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Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz/ Caller of the Week Contest 2016 : Colors Bigg Boss Season 10

Organization : Parle Agro Private limited
Competition Name : Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz/ Caller of the Week Contest 2016 Colors Bigg Boss Season 10
Applicable For : All individuals who are residents of India
Competition Deadline : January 13, 2017

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Website :

Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz Contest :

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are applicable for the Contest hosted and organized by Parle Agro Private limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).

Update : Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz Contest 2017 Caller of the Week :

Terms and Conditions:
1. The Contest is open for all individuals who are residents of India (“Participant(s)”)

2. Mechanism for Participation:
a. Participant is required to log on to the Company website (, select the Contest weblink (, select one (1) name/photograph of any of his/her favorite housemate of the Program as provided on the Contest weblink, submit 1 (one) question which he/she would like to ask to their favorite housemate of the Program (“Question”) and then provide his/her name, phone number and email address as a part of the Contest registration process.

b. Upon successful submission of the Question and adherence of all terms hereof, Viacom18 at its sole discretion shall select 1 Question each week during the Contest Period (“Caller of the Week”).

c. The Participant who’s Question has been selected by Viacom18 i.e. Caller of the Week may get an opportunity to ask the Question vide a call/video (as per the sole discretion of Viacom18) to his/her favorite housemate of the Program and also may get a chance to speak and interact with Program’s host i.e. Mr. Salman Khan in any episode of the Program (“Prize”).

3. The Contest shall commence from October16, 2016 at 22:30 hours and shall conclude on to January 13, 2017 or the week before the finale week of the Program, whichever is later (“Contest Period”), which shall be subject to change as per the sole discretion of Viacom18.

4. By participating in the Contest, the Participant hereby represents and warrants that the Question submitted by the Participants are original, not in breach of any third party rights’ and are not defamatory/offensive/hurtful to any person/sect/caste/community etc.

5. By participating in the Contest, the Participant hereby represents and warrants that he/she shall solely be liable for any and all action (criminal/civil) arising herefrom and shall also be liable to indemnify Viacom18 and Company, for any loss, claim, dispute, disruption caused on ground of a default committed by the Participant.

6. The Company and/or Viacom18 shall have the unrestricted right and authority to disqualify any Participant, at any point of time, if it comes to their knowledge that such Participant is in breach of any conditions or undertakings stated herein including but not limited to if Participants have supplied false, obscene or defamatory Question, inaccurate or misleading details and/or information, of any nature and/or have failed to abide by the rules and/or are in breach of the terms hereof.

7. The Participants shall be responsible to bear the cost charged by their respective network operator or the internet service provider (as deemed fit by them) for the usage of the services.

8. Viacom18/Company shall further not be responsible in case of any kind of network problem, technical failure whatsoever and/or any other problems which may occur due to the failure of the Mechanism or misuse of the Mechanism or any kind of problems in connection thereto.

9. The Participant understands and agrees that, any dispute in connection with the participation in the Contest including but not limited to failure of receiving an acknowledgement message, failure of participation in the Contest on account of any technical errors on the website etc.

10. If, in any State and/or territory or part thereof, the running of this Contest is prohibited, the Participants from such State and/or territory or part thereof shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest. No further notice shall be given by Company or Viacom18, in this regard.

11. Company with Viacom18’s prior written approval reserves the right to change or suspend the Mechanism for Participation and/or cease/discontinue/cancel/change/alter/modify these Terms and Conditions and/ or criteria of the Contest and/or the Prize and/or Contest Period, at any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice and without assigning any reason, hence the Participant shall be responsible to keep himself/herself updated about the Mechanism for Participation, Content, Prize, Contest Period, etc., at all times.

12. The Participant, in addition to the Terms and Conditions laid down herein, shall at all times abide by the rules and other terms and conditions as may be applicable to the Participants (in connection with the Contest).

