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Ignited Mind Lab Mental Maths Competition Grand Finale Exam Hall Ticket 2016 & Verification of Marks

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Organization : Ignited Mind Lab
Competition Name : Mental Maths Competition 2015
Announcement : Verification of Marks & Hall Ticket Grand Finale Examination 2016
Grand Finale Exam Date : 31st January, 2016

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Website :

Process for Verification of Marks:-

1. Students can apply for verification of marks by 15th January, 2016. Application will not be accepted after 15th January, 2016.

2. Scope of Verification:-
** We will provide scan copy of Answersheet.
** Checking whether the student has written correct seat no. and marked OMR bubbles accordingly.
** Checking whether any question or part of question has remained unevaluated
** Checking whether the answer book compilation is complete (no. of pages)
** Checking whether there is any totalling error in any question (applicable for 1st Std.)
** Checking whether there is any totalling error in total marks on cover page (applicable for 1st Std.)
** Checking whether there is any error in writing marks of any question on the cover page and whether correct marks have been entered in the computer system. (applicable for 1st Std.)

3. Verification fees of Rs. 150 /- can be paid online or by cheque drawn in the name of Ignited Mind Lab

4. Application should contain the following details:-
** Seat No.
** Name of Student
** Email-id for communication (verification report will be sent by Email only).
** Mobile No. / Tel. No.
** Name of School
** Standard
** Division
** Marks obtained

# If payment is made online at, above application is NOT required.Just Login to your account and apply for verification.

5. Result of verification will be conveyed within 10 days from the receipt of application.
6. If a student doesn’t figure in the merit list but after verification scores equal or more marks than the cut-off marks for merit list, he/she will be eligible for Grand Finale examination.
7. On the other hand, if a student figures in the merit list but after verification scores less marks than the cut-off marks for merit list, he/she will not be eligible for Grand Finale examination.

8. Applications should be sent to the following address:-
Ignited Mind Lab
Office No. 29, Shoppe-Link, 1st Floor,
Dosti Acres, Wadala (E),
Mumbai – 400 037
Tel. No.: 022 – 24143077
Announcement Jan 07, 2015

Grand Finale Examination details:-

A. Eligibility & Fees:
1.Students who scored equal to or more than cut-off marks will qualify for Grand Finale.

The cut-off marks are as follows:-
Std. I – 295, Std. II – 180, Std. III – 180, Std. IV – 180, Std. V – 160, Std. VI – 160, Std. VII – 160

2. There will not be any additional fees for Grand Finale:
B. Venue, date & time:
1. The Grand Finale examination will be held on Sunday, 31st January, 2016.
2. The duration of examination for all Standards (Grades) will be ONE hour.
3. Hall tickets will have all details of venue, date & time of examination.

4. Students do NOT have choice of examination centre or date.

C. Hall ticket:
1. Hall tickets will be uploaded on website by 15th January, 2016.
2. Every student is required to get his / her hall ticket signed and stamped by the school authority. This is mandatory.

D. Syllabus, study material & marking system:
1.The syllabus remains the same as it was for the first round of examination. We do not provide any additional study material / question papers for preparation. There is no additional model paper for Grand Finale. Students are advised to refer to earlier study materials and model paper for practice.
2. Paper of standard 1 will be of 300 marks while Std. 2 to 7 papers will be of 200 marks.
3. There will be a negative marking system for Grand Finale. Every wrong answer will carry half negative mark, i.e., for every wrong answer, ½ mark will be deducted.
4. Due to negative marking, it will be in the interest of students not to attempt question if they are not sure of answer. Guess work may not be a good idea.

E. Scholarship prizes, Ranking:
1. First prize is of Rs. 10,000 /-, second prize Rs. 5,000 /- and third prize Rs. 3000 /-
2. For ranking and deciding prizes, marks scored in grand Finale will be considered. In case of a tie in Grand Finale, marks of the first round exam will be considered for tie-break and the ranks will be determined accordingly.
3.In case of unresolved tie for any position, the prize money will be recomputed for all positions and prize money will be distributed in such way that first, second & third ranker get prize in the ratio of 10 : 5 : 3 respectively. (e.g., if there are 2 students with rank 2, prize money of first and third rank will also be affected).

