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Star Sports Pro Kabaddi Khel Kabaddi Contest 2016

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Organization : Mashal Sports Private Limited
Competition Name : Khel Kabaddi Contest 2016
Applicable For : Indian Residents
Competition Last Date : Mar-04-2016

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Website :
Contest T&C :

Khel Kabaddi Contest :

MASHAL shall announce the Contest on (“Website”). The Contest will commence on 30.01.2016, at 13:00 hours Indian Standard Time (IST) and will continue 04.03.16 at15:00 hours IST (“Contest Period”).

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In this Contest, participants will be required to collect unique player cards (“Hero Cards”), by entering the unique code displayed during each match on the television channels of the official broadcaster. Collection of a specific number of unique cards will unlock predetermined achievements as described at

To participate in the Contest, the entrant wishing to participate in the Contest (“Participant(s)”) should follow the following procedure:
** All Participant(s) must first register on using a mobile number, registered in India, to be eligible to participate in the Contest and must be residing in India during the Contest Period.
** The Participant will receive a unique password via SMS on the registered mobile number to enable them to log into their accounts. The same password is to be used for the entire duration of the Contest.
** Participants can unlock 2 Hero Cards each day by logging into the Contest.
** Unique codes (“Codes”) will be displayed during the live telecast of each match. The Participant must log into their Contest accounts at and enter the Codes to unlock Hero Cards.
** Every such entry by the Participant (“Entry”) must contain the Codes that are displayed during/prior to each match, in order to unlock the Hero Cards. The Codes displayed on a particular day will expire at 7pm on the next day.
** On collecting predetermined number or sets of cards, the Participant will unlock achievements/badges (“Achievements”), as listed at

Participants will compete for one of the following three categories of prizes :
** The first 5 (five) Participants to unlock a particular achievement will be eligible to be declared as winners for that particular achievement (“Winners”);
** The Participant who unlocks the maximum number of Achievements/Hero Cards during each week will be eligible to be declared as the winner of the weekly prize (“Weekly Winner”); and,
** The top 3 Participants who unlock all the Hero Cards and all the Achievements will be eligible to be declared as winners of the grand prize (“Grand Prize Winners”).
** Participants who are eligible to be declared as Winners, Weekly Winners and Grand Prize Winners will be shortlisted as per the categories listed above, under Article 3(e) (“Shortlisted Participants”).
** If a Shortlisted Participant completes the verification process and is approved by MASHAL, that person will be declared as a Winner, Weekly Winner or Grand Prize Winner, as the case may be.
** The entire process of prize confirmation and Winner selection will be fair and audit friendly.


** MASHAL may in its sole discretion, announce a change in the prizes being given out during or after the Contest Period till such time that the Winners are not announced.
** A Participant is eligible to be declared a Winner only once, i.e. as soon as a Shortlisted Participant is declared as Winner, he/she is not eligible for another prize for another Achievement. All Winners however, are eligible to be declared as Weekly Winner and the Grand Prize Winner;
** MASHAL, in its sole discretion, may or may not announce the Winner on a social media platform.
** MASHAL reserves the right to select and declare the Winners of the Contest and such decision shall be final and binding on the Participant(s) and the Winner(s).
** The Shortlisted Participants will be contacted through SMS for prize confirmation and distribution. The Shortlisted Participants shall be asked to share their contact details, i.e. name, address, phone number, identity proof and any other details as necessary (“Personal Information”) via e-mail, addressed to, and in accordance with the instructions, as shall be specified in the SMS, to enable MASHAL to send the prize to the winner(s).
** Each Participant consents to the use of the Personal Information supplied by the Participant for the purposes as set out in these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
** The communication to the Shortlisted Participants will contain a specific duration within which they must respond to MASHAL and claim their prize.
** The process of prize distribution will subsequently be communicated to the Shortlisted Participants in the communication along with requisite information in the event that the Shortlisted Participants may have to collect the prizes from a certain pre-specified location.