13. The basis for deciding the Caller of the Week for the Contest shall solely be decided by the judges appointed by Viacom18 and/or the Company and the Participants or the Caller of the Week shall in no manner dispute or question the same.

14. The Participants understand and agree that Viacom18 shall be only responsible to select the Caller of the Week for this Contest from amongst such Questions received by it from the Participants and shall have no further obligation towards the Participants of any nature whatsoever.

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  1. Lopa is being too much aggressive now. She is fighting with Bani unnecessarily.

  2. I want to tell Lopa as I am the biggest fan of him and Lopa is very cute.

  3. I want to ask Manu Punjabi why you were irritated with Bani in the task? As She has done that task very fine and you were like so much aggressive. You was doing the task with so much frustration. That you will put pepper in her eyes. You were doing it so badly. Why Manu?
    One thing I would like to say The platform of Bigg Boss will not remain you a commoner. Now you guys are celebrity. People who are following you give them reason to follow you. And Bain and Lopa please take your fight to a holiday. Please patch up guys. We want both of you to be good friends.

  4. My question is to lopa, why she is so cruel & not kind and always fighting with bani. She is like a monster. Please give me a chance to ask the question to Lopa!

  5. My question is for bani. While nomination she asked Lopamudra to say her politely that she wants the gift then only she will give it to her and will get nominated. Just because Lopa refused to ask her she had burnt the gift or else she already had the plan that she will not get nominated. Where is your humanity Bani?

  6. My question is for Lopa that why do you behave so stupid in parcel task. Do you think you have not gain sympathy by talking your father in between in weekend and but your has never taken to other member about her mom illness. You stop manipulating others by your words.

  7. Why Lopa hates bani and always accuse her for everything. Lopa is so jealous and insecure of Bani. We can see it clearly who is fake and who is real. Bani is so real one face and never speaks bad about Lopa. Lopa you are a proper witch and not deserve “miss India” title! And Rohan has also become your Chamcha and not going along with everyone. He just follow Lopa without using his own mind.

  8. Now a days Rohan is teasing and questioning bani about her participation in task. So I want to ask him he was given sanchalakship in solar system task and recent post man task and he failed both of them firstly by helping Lopa to tie her shoe laces which is not supposed that a sanchalak should be done and then by letting Lopa read her burnt letter. So does he think being sanchalak is nothing or doesn’t want Lopa to loose at his cost also.a

  9. Why are you so insecure of Bani? Bani never said about her mothers sickness to take sympathy in any task nor in the big boss house. You are involving her mom every time in the house that she should be emotionally loose her mind. So don’t blame bani. She takes your name never in the house but most of the day you are taking her name in the house. Don’t say rubbish about her roadies show. When Manu and Manveer was in the mall for ticket to finale, there I saw bani’s fan following. You know when she don’t like that people say about her mother but then u say. She is being out of control and you are being good. Don’t act as being good.

  10. I would like to ask a fizzy question to Lopa that why she is so loud and insane when she caught in ugly fight. Why does she insecure by bani? You are an Indian representative but do you know what is all about India. Always making jokes about the people whether they are road side or beggar anything and she called Bani a stupid woman. You always cheat in the task.

  11. I want to slap Lopa. Give me a chance to talk to Lopa on bigboss fizzy call. I want to ask some questions to her.

  12. Lopa… you are graceful girl who looks good with or without makeup represented India. But bani is also a beautiful girl who is in the industry much before than you. Why should you gain sympathy using her mother disease? She never told or talked to anyone in the house about the same. Also you say she keeps on bitching but you also do the same. You keep on sharing your insecurities with Rohan and M3 gang. Do you remember as you planned with other housemates that you all would say Bani’s name for villain chair but later you got upset and complained about same to many when everyone named swami. You keep on dragging Bani in every matter unnecessarily which do not look good on you. During call center task whatever she said didn’t sound ugly. Hope you understand your image is only ruined by you.

