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Zee Talkies ZT Lighthouse Short Film Contest 2016

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Organization : Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd
Competition Name : ZT Zee Talkies Lighthouse Short Film Contest 2016
Applicable For : Citizen of India & Resident of India
Competition Last Date : 27th March 2016

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Register Here :
Contest T&C :

ZT Talkies Lighthouse Contest :

This Contest is hosted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. Limited through its business division Zee Talkies Marketing (herein after referred to as “ZT”), and is for a limited period from 21st February to 27th March 2016. Further details of the contest are mentioned in Annexure ‘A’

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How To Upload Your Video On YouTube:
From your Phone:
1. Sign in to YouTube using your Gmail account.
2. Tap on Account
3. Tap the Upload icon at the top of the screen.
4. Select your short film video.
5. Provide the Title, Description to your video.
6. Make the privacy settings – Unlisted.
7. Tap the Upload icon.

From your Computer:
1. Sign into YouTube using your Gmail account.
2. Click the Upload button at the top of the page.
3. Before you start uploading the video you can select the Video privacy settings to – Unlisted.
4. Select your short film.
5. Click Publish to finish uploading your video to YouTube.

This contest is valid only for those who fulfill the following criteria:
** You must be above 18 years of age.
** You must be a citizen of India and resident of India.
** You must not have been either prosecuted or convicted for commission of any criminal offence.
** You must not be suffering from any legal disability e.g. insolvency.
** Each participant may participate only through one channel .i.e. by registering & uploading the URL’s of their films on the Zee Talkies website
** The winner will have to submit all documents mentioned by ZT, in case if ZT asks for the same for verification process. If the participant fails to submit any document then ZT will move on to select the next eligible winner.
** ZT at any time may disqualify a person from participating in the contest without any reason or prior notice.
** All decisions made by ZT will be final and binding.
** No same person can be a winner in this contest more than once.
** Gratification shall be couriered to the address of the winner which is registered with the mobile subscription. Proof of such address is mandatory to be produced if demanded by ZT.
** People failing to provide such evidence within 2 days of winner announcement list shall be disqualified and ZT shall move on to choose the next eligible winner.
** ZT has the right to use the content submitted by the participants for promotional purposes of the show Talkies Lighthouse ONLY.
** The list of winners will be announced through a scroll on ZT ,ZT facebook page, ZT twitter handle and ZT website which can be accessed free of cost and shall be informed by phone.
** Failure to claim the prize within the aforesaid 2 days period may result in disqualification and forfeiture of the prize and/or declaration of alternate winner which is at the sole discretion of ZT.

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  1. Please send detailed information about contest.

  2. When will you announce results?

  3. When the results will be?

  4. I want to ask you that when will you declare result. I had completed all the formalities of you and had submitted my short film named “Littlehearts in time. I haven’t got any confirmation from you. Tell me about it.

  5. When the results will be declared?

    1. Result will get declared in APRIL but in which year?

  6. Short film result date?

  7. When will be the winners declared?

  8. Please send date for next competition.

  9. Please tell me when will you start the zee talkies light house 2017?

  10. When will be the winners declared?

    1. Have you get result date?

  11. When will be the winners declared?

  12. Can I submit my short film now?
    I came to know about this a bit late.

  13. When is next contest?

    1. No new notifications announced for new contest.

  14. When will be the winners declared? I mean the exact date?

    1. From the Website :

      The Talkies Lighthouse Contest is now over! Thank you so much for the love that you have shown us and we look forward to watching all the short films you have made for us. Keep your eyes glued to this screen for the results announcement coming soon…

  15. Short film competition result on which day?

  16. Is there any extension?
    I just came to know about this contest.

  17. My movie contains background scores(music) from other films. So whether there will be any copyright issue?

    1. From the Website :

      The Participants warrants that submission of the Short Films will not infringe or violate any rights of any third party including, any copyright, contractual rights, rights of privacy or other rights of any person or defame any person.

  18. Last submission date for upload?

    1. Last date is over. Have you upload your video?

  19. How can we get to know that we have successfully uploaded or submitted short film to zee? Is there any confirmation email or message will be sent by zee?

  20. Is it necessary to use music of Zee talkies or royalty free music in short movie?

    1. From the Website :

      The Short Films may be submitted in either of 2 (two) categories: (i) Professional category; or (ii) Open category is for everyone with a passion for films & film making. The Professional category refers all the budding filmmakers who have previously made/ been a part of a short films.

  21. Please inform short film subject?

  22. Why have you rejected my short film in Youtube?

  23. Is there any topic for short film?

    1. From the Website :

      The Short Films can be based on any issue/topic and can be shot at any location selected by the Participant.

  24. I had submitted my short Film Baapdev few days back. But haven’t got any Confirmation mail from your side. When can I expect?

    1. From the Website :

      Participants shall receive an automated message from Zee as an acknowledgement of receipt of the Participant’s Short Film. However, such automated message shall not be construed as a confirmation of Participant’s selection as a winner of the Contest.

  25. What will be the period of this film?

    1. From the Website :

      Time duration should not exceed 25 minutes (for both categories).

  26. Sandesh Narendra Meshram

    My favorite show is light house in zee talkies.

    1. Register yourself in the above link to participate in this contest.

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