize (details provided below) Next 4 positions in the leaderboard

c. The Mega Prize Winners shall win a trip to Australia, subject to fulfilling other eligibility requirements. Every Participant is eligible to win only 1 Mega Prize.

d. The Mega Prize includes the following:
1. A Cricket Match ticket
2. Local transfer or allowance.
3. Meal or allowance.
Above may be subject to change at the sole discretion of Britannia.

e. The Winner will be eligible for only 1 Cricket Match Ticket (Match Ticket) in Australia. The Agency shall be solely responsible for arranging the Ticket.
f. No Winner shall have any right to claim a Match Ticket for any other category of seating or any other match, other than the ones issued by the Agency.
g. No Winner shall trade/sell/transfer or create a charge or lien on the ticket or seek refund thereof. Britannia/ Agency shall not be held responsible for any such offence/violation.

h. Britannia/Agency shall not be responsible for issuing fresh Match Ticket, in case the scheduled match gets postponed or cancelled or abandoned or for any reason, whatsoever or the event does not take place on the scheduled date and venue. No Winner shall be eligible to claim any compensation or refund of ticket value or issuance of fresh Ticket.

h. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Winner to reach the Cricket match venue on time. The Prize shall not cover any extra/ancillary costs, other than the ones specifically mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

What is the Last Date of Chief Selector Contest?

Last Date of Chief Selector Contest 2024 is 15th September 2024.

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