  13. I want to ask you that when in the call centre task you said about Lopa and even you also told about her parents, and when she told something about your parents you suddenly get hipper. I want to ask that when you told something about someone’s parents that’s good, and when someone told about your parents you act like only you love your parents. Why?

  14. I want to ask Bani that when she spoke with Lopa about her dad and her personal things that was ok and when lopa just gave an example bani reacted. I just wanted to tell bani that now its 13th week and we understood that bani is so mean and fake and cheap and Lopa you are going well.

  15. Bavleen Kaur Sahota

    How could Lopa Mudra Raut say all those things about Bani’s mom? I thought that she was all for the good things.

  16. I want to ask Lopa as to why does she always blame Bani for a thing that she is solely responsible for like 1. Igloo task 2. Solar system task 3. Talking about a cancer patient 4.when bani is trying to be friendly.

  17. I want to ask Bani that why does it that she cannot take what she gives? She got personal with Lopa but when Lopa asked her mentioned about her mother then she became angry. What does she learn from big boss house?

    1. Because Bani has not spoken anything about Lopa’s parents as Lopa done as Bani’s mom is a cancer patient. She got aggressive.

  18. Question to Lopa. Why do you hate Bani so much? It is always you who initiate fights with Bani. Bani never spoke bad words for you. But you always say negative things about Bani.

    1. Bani is the scripted winner. So you do not need to worry otherwise even she became physical with Lopa. Big boss did not take any action against her.

  19. Lopamudra why are you so insecure of Bani? Why do you keep say things on back about her all the time?

  20. Lopamudra you are the most fake person on the show. You blame Bani for everything buy it is you who get into ugly fights with everyone including your best friend Than. In the call centre task also Bani was playing in the right spirits but you again went on to her mother knowing how sensitive that issue is for her. Why are you so insecure of Bani?

  21. My question is for Lopa. Why did she disappoint from Bani after losing the task by your own fault?

  22. My question is for bani. Why she always puts petrol in fire like every time she does back biting between the contestants who have fight. When Manveer and Nitibha had fought with each other Bani went to Nitibha and said her Manveer treats you as if you are nothing to him and then also you support him. Why does she doing like dis? Is this her strategy that she will get a company after Gaurav is out of the game?

  23. Lopa, are you upset because you lost ticket to finale while bani was still on race. You started to show that indirectly your fall was because of Bani. When we saw you fall by yourself and no one pushed you.

  24. I want to know how bani is doing this task very seriously as she quits all the task very quickly. But now she is doing the task with all her effort.

  25. The contestant who is appreciated by Manu Punjabi seems to be very lucky because he never do so. Mind your words Manu specially when you are talking about bani and Rahul Dev. If you can’t respect that man then nothing can be expected from your side. Now you are not even leaving Manveer and Mona. It is very disappointing.

  26. I want to ask Manu that why is he so ‘Dogla’ in the house? He has always got to say something about somebody who is not even there. He told Manveer that he went to his house; but he didn’t. Actually he is insecure of Manveer and Bani. So he tries to clear them from his way by handling Manveer sweetly. But we love Bani and wanna tell her to keep eating eggs and oats.

    1. Yes I agree. They are like Manu is always talking about Bani all day and night. Now a days I feel so irritate to watch. They have nothing to do except talking about Bani all the time.

  27. Why does she getting influenced by Bani and going against Manveer and disrespecting him? I am Manveer’s fan and don’t like anybody pointing at him without any reason. So I am asking this question to Nithibha.

  28. I saw bani when she was in road. It was almost 10 years & after which I saw her in big boss so out of curiosity I saw her couple of videos &shows !!! She is exactly the same person and I don’t understand why housemates cannot connect with her. She is trying to get closed and understand everyone but always misjudged. She should be given an opportunity to express like Rohan did.

