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SpellBee International Result For Regional/State Level Competition 2015-16 Karnataka

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Organization : SpellBee International
Competition Name : Result For Regional/State Level Competition 2015-16
Applicable State : Karnataka
Website :
View Results Here :

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Batch-I (South Bangalore):
Group – I :
Group – II :
Group – III :
Group – IV :
Group – V :
Group – VI :

Result For Regional/State Level Competition :

** SpellBee International congratulates all the students for having come up to the State Level 2015-2016. The results are declared only as commendation and participation to facilitate the commendation category students to start preparing for the National level examination which falls on Feb 21st 2016 .

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** The toppers list and the individual marks will be uploaded in our website on or before 5th March 2016 once the results of all regions are declared.
** In case of a tie amongst the toppers, the tie paper will be corrected and the results will be declared along with the tie marks. As the evaluation is done thrice, the process of identifying the toppers takes considerable time.
** Toppers will be declared only after the other region’s answer papers are also assessed.
** Once the final results are declared, along with Awards, certificates also will be issued through the respective schools on or before March 15th 2016.
** Please find the result of the students who had participated in the State Level Competition under the following category.

Commendation :
** The Students who have scored more than 60% marks are qualified for Commendation certificate and they are eligible for appearing in the National Level Examination. We wish them all success for the forth coming National Exam.
** The registration for the National Level competition should be done from 27th January, Wednesday through the online payment gateway in our official website
** (For further queries if any, pls do coordinate with our regional coordinator)
** On registration, the National level e-booklets will be sent to the individual mail ids along with the receipt instantly.
** Pls do send us a mail to if you see any problem in this.
** Last date of registration for the National Competition is 10th February 2016.

Participation Certificate:
Participation Certificate holders are not qualified for the next level as they have not Scored up to the Cut-off-mark. Their efforts are sincerely appreciated. We encourage them and wish them all the best for the ‘SpellBee International Competition’ next year. ‘PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATES’ will be issued to these students along with others.

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  1. For qualifying in the grand finale of State level competition (category 5), how much marks would be required?

  2. Kindly assist me, where will I get the question papers of last few years for spellbee international level IV grade 2 exam?

  3. When will we get the sate level results of Delhi?

  4. When will we get the state level results?

  5. When will the results of state level group 5 Maharashtra 2017 be declared?

  6. I didn’t receive my booklets. How can I get it?

    1. On registration, the National level e-booklets will be sent to the individual mail ids along with the receipt instantly. Please do send us a mail to contact[AT] if you see any problem in this.
      Information as provided in the official website of SpellBee International

  7. When will state level results 2017 be declared?

    1. Give a result of state level spell bee 2017.

  8. How will I get State Level question papers?

  9. Where will I get zonal level sample paper?

  10. Where will I get any sample paper for state level spell bee competition?

  11. I want to know the results of my son Tanish B Singh grade 2 presidency school north Bangalore which was held on October 16.

  12. When will be the result for category 2 spell bee which was conducted in earnest academy?
    Coimbatore on April 2016


    When will the state level result be declared for Bihar held on 19th June 16?

  14. I wants to know the spell bee international state level and international level result for category 3 for my son V.Jishnu studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

  15. I want to know my son R.Gowtham zonal level result 2016. He is studying forth A2IN BHARATHI VIDHYALAYA CBSC SCHOOL IN GOBI AT ERODE DT.

  16. When will the spell bee international level result of Maharashtra declared? Please inform date.

  17. When is international result in Chennai?

  18. Immanuel Abraham

    When will spell bee international exam results be announced? Chennai region

  19. When will be result for international level exam?

  20. Please send spell bee international level competition question paper.

  21. When will the national level result be published?

  22. Tomorrow is the spell bee international competition. I came to know this now only. How can you help my child to attend the same?

  23. May I please know date of third level in PUNE,MAHARASHTRA?

    1. From the Website :

      National Level Result has been Released for chennai,Tirunelveli,Dombivli & Kalyan,Nellore,Mumbai Batch-I and Batch-II.

  24. Mr Shailesh Gajare

    When will be the results for National level group 2 in Mumbai will be available? Please let us know.

  25. My son from Tejasvi Vidyaranya has written Spell Bee group 4. How to know the result?

  26. I didn’t get international level passages syllabus in downloaded pdf. Can you please explain from where can I get that? In my downloaded document I get Gk and form sentence but we have that in our previous books.

  27. I want to know the state level results of category two held at Tirupur.

  28. What is the result date for state level spell bee for nursery students of Maharashtra exam conducted in bhandup pawar public school on 24th April 2016?

  29. When will Ahmedabad results for national level be declared ?

  30. When will be exam for national level for class3 in Jaipur?

  31. When will be held national level examination for level 3 at Jaipur ?

  32. My son is selected for state level from gujarat state vadodara centre but I am still not getting marks

  33. National Level Hall ticket downloaded through website, but student name not appearing. Whether we have to take blank hall ticket. Please reply

  34. We are from chennai. My daughter and son attend national level exam but we still did not get state level mark. Please tell when we will get marks?

  35. When will we get the marks of state level result conducted on 7th Feb 2016? My child is from Ahmadabad.

  36. My daughter Aamina Meher.A a from class v std Ryan international Baneraghatta Blore have cleared state level exam and appeared for national level but I have not received result. Please help.

    1. Which state and group your daughter belong to?

  37. On 17th April Spellbee state level had been conducted. Please advise whether oral examination will be there or only written?

  38. Dishant Seth Mumbai

    I gave my state level exam in January. Yet result has not come.

    1. National Level Exam result get announced. Please check the official website.

  39. Tanmay Sai Prakash

    I have completed my regional level exam on 24th Feb and still did not get the marks and I am from Andhra Pradesh.

    1. Check the spell bee web site. Results are out.

  40. After answering national level spellbee, my son got a paper in hand which said National level results will be declared on spellbee website on March 24th late evening. (Which was yesterday).
    It’s not declared as yet. Kindly let us know When will it be declared?

    1. When will be results of spell bee in Gwalior declared?

  41. Whether the result for national level from Karnataka get announced?

  42. When the results of group 1 for National level results for South Bangalore will be declared?

  43. When are the national level results going to be declared in North Bangalore?

  44. When will the national level results for Bangalore be announced? My son attended the exam.

  45. My daughter had cleared state level exam and selected for national level. State level marks list was supposed to get on march 5th but from that day we are trying to see the marks but we are not able to find it in your website .

    1. From the Website :

      The toppers list and the individual marks will be uploaded in our website on or before 15th April 2016 once the results of all regions are declared.

  46. My daughter had finished her group 2 state level exam on march 5th 2016 at Kanchipuram district(Tamil nadu). How can I see the results? Have you uploaded the results for state level exam 2016 of Tamilnadu?

  47. Is this exam conducted nation wide? If we move to Delhi whom to contact and how can we write this exam?

  48. How many toppers will be selected for each region?

  49. Could you please let me know if this result is published for Maharashtra as well? Where to look for?

    1. National Level Participants for Karnataka is available in the below link.

  50. My son Akshay Anthony S Class III from Ryan International Bannerghatta, Bangalore has cleared the State Level Exam and we have paid the fees of Rs.500 for the next level exam to be held on Saturday 20/02/2016. We have not received the hall ticket yet. Please help.

    1. No details available about second level hall ticket in the official website.

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