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  1. Khelkabaddi login and your email I’d and password and registration and my team and your favorite player +to click and submit. Everyday match started and your TV screen in khelkabaddi code. You have entered the code and card collection.
    3 players for icon symbol.
    Icon mean every point scored the icon player for double.

  2. I am a fan of Rahul Choudary. He is the best raider I have ever seen in the pkL history. No one is there to compete with rahul Choudary as a raider.

  3. Kabaddi is my favorite game.
    Please give me one chance.
    I am kabaddi all-rounder.

  4. Shahnur Alam(cob,wb)

    I want to take part in the pro kabaddi sport and want to be a player like Rahul Choudhury and Kunlee. Please help me to come my dream true. I am a very poor and rural unemployed boy(27 yrs). Please inform me as what I have to do?

  5. Who will win in pkl4?

  6. Today’s code is 7583.

  7. I am a big fan of Rahul Chowdari. How can I participate?

  8. I am a big fan of Amit Hood and Rajesh Narwal.

  9. Puneri Paltan is my favorite team.

  10. I am a huge fan of Manjit Chiller.

  11. My best super team is Jaipur pink Panthar.

  12. I am a big fan of Pardeep Narwal. Today’s code is 9334.

  13. Prashant(13 years )

    I am a very big fan of pro kabbadi and also a big fan of Pardeep narwal. I am also played Kabbadi also an all rounder.

  14. I am a big fan of Manjit Chiller. How to participate in contest?

  15. I am a big fan of Sachin Singade and today’s code is 7427.

  16. I love pro kabaddi. I am very best kabaddi player. I don’t no how to join pro kabaddi. Give me one chance. Give me 10 raid chance. I have done 10 points. Its my challenge. Please help me. How to join pro kabaddi?

  17. I am a big fan of Anup Kumar.
    How can I participate?

  18. Raju Mummidivarapu

    I am very big fan Mr Rahul Chowdary Of Telugu titans.

    1. I should play kabbadi and even I am big fan of Rahul Chowdary.

  19. Today’s khel kabaddi code is 4076.

  20. In this season U Mumbai will win the pkl4.

  21. My favorite team is Patna pirates.

  22. I am a big fan of Rahul Chouhari.

  23. I am a big fan of Anup Kumar.

  24. How do I register the khel kabaddi?

  25. My team is Jaipur pink panthers and I am very big fan of Rajesh Narwal.

  26. I am shortlisted for the contest. How can i send my id proof?


  28. What is today’s code of pro kabaddi?

    1. Today’s code is 8828.

    2. Today’s code of pro kabaddi is 8288.

    3. My team name is Bangalore bulls and my favorite person is Rohit Kumar..

    4. Match code today is 8288.

    5. 8288 is the khel kabbadi code.

    6. Code is 8288.

  29. My team name is U Mumbai and my favorite person is Anup Kumar.

  30. What is today’s khel kabaddi code?


  32. I am fan of Rahul Telugu titans.

  33. 2239 is today’s khel kabdi code.

  34. Dabbang Delhi will win pkl4

  35. What is today’s khel kabaddi code?

  36. I am a big fan of Bangalore bull fully charged and I hope they will took the trophy in final pkl 4.

  37. What is today’s khel kabadi code?

  38. Telugu Titans is my team and I love Rahul Choudhary.

  39. Bhutanadhu Anil Dora

    My favorite team is Telugu titans.
    Good luck for next match.

  40. What is yesterday’s khel kabaddi code?

  41. I am a fan of Pradeep Narwal Dubki.

  42. I want to meet with Chan Kulee.

  43. I want to join in the contest. How?

  44. How can I know that I won a prize?

  45. My favorite team is Bengluru Bulls.

  46. Can Patna Pirtaes has a new champion?

  47. How to enter khelkabaddi code

  48. How to enter the prokabadi code?

  49. I am a big fan for Manjeet Chillar.

  50. What is khel kabbadi code of 9th July?

  51. P for Patna and P for Pradeep narwal

  52. What is the yesterday khel kabbadi code?

    1. Ankush Banwasiya

      5311 is khel kabaddi code

    2. Today’s code is 3950.

    3. Yesterday code was 3950.
      My favorite team is Umumba.
      (Anup kumar)

  53. NIKHIL (Lumumba and anup)

  54. Srikanth Thaviti

    What is today’s pro kabaddi code?