    1. I agree with you. Bani is such a nice person. She tries talking with other housemate but housemate says that Bani is a negative person and also told that bani is ‘chip’. I am very disappointed to hear this word.

  29. I want to ask question to Lopa. She told bani that control your anger against Om. So I want to ask that when bani told that she don’t do argument with Priyanka she make huge seen of that. So why did she do that?

  30. I wanna ask Manveer that after captaincy task between Bani and Swami Om, even after a shameful act by swami, Manveer said that he is least bothered until and unless it comes on him. Is it justified on humanity grounds? What does he upto? And he has no concern to what image viewers will get of him and moreover Nitibha seemed to be supporting him. It is a mystery as whether he can’t see anything or doesn’t want to see.

  31. I want to ask Manveer that why does he is ignoring Nitibha for Mannu who is behind his back? Please support Nitibha because she thinks really good for you and she is supporting you. I think she is your real friend.

  32. I want to ask swami om that how he will win the game outside the biggboss house and why he become mad in every task.

  33. I want to know from Swami Om that why he gone mad in every task. I love lopa.

  34. Lopa is going right. She is with truth but I want to ask swami that who will win the game outside the biggboss house.

  35. I am your biggest fan Salman sir and I want to ask a question to Baba Ji why he always blame every one that they are planning of his murder.

  36. My question is to Manveer. When Manu Punjabi was in the secret room and Manveer like Nitibhas company and he was all the while behind her. Now he is making fun of her. Please say me if his friendship is as per his convenience.

  37. Dr Ismail Shihabuddeen Thalangara

    To Manveer:
    1. Are you aware of Mannu punjabi’s double standard & he spoke bad about you both many a times (Manveer & Nithibha) to others like Lopa, Gourav Rohan etc.

    2. Manu is manipulative and why do you trust him blindly and stopped your companionship with Nithibha who is very dignified.

    3.You used Nithibha as substitute to your loneliness while Mannu was away.

    Are you aware that You & Nithibha are deserving to be in top 3. Kindly understand Mannu’s double standard and manipulative behavior. Stop being a victim for fake friendship. It is time to be good with Nithibha & Bani.

  38. Deepesh Kumar Patel

    I want to ask a question to lopa mudra that why he is so expected with others especially Rohan i.e. he is your friend. You should play with your own arms, own mind, own strategy. You can do the best and play the best and also you have to stand by all the right situation and time. Best of luck Lopa Mudra

  39. I am a big fan of yours. I wanna ask a question to Lopa that why she had blamed Bani that she was the cause of her injury in the igloo task, which was not quite true. So did she feel insecure of her or because she hates her the most?

  40. Why does Manu Punjabi always thinking of a reason to argue and fight with all celebs specially Bani? If he cant find a reason he manipulates Manveer, Mona or Swami to do the same. Why?

  41. I want ask Mannu that why he is playing double game with his friend Manveer.

  42. Why does Manu Punjabi play wrong game in bigboss house? In previous week he was asked with Bani and Gaurav. Now he was doing same, supporting to swami om including Manveer. They both had lost his fan following and showing very wrong image. Now Rohan is very good. His fan following will be increased. He would be the winner because to mistakes of Manu Punjabi. Manu open your eyes and differentiate what is wrong and right.

  43. My question to Manu is that why he is using Bani’s mother name in court task for saving Omji? Before this task Manu decided that he boycott Omji and he is not supporting him.

  44. Why does manu targeting Baani and saying unnecessary things about her mother? He is madly supporting mad swami om who is involved in many scandals.

  45. My question is for Nithibha, I want to ask her that when she came to bigboss she said she represents modern India and during the task she showed her sandals in front of screen to Gaurav Chopra Does modern India represent this?

  46. I would like to tell that bigg boss is not at all fare. We as audience can make out clearly that Om is a piece of shit in the house because of which gharvale is getting out of control. Mannu is also very unfair. I think people should just stop watching bigg boss.

