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TCS Game On 2016 Contest Student Game Design & Development : Campus Commune

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Organization : TATA Consultancy Services
Competition Name : TCS Game On 2016 Student Game Design & Development Contest
Applicable For : Engineering, Arts & Science Students
Applicable States/UT : All Over India

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Website :
Register Here :

TCS Game On :

** Are you a one of those with a unique combination of exponential creative skills and immense passion for games? Are you in search of a fun and challenging engagement that can unleash the creative side in you?


TCS CodeVita Season IV Coding Contest :

** Show off your game design and development skills by participating in the annual National game design and development challenge, “TCS GameOn!”

** TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) is launching the National game design & development contest for Engineering and Arts and Science colleges across India. Registrations are invited from students in under graduate/ post graduate disciplines from the 2016 batch to 19 batch – UG students. & 2016 and 2017 batch for PG students.

** Students will have to register on TCSL NextStep for taking part in the contest. A CT/ DT Reference # is mandatory for participating in the contest. The contest will have two rounds before the grand finale to bring out the best of participant’s design creativity and innovation with respect to game development.

** The first round will focus on game design. The teams that qualify the design round will be eligible to participate in the development (prototyping) round. The teams that qualify the development phase can pitch their games to TCS Digital experts in the grand finale.

** Click above link to register for the contest. Kindly note that the link will take you to the contest registration page only if you are logged into Campus Commune.
** You need to access Campus Commune using your TCS NextStep portal credentials, if you do not have a NextStep account please create your profile on NextStep portal to access Campus Commune and register for the contest.

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  1. When to apply for TCS game?

  2. Anantharaj Shanmugam

    I was registered campus commune. Then codevita reg is also completed. I would like to participate in Mockvita contest. But I don’t know how to get secret code.

  3. Not able to register in

  4. What is the date of the event?

  5. How to start testimony competition phase 1?

  6. I have CT reference id that was created during 2015.

    1. Did you try login using it?

  7. We have not submitted my game design. Shall I submit on 22nd?

  8. On which gaming platform(like android,pc,mobile..) they want game prototype if we qualify for round 3?

  9. What happens if I forgot CT/DT reference? Is there any alternative?

    1. The PDF form contains a CT/DT Reference Number.

  10. I have an idea but dont know how to bring up that, since I am doing 2yr that too in the field of Mechanical.

  11. I am studying ISE, 6th sem. And my college is accredited by TCS. But in their initial registration page, I was able to fill out everything except year of passing/max qualification. I mean “Drop down menu is not appearing” help.

  12. On which platform we need to develop our game?

    1. From the Website :

      The teams that qualify the design round will be eligible to participate in the development (prototyping) round.

  13. What is the theme of the game?

  14. There are only two options to register. Campus applications and off-campus applicants. Can you tell me how the other institution applicants can apply? My institution is not accredited by TCS.

    1. Select off campus applicants.

  15. I have already created an account in next step portal but after that how would we register for gaming contest because I didn’t get any register page there. Please do reply.

    1. Design Submission Window will be available only from 6th February 2016.

    2. After logging to nextstep portal, please go to campus commune homepage and click on Game on banner to register.

  16. I am working as Assistant Professor. Can you please explain about the procedures and rounds of this competition to allow the our students to participate?

    1. Just go to google and search for TCS Game on Contest.

  17. Please explain the theme of game in detail(if possible give some examples).

  18. How to upload the game idea?

    1. Have you register in the TCS portal?

  19. Game design means like coding or graphics development?

  20. This contest is based on only student creative implementation or you are providing any rules to implement the game. Please ,explain the test pattern.

  21. On which platform we need to develop the game and what are all the tools required for this?

  22. How can I submit my idea for this contest?

    1. You are required to register your details in the TCS portal.

  23. What all we need to know as a prerequisite for participating in this contest?

    1. From the Website :

      A CT/ DT Reference # is mandatory for participating in the contest.

  24. Is it mandatory to participate in this competition?

    1. If you are one of those with a unique combination of exponential creative skills and immense passion for games you can participate. Mostly no organization will make you to participate in any competition compulsorily.

  25. Actually, I need to register in IT department.
    But, I registered in department of BPO. What should I do now?

    1. From the Website :

      Please note that you can register with us under only one category and registering in incorrect category may lead you to repeat the entire registration process.

  26. How can I participate in this contest?

    1. You are required to register your profile through next step portal to participate in this contest.

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