F. Other information:
1. Students should write their seat no. properly and fill the circles correctly. Many students made mistakes in writing their seat nos. in the first round.
2. Students are advised to use extra dark pencil to fill circles in OMR answer sheet.
3. Students should not do any rough work on back of answer sheet. Some students scribbled on the answer sheet and back of it in first round. This will not be accepted in Grand Finale. Such answer sheets may not be evaluated.
4. Some students, who are not satisfied with their marks in the first round, have chosen to apply for verification of marks. If after verification, their marks are equal to or more than cut-off marks, they will become eligible for Grand Finale.

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  1. Atharva Tagalpallewar

    My seat number for grand finale is 722001. What is the result?

  2. I want grand finale question paper set of Rs.150. What is the procedure?

  3. I am also in grand finale. Where is my name?

  4. Subhayan Roy Chowdhury

    Please inform me the venue of grand finale for mental math competition- 2016. My seat number is 4135075.

    1. And what is your password and registration number?

  5. How can I get grand final seat number?

  6. Anirudh Somnath Sadaphule

    Please show my result. My seat number is 1112054.

  7. There is a spelling mistake in the name of my daughter. Her name is Rajanya Chaudhuri, but it is printed as Rajanya Choudhuri. Her seat no is 4242116.

  8. My hall ticket is lost. How can I get another?

  9. Tanishk Manish Thadani

    My registration no is 101015095.

  10. I have been selected for grand finale for 2016 exam. When do the exam going to be held and where is it going to be?

  11. How can I get the grand finale hall ticket? My seat no is 1795010.

  12. Please check my daughter’s result. Her seat no is 2441021.

  13. Aryan Manish Deshmukh

    I want to know my result of class 4. My roll number is 3244005, password is 9822366398 and registration number is 114002191.

  14. Please check the result of my son. My seat no is 1541005.

  15. Please help me with result for reg no 1751079. Also please share the link.

  16. Herambh Manoj Kolapkar

    Please check my results. My Registration no is 105039859 and password is 7722038631.

  17. Please check my result. MY SEAT NO IS 2197005.

  18. My seat no is 4176005. Please check my result.

  19. Please check my result.
    Registration no : 120000594
    Password : 9773736083

  20. What is the marks required to pass in Grand Finale?

  21. I am studying in National English School, Joramandir branch. Still not get hall ticket and any information about the exam, except the final date which is held on 31st January 2016.

    1. What is your registration number and password?

  22. Where to get online practice papers for grand finale for std 5?

  23. Seat no.1035009
    I have not yet received my hall ticket for grand finale.
    Register no.101006928

  24. List of candidates appearing for grand finale

  25. Till now I do not get the hall ticket of 2nd round
    School Don Bosco School,Bandel

  26. Halt tickets not yet received. Please guide.

    1. You are required to login with your registration number and password to download hall ticket in the above link.

  27. Vidya Bhavan high school Supervisor

    This is from Vidya Bhavan High School Pune 16. We have not received hall ticket for the second round exam to be held on Jan 31 FOR THE SEAT NO 3467002. Kindly guide us about the same.

  28. It is 20th of January and yet we didn’t get the hall ticket. When will we be able to get the hall ticket?

    1. Still hall ticket is not uploaded. Keep watching the website often.


    3. Can you share the source of availability of hall ticket?

  29. Please check my results. My seat number is 1705041.

    1. Seat No: 1705041
      Standard: 5
      Division: D
      School Name: Swami Vivekanand High School, Chembur, Mumbai
      Marks obtained :166.00
      Total Marks : 200
      Grade : A
      *You have qualified for Grand Finale.

  30. How can we get the Grand finale hall ticket?

    1. Hall ticket is still not uploaded.

  31. When hall ticket for grand finale will be uploaded?

    1. From the Website :

      Hall tickets will be uploaded on website by 15th January, 2016.

      But it is not yet uploaded. Keep watching the website regularly for updates.

  32. When we will get details of grand finale?

    1. Details are available in the above link.

    My SEAT NO 1705041

    1. Seat No: 1705041
      Standard: 5 Division: D
      School Name: Swami Vivekanand High School, Chembur, Mumbai
      Marks obtained :
      Total Marks : 200
      Grade : A
      *You have qualified for Grand Finale.

  34. How can I get the grand finale hall ticket?

    1. Unnat Premkumar Gautam

      I got 85/100. What is my rank?

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