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Panasonic Energy India eneloop Photo Contest 2016

Organization : Panasonic Energy India
Competition Name : eneloop Photo Contest 2016
Campaign Period : January 2016 to 13 March 2016 (First Round)

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Website :

eneloop Photo Contest :

eneloop Photo Contest will be held in one year with four themes and schedule. Each theme has 3 months period with different schedule. Please read the complete information below and win the prizes. Good luck!

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About the campaign:
** The first round of the campaign period is from January 2016 to 13 March 2016.
** The total number of rounds of the campaign is 4 and it will last until March 2016.

The steps of the campaign are as below:
** Posting of photos in line with the theme by participants
** Selection of the contest winners by vote counts
** Selection of the winners by judges
** Selection of the voters by lottery

Here is the list of prizes :
** Panasonic 4K Wearable Movie Camera for the winner by vote counts
** DOMKE shoulder bag” for the winner by judges.
** eneloop original goods for the voters selected by lottery (denim bag, eneloop doll, battery case, and ballpoint pen)

The Photos posted will be introduced in the gallery page of the campaign site.

Terms and Conditions of participation in the campaign
** Facebook login is required when uploading photos.
** All photos to upload must be original and shot by the participant.
** Photos causing infringement of copyrights (e.g. patented characters) are not allowed.
** Photos will be uploaded to the website after getting screened by management.
** Posts containing sexual, violent contents or anything that management finds inappropriate will not be accepted.
** We will not be responsible for any trouble caused by contents posted to the website.
** Winners will be asked to comment on the awards.
** Copyright on original photos uploaded to the website belongs to the posters, however, all the promotional materials produced with the photos and the related copyright will be attributed to Panasonic. Panasonic reserves the right to use the photos without constraints of time period, region and language.
** Copyright on original photos uploaded to the website belongs to the posters, however, Panasonic is entitled to use the photos on the gallery of the campaign website and for promotion of the campaign.

Terms and Conditions of receiving prizes:
** eneloop Facebook administrators ( will send a message to Facebook account of the winner.
** By replying to the mail mentioned above with the address to which the prize should be delivered, the winner agrees with acceptance of the award. Winners will be disqualified if reply is not made in 7 days.
** We will be responsible for the campaign until the shipment of the prize is made, which doesn’t assure the completion of delivery to the winner.
** Shipping cost of the prizes will be covered by Panasonic.
** Return or repair of the prize will not be accepted after it has been delivered.

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