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SundayKart Short Film Contest 2016

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Organization : SundayKart/ Sunday Kart
Competition Name : SundayKart Short Film Contest 2016
Competition Last Date : 10th August 2016

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Short Film Contest:

Participate in SundayKart Short Film Contest and win lot of more Exciting Prizes.

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Contest Rules:
1. Any camera will be accepted to do short film.
2. Every participant should register in SundayKart to participate in this contest.
3. Short film can be in any language across any genre, subtitled in English (except Telugu).
4. Every participant must share their short film on their facebook wall and also on other social networks.
5. Short Film Submission Date : 10th August 2016, Results Announced Date : 15th August 2016.
6. SundayKart Logo should place at the beginning or end of the short film.
7. The concept of short film should be based on what convenience SundayKart is providing to the people. Contestants can use Groceries, Restaurants or Services (SundayKart Bussiness Concepts etc.,)

More Chances to win:
1. Short film which has HD quality & with a clear audio will have more chances to win.
2. The short film which will be finished in 120 seconds will have more chances to become a winner and this is not the maximum duration.
3. SundayKart goodies will be provided to each & every participant.
4. Winners can walk home with cash prizes worth up to Rs.25,000/-*
5. Winner short film will be telecasted in TV Channels/online portals etc.
6. A short film which gets most likes, shares & views with a good concept will have more chances to become a winner.

Terms & Conditions:
1. The contest is organized by SundayKart and is binding on all participants in this contest and all applications for participants.
2. SundayKart reserves the right to cancel any duplicate and debar all such entries from the contest at its own discretion.
3. Contest will be valid only, if participants are equal to or more than 30 participants.
4. The results declared by SundayKart Management will be final and no further queries or complaints or questions will be entertained and SundayKart nor SundayKart Management is further not obliged to respond to the same.
5. SundayKart reserves the right to change/ modify the terms and conditions of this contest or to withdraw this contest at any point in time if circumstances arise beyond our control.
6. Ensure that all content in your film (including footage, music, images, props, etc.) is your own. If you include any copyrighted content, you must be able to provide written permission for its use. Entries containing any unauthorised content will be disqualified.
7. Any short film which is irrelevant to SundayKart concept, it will be disqualified by Management.
8. Any short film which contains any vulgarity or abusive content, it will be disqualified and processed for further action.
9. Each film may only be submitted once. Contestants may submit multiple entries, as long as each entry differs significantly from any others submitted by that contestant.
10. SundayKart shall not be responsible for any loss or damage if it has to discontinue or cancel the Contest in compliance with any law, ruling, order, regulation, requirement or instruction of any Central/State Government or for any other unavoidable reason beyond its control.
11. SundayKart shall not be liable to make any payment towards any expenses which is incurred by the participant/ winner whatsoever.
12. By participating in this contest, all users agree that SundayKart holds the copyrights and rights to monetize the content.
13. Registered contestants must be independently produced and financed for the short film.

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