  47. I want to ask Om Smami that he is older than everyone and a swami. He should act the best because swami is highly respected.

  48. I really appreciate Manu and Manveer. But you both are getting difficulties by Baba that Baba is ridiculous. He said Manu’s mom is died because of his prayers. Now Manu digging over bani manu. We hope you to win but not like as this.

  49. My question is for Manver and Manu. When swami om said some thing about Manu’s family that time Rohan took stand for Manu and when ever swami om said some thing about Rohan’s family they start doing back biting against Rohan and support Swami Om.

  50. Manu and Manveer are cunning and pretending like too good. The genuine contestants are Bani, Gaurav and Rohan. Swami Om is always the person of reason behind the violence. Lopa never used to play a fair game in each task. Mona should change herself by coming out of Manu. Nithiba is trying to use Manveer. Don’t make Rohan out please. Mistakes are happened from both side. Hence, punishment should be given for both side. However, only Rohan should be punished for unfair punishment.

  51. My question is for Omji. Why Omji caught rohan in the igloo task? Why omji pulled the flowers of Rohan from the flower bed?

  52. Why bigboss is in favor of swami om? Why Rohan is targeted? Swami om provokes other person to be violent. Is this not an offense? Manu had pushed swami om many times. Why Manu was not punished by bigboss?

  53. Why omji is always interfering in all the task? Why he caught rohan in the igloo task. Why he pulled Rohan’s flower from the flowers bed?

  54. I want to say that the punishment given to Rohan Mehra was not wrong for his violence but Bb also should see all the other aspects like OM’s behavior. Bb has given many warnings to “Dhongi baba” for his mistakes and violence but he always used to refuse it. OM definitely deserves the same and much more worst punishment which Rohan has offered. I hope Bb will look into the matter.

  55. Controversial so called Swami OM is the new version of Kejariwal’s in Bigboss -10. He blames like him. He always apologize like him but same attitudes immediately after that. He says I don’t want any thing but always plays like a hungry Fox & finally he says girls Goddess but uses vulgar language against her.

  56. Monalisha behaves so happy to go home. But why she is crying after losing the Kashmir task. It seems to be so fake that she only shows to the public as she want to go home so that people vote her.

  57. I want to ask bani that why she is not playing the tasks seriously. She is my favorite contestant in BB house. I want to win her the show. I love her the way she is and one more thing I would like to say that Bani and Gaurav are the real celebrities in the house other housemates are mere audience. It has been proved.

  58. When Bani cannot meet Gauhar because of low battery, Manu nominate himself so that you can meet your friend but when Priyanka was telling bad things to Manu about his mother then you had not support him. You should be thankful to Manu but you are showing angry to him. Don’t be selfish. Manu, Manveer and Lopa are the best persons and all are selfish.

  59. My question to Mannu is that why he is using Manveer for his favor alone.

  60. Manu and Manveer, I have fully enjoyed your friendship and you have played this game really perfectly.

  61. Both Manu and Manveer support in the situation where Om Baba said something about her mother but whenever Om Baba take objection against Mona Bani cannot support her.

  62. I am your biggest fan. My question is for Priyanka that why she is showing such a negative character. Are you really like this or you are doing this for game. How can you go on someone’s family? Please give me a chance. I really want to talk Jagga and ask such questions.

  63. Aishwarya shama shetty

    I want to tell bani that I am her biggest fan and I want her to kick out Om and Priyanka from the show as they are not worth of it.

  64. I want to ask Mannu why he is being rude with Monalisa and her boyfriend. It was piku who spoke rubbish about Monalisa.

  65. I want to tell Manveer that I am the biggest fan of him.

  66. I wanna ask from Nitibha that why she is doing so un-human behavior because when OM said to bani about her mom then she didn’t stand for her, and continued her silly task. But when the same guy said about Piku then why she expect that bani will stand for that.