    1. Ankush Banwasiya

      My favorite player is Pardeep Narwal. Patna pirates won the match.

  55. My favorite team is Telugu Titans.

  56. Which is the most strong team?

    1. No team is weak or strong in this season because of interchanging of players.

  57. I love Anup Kumar and Umumba.

  58. What is the code today?

  59. Who is best Pradeep or Rohit?

  60. My favorite buddy player is Merajshek.

  61. My favorite all rounder is Rahul Chudari.

  62. I like Rahul Chowdary autograph and t-shirt.

  63. How to feed my khel kabaddi code?

  64. What is khel kabaddi code on 5th July?

  65. What is the code today?

    1. Today’s code is 8692.

  66. What is today’s pro kabbadi code?

  67. What is today’s code?05-07-2016

  68. My favorite player is Jang Kun Lee.

  69. My favorite team is Jaipur pink panther and he won this season.

  70. My favorite team is “BENGLURU BULLS”


  72. How to register pro kabaddi?

  73. My favorite team is Telugu titans &favorite player is Rahul Choudary.

  74. My favourite team is Jaipur Pink Panther and My favourite Player is only one ie JASVIR SINGH.

  75. My favourite team is Patna Pirates.

  76. Today’s code is 1551.

  77. How much supporters of Jaipur pink partners?

  78. How to register in pro kabaddi?

  79. My Favorite Team is Telugu Titans and my Favorite Person is Sandeep Narwal.

  80. How to register in pro kabadi?

    1. How to register mobile number?

  81. My favorite team is Umumba.

    1. Good choice because it is the best team of all.

  82. What is the code of today match(Telugu vs Patna)?

  83. My favorite team is Puneri Paltan and my favorite players are AJAY THAKUR MANJEET CHILLER AND SONU NARWAL.

    1. I want to take part in kabbadi contest.

  84. Who is the lion of kabadi?

  85. Super match between Jaipur and Bangalore.

  86. Ravindra Pahel is super defender.

  87. What is today’s khel kabbadi code?

  88. Can Bangalore bulls be fully charged and show their power?

  89. I want T-shirt,, from pro kabaddi especially Telugu Titans.
    Thank you

  90. Today’s code is 2535.

  91. Abhishek Jaiswar

    Mumbai can the win this season 4.

  92. My favorite team is Patna pirates.

  93. What is the code of 30th June?

  94. Jaipur pink panthers will fight against which team today?

    1. Bengal warriors.

  95. What a match between Jaipur pink panthers and Bengaluru bulls?

  96. Why Patna has not retained Sandeep and Rohit?

  97. Kabaddi is the only game in which we got a chance again and again.

  98. What is today’s prokabaddi code of June 30th?

    1. If you know yesterday code please tell me.
      30th June

  99. See there is written register. Go there and then write your mobile no. Then you will be notified by a message then enter the code you will be registered.

  100. What is today’s khelkabaddi code?

  101. My favorite team is Benguluru bulls. Benguluru team will now won the match.



  103. From the Website :

    The first 5 (five) Participants to unlock a particular achievement will be eligible to be declared as winners for that particular achievement.

  104. I am 17 years old. Can I participate in this contest?

    1. From the Website :

      The Participant(s) must be above the age of 18 years and must be residing within the territorial limits of India during the Contest Period and at the date of declaration and receipt of the Prize. The Participant (s) should not have any criminal conviction or an arrangement or a contract that prevents the Participant(s) from participating in the Contest.

    2. I am big fan for Rajesh Mondal.

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