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cbseacademic.in Aavishkar Quiz Series 2015 : Central Board Of Secondary Education

Organization : Central Board Of Secondary Education
Competition Name : Aavishkar Quiz Series 2015
Applicable Status : All India
Event Starts Date : 9th July 2015
Event Date : 23rd July 2015

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Website : http://cbseacademic.in/
Notification : www.contest.net.in/uploads/863Quiz_series_Circular_new.pdf

Target Group:

** The school children in the schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary education in the following categories.
** Primary – I- V

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** Middle – VI- VIII
** Secondary – IX –XII


** Any bonafide student of a school affiliated to CBSE studying in standard I to standard XII can participate in the competition in the respective categories

Type of the competition:

** Face to Face Competition at Schools followed by selection of best talents by CBSE through an online quiz.

Medium : English/Hindi

** Ten students from each category ( Primary-10 , Middle-10 and Secondary-10) shall be shortlisted based on their performance and time for completion of Quiz in the Online Quiz conducted by the Board. Each winner shall be given Rs.2500/- ( Rs. Two thousand five hundred only).

Conduct of the Quiz Competition:

** To ensure wider participation of students and involvement of schools and selection of the winners on merit ,the competition is proposed in two stages.
** The school competition shall be held in the first week of every month with a given theme.
** Thereafter in the last week of every month the Board shall conduct an online quiz for finding out the best talents.

Stage: 1 – School Level Competition:
** The school shall organize a Quiz Competition on 9th July 2015 in the area of Mathematics, Science and Technology in the three categories mentioned above .
** The focus should be on creativity and innovation in the area of Mathematics, Science and Technology.
** The school shall conduct In- house Quiz competition and select best two students from each category ( Primary, Middle and Secondary ).
** The selection of the candidates should be made in an impartial manner involving all students interested in the Quiz competition.
** The school may evolve its own mechanism for initial shortlisting. However conduct of Quiz competition on 9th July 2015 in the school is a mandatory condition .
** The names of the winners in each category ,two photographs of the event and a report in 200 words must be uploaded by the school on CBSE website latest by next day evening 5-00 p.m.to be eligible for participation in the Second stage.
** The specifications of the photograph for uploading are as given below.**
** Image Format – JPEG
** Size of Image –Maximum 200 KB
** This is only the first level of the competition and no prizes are given by the Board to winners of the first stage.
** Stage 2 – Online Quiz conducted by the Board:
** The board shall allot user id and password to each winner of the first stage as per the online report submitted by the School and the same shall be sent to the email id provided by the Principal in the report .
** The students who have won the first stage and registered themselves through the Principal within stipulated time will participate in an online quiz conducted by the Board , later this month.
** The date of the competition and detailed modalities of the online quiz shall be communicated to the winners through the website
** cbseacademic.in in due course of time .Best entries shall be selected on the basis of maximum scores obtained and minimum time for completion of the Quiz.
** For claiming the prize money, the Principal of the school shall sent a bonafide certificate of the winner in the performa given in Annexure- 1 within three days of declaration of the result on the email id: aavishkarquiz@gmail.com.
** You may ensure maximum participation of the students in the Quiz Competition which will in turn promote inquisitiveness and creativity among them in the area of Mathematics , Science and Technology.
** For further queries you may send an email to aavishkarquiz@gmail.com

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  1. Gul

    Is there just the topic of atmosphere or anything else is too included? Please tell.

  2. Anonymous

    What type of questions would come?

  3. Manini Sharma

    How to get information about junior level quiz?

  4. Jebal

    Can anybody give me any hint about the sample papers?

  5. Anonymous

    What type of questions will be coming?

  6. Pihu

    I am not be able to understand the topic. Please explain me.

  7. Gurmeet

    What is outer sphere?

  8. Garvit

    How many levels does this quiz contain?

  9. Kaushik Nanduru

    I didn’t even study much for the first level of Aavishkar Quiz. So I have no idea how to study for the second level. So can someone help me?

  10. sudeshna mukherjee

    What is the topic of 2nd level quiz which will be on 28th October 2015?

  11. garvit singhal

    I want to know about 2nd round questions. Also tell me the topic related help book for October aavishkar series category 1. I am in 4th class.

  12. Gouri Theertha

    I’m trying this quiz for the first time. What should I do for taking part in this? Can anyone please tell me , that what all are the processes?
    Anyone please do help me?

  13. Jasmine N

    My daughter is in 3rd class studying in Jaipur. I wish to know which stage of quiz is being held on 14th October. Also can u please provide some sample questions to prepare the child accordingly

  14. Anoymous

    Please send a sample paper of stage2 and how to prepare for stage2 ?
    Please send it before 22nd Sept

  15. Hardik

    Can you show online quiz for practicing for class fifth Final round?

  16. priyanka

    My son is in class 3. Please tell me what type of question to be asked in Avishkar Quiz Level-1

  17. Rahul

    What is the syllabus of stage 1?

  18. gaurav bansal

    My son is in class 3 and there school will take stage one exam in first week of sept sample papers please

  19. Rohan

    When will the second round take place (the online quiz)?

    1. dhruv

      27 august, 2015

  20. anonymous

    What is the syllabus of stage 2 aavishkaar quiz august 2015 and what type of questions will be asked?
    Please reply

    1. dhruv

      Soil and water

  21. Shaleen Badola

    I want to know my result

  22. raj

    In satge 2 what types of questions will be asked?

    1. dhruv

      Multiple choice questions


    I am selected for the quiz from indraprastha world school for the 2nd round(online quiz)held tomorrow but I have still not got the user id and password for the quiz

    1. anonymous

      Your school principal should have got it.

  24. BM Dimple palegar

    Please tell about syllabus to prepare for quiz

  25. aahana

    What will be the level of questions in stage two? As std 9 to 12 is one group so the questions will also be asked from syllabus of std 12 or from std 10 students?

  26. Anonymous

    Can I know the pattern of question paper?

    1. Admin

      10th-11th July 2015 RESULT get declared.

    2. janhavi

      I am not able to understand the topics. Actually I don’t know the topic. Can you please tell what is the topic?

    3. Admin

      Respondents may be expected to contextually respond to soil and water by correlating water and soil to culture, habitats, language and clothing and applying knowledge acquired through formal learning/informal observation.
      ** How and why soils are different.
      ** Plant nutrients in fertile soil and how they can be put back when used up.
      ** Types of soil erosion and their impact on human survival.
      ** Soil and water conservation practices.
      ** Impact of erosion-control practices.
      ** Watershed and its role
      ** A river basin and its protection
      ** The hydrologic cycle
      ** Actions of water in relation to soil.
      ** Impact of water run -offs
      ** Uses of forest, range, and farm land that affect usable water supply.
      ** Industrial uses affecting water supply
      ** Causes and impacts of water pollution
      ** Types of water treatment
      ** Oceans and seas
      ** Marine resources and their exploitation

  27. Chirag Jain

    The Winners of the school will get anything?

    1. Admin

      This is only the first level of the competition and no prizes are given by the Board to winners of the first stage.

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