  67. I want to ask Priyanka that is she really so dirty? In one scene she hug Manu and after some time she talked shit about Manu and his mother. Crazy and psycho Priyanka!!!

  68. Salman sir, I am your biggest fan. My question is for Priyanka that why she is showing such a negative character. Are you really like this or you are doing this for game. How can you go on someone’s family? And second one is that my favorite ones in the house are Manu and Manveer.

  69. Thkur Kunwar Toofan Singh Bhalesultan

    Who give you title of Swami Mr. Om? Would you please tell me because I feel you are top class dog in this earth and Sanatan religion. Manu I think you never no Manveer Friendship.

  70. I want to ask Bani that why she is feeling so alone in house. Why she is not trying to make friendship with others? What is her problem?

  71. I want to ask Swami Om that on the very first day he was saying that he will teach good preaching to the fellow contestants, but you are showing by your behavior that you are not a saint, but a fake person. Now onwards no person would believe in saints.

  72. My question is to Priyanka, “how could you say something about Manu’s mother who is no more, if you lose your child you can give birth to another one but if a child loses his mother he cannot give a birth to his mother”. So please respect the mother hood & woman’s self respect.

  73. Big boss show is a family show. But now it is not because Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga are very dirty persons. They are doing everything for big boss win.

  74. My question is for LOPA, why do you always fight with swami om?

  75. I want to ask Bani. Why are you not curious for any task? If possible let me talk to her.

  76. I want to ask a simple question to swami om. When you enter the big boss house you said that you are a saint you never abuse. But from the very starting days you are showing yourself as a culprit in the house. You acts are disgusting.

  77. I want to ask swami on that whenever any responsibility comes he remembers his illness and when any task is given that time he destroys property, threatens, and doing all those things one should not do.

  78. I want to ask Priyanka and Nitibha that really this is what they think its a Dharma of a Indian women to keep wishes of a person she is dating/married above her ownself. I am shocked that girls in show except Lopa are making comments about girl’s character and especially I never expected this kind of comments from bani for Monalisa.

  79. I want to Ask Lopa “Why her behavior toward Swami is So confusing”. At one point she is opposing swami and at the same point she help swami to do his hair cut.

  80. I want to ask Manu Panjabi as why he is playing double game with Manveer.

  81. I want to ask Manoj Punjabi that does he behave the same with his own sister as he behaved with Mona Lisa from the start of the series like cuddling with her late nite inside the blanket while Manveer turns his face in the opposite direction to give the SO CALLED BROTHER SISTER NOW. While Mona eats the brownie when asked by the bollywood actress had come to promote the film, when asked to feed to sum1 special.

  82. I want to ask Manu that he call Mona as baby doll and compare Mona Lisaw ith Sunny Leone. Then why does he fighting with Bani?


  84. I want to ask Lopa Mudra. I need to know whether forgiving some one is so hard. Bani most of the time keep aside her differences and tries to play safe but Lopa shows her ugly face of hatred and cheat. She had pulled down Rohan also to a level that he has no time to play other than assist Lopa.

  85. I want to talk to Manu Punjabi. He is the best contestant.

  86. I want to ask a question to Nitibha that she was trying to make a true friendship with Manveer or want to break the M3 group.

  87. I wanna ask question to Bani. Bani, do you think Gourav has cheated you as a friend in the nomination task? Will you be able to trust him after this?

  88. I want to ask Bani..
    Bani, what is wrong with you?
    From the game starts you are so strong. But now you are losing and getting down.
    You should wake up and be strong.

  89. Why Manveer change his personality and always support Swamiji?


  91. Why Miss.Bani is not playing her own game? Why she don’t have any reasons to nominate any one from the house?

  92. I want to question bani that why she is loosing her personality.

  93. I want to talk to swami and priyanka and even manveer priyanka. She is the most cheap contestant of the season and swami is the cheapest of all Manveer. Just stop following these idiots.

