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VKP VISTO 2016 Syllabus Velammal Inter School Talent Olympiad

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Organisation : Velammal Knowledge Park VKP
Announcement : Syllabus
Olympiad Name : VISTO 16 Velammal Inter School Talent Olympiad 2016

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Syllabus :

MATHS – Knowing our numbers, Whole numbers, Basic geometric ideas, Playing with numbers, Practical geometry, Data handling & Symmetry

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PHYSICS – Motion and measurement of distance, Light, Shadows and reflections
CHEMISTRY – Fibre to fabric (plant fibre) & Separation of substances, Sorting Materials into Groups
BIOLOGY – Food where does it comes from, Components of food & Getting to know plants

MATHS – Integers, Lines and angles, Triangles and its properties, Fractions and decimals, Exponents and powers, Congruence of triangles & Symmetry
PHYSICS – Heat, Winds, Storms and cyclones
CHEMISTRY – Fibre to Fabric (Animal fibre), Acid, Bases and salt, Physical and Chemical changes
BIOLOGY – Nutrition in plants and animals, Weather, Climate and adaptation of animals to climate & Soil

MATHS – Rational Numbers, Squares and square roots, Cube and cube roots, Understanding quadrilaterals, Practical geometry, Playing with numbers, Visualizing solid shapes & Introduction to graphs, Exponents, Algebraic expressions & identities
PHYSICS – Force and pressure, Friction force & Sound
CHEMISTRY – Synthetic fibre and plastic, Metals and non-metals
BIOLOGY – Crop production and management, Micro organisms friend and Foe, Conservation of plants and animals

MATHS – Number system, Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry, Triangles, Heron’s formula, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry, Lines and angles.
PHYSICS – Motion, Force and laws of motion & Gravitation
CHEMISTRY – Matter in our surroundings & Is matter around us pure?
BIOLOGY – Fundamental units of life, Tissues & Improvement in food resources

MATHS – Real numbers, Polynomials, Pair of linear Equations in two variables, Triangles, Trigonometry, Statistics
PHYSICS – Electricity, Magnetic effects of Electric current, Sources of energy
CHEMISTRY – Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids, Bases and salts, Metals and Non-metals
BIOLOGY – Life Process, Control co-ordination

“VELAMMAL INTER SCHOOL TALENT OLYMPIAD (VISTO) is devoted to improve the quality of science education, increase student’s interest in science, providing recognition lor outstanding achievements in science education and build the concepts and coniidence of the young brains.

It is a meticulous academic interscholastic competition which helps them to realize their potential, encourage them to take up ace careers in the field of Science and Technology and ensure the growth of the best scientific and skillful minds for the development of the country.

The question paper consists of 100 questions from the various disciplines of science. The magnitude of allotment for each subject Is Maths 40 Questions, Physics, Chemistry and Biology 20 Questions each has a balance between knowledge of concepts, process understanding and applications is maintained as well.

The Question pattern encompasses straight objective type questions. statement type questions, assertion & reason type questions, matching type questions and linked comprehension passage type questions.

Each of the 20% of the given questions will test skills like memory, calculation, reasoning & logic, understanding of theory, statement & law and other miscellaneous skills. Optical Response Sheet will be given to the students to answer. The duration of the examination will be 120 minutes.

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  2. Please tell me my marks. My roll no is 12190107104.

  3. Please tell me my marks.
    My roll no is 13270706026.

  4. Where is the answer key for 2016 exam?

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