  94. I want to talk with Priyanka because she don’t even lose a movement to fight with any one.

  95. I want to ask question to swami Om , though am feeling very bad calling him swami. After coming outside you said we viewers said you that we want to see you only on big boss. Baba, who was tat moron guy? What do you want to prove here? We all know about you and your so called karma.

  96. I don’t think that Gaurav Chopra is a real friend of bani. Because friends are those who give up their wishes to fulfill the need of other one. But Gaurav is being insane and selfish. Bani you are best and your fans love you and we are here for you.

  97. I just want to ask to manu and manvir that if they are behind Bani. Actually the truth is bani has done any sort of planning and plotting so their assumptions are fake. After judging bani all the time they say that I don’t judge bani. They all are targeting bani. I really have a big problem with this unfair situation.

  98. I don’t know why Lopa Mudra started crying after Manveer gets fall down, because it happened of his own mistake or he imbalance. Does Gaurav pushed him or hurt intentionally? If she bother for Manveer than what about Priyanka who got hurt by her, pulling in the swimming pool? Don’t you think this behavior is just because you have a problem with Bani and just she is a good friend of Gaurav? Lopa wanted to blame him no matter anyway.

  99. What’s your aim in big boss? I need to know whether you want to win or you want to break between three best friends Mona , Manu, and Mandir.

  100. My question is for Bani. Why do you always find reason to fight with Lopa?

  101. I think Manu and Manveer is the best entertainer for last three weeks.

  102. Mona Liza is going right. She is always truth.

  103. I want to talk Manvir and Mannu.

  104. My question to Mannu is that why he is using Mona for his favor alone.

  105. I just want to ask from Rohan. What he is doing there as a captain? He is not showing his leadership qualities but he is doing only that what bani is telling her to do and Rohan, what do you think of yourself? Why are you targeting only Manveer and Manu. If you are targeting them just because they are strongest competitor then shame on you. What you have said to Manveer that he is not a man. I think Rohan, you are not a man. So stop targeting both of them. Because you cant beat them in any way.

  106. I want to ask editing team that why they are showing 95% of trio (Mannu, Manveer, Mona). They all are so irritating and cheap. There are many cute moments of celebrities like Karan fix Mannu Punjabi doll. Today’s eviction shows, bigboss is only for shouting and fighting peoples for no reason. There is no place for good peoples.
    Last but imp question for Salman sir, if you point out swami mistakes then why are you defending Mannu and Monalisa? They are also equally wrong.

  107. I want to tell the celebrities that please don’t go in team always. Because bigboss tells you that no team is there. And I am huge fan of Karan but the attitude of celebs in this house is wrong. So I got disappointed with them. Rohan you are according to my daughter over acting. But in big boss also you are looked just like that. Please do with your own mind.

  108. Mona Lisa is going right. She is with truth.

  109. I would like to ask Rohan, on which basis he nominated Manveer, Manu and Mona? Bigg boss clearly said nominations should be on entertaining basis. We are watching this show just because of Manu and Manveer. They are full package of entertainment. In 1 hr episode, we are unable to find you active and whenever we saw your reason were always wrong.
    And 2nd one is, in 2016 you are commenting on someone’s community? Is this real Rohan Mehra?

  110. I need to know thay why bani and lopa fight each other without any reason. I think they need some time for make unbreakable friendship.

  111. I want to ask Mona Lisa that initially she was quite and behaving decently but after joining Manu’z group she is showing her real sight.
    Oh! Come on are you celebrity or not?

    1. So according to you,u celebrities should keep quiet always. We don’t watch show for their silence.
      She open up more because she feels more comfortable with them. And Manu’s group is more entertaining, interesting and happening than celebrities(zombies).
      If you watched on regular basis you will find Manu and Manveer are full entertainer of daily episodes. We don’t watch show for boring performance of Rohan Karan and Rahul. Even I will prefer Manu’s group over celebrity.

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