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IPL T20 Fantasy League 2017 Contest :

Organisation : BCCI IPLT20.COM
Competition Name : IPL Fantasy League 2017
IPL 2017 Ends On : 21st May 2017

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Website :

IPL Fantasy League :

You may participate in the Games on the Web Portal after registering and creating an account with the Web Portal.

Update : IPLT20 VIVO IPL Fantasy League/ Game 2018 :

Daily Challenge:
Create your daily team and win Exciting prizes

Create League:
Create your own league and invite friends

Live Score:
Track live points and score in real time

Fantasy League Championship – Individual Mode:
** Overall Winner – Cricket Bat signed by IPL 2017 winners + Autographed Jersey- IPL 2017 winners
** Top 10 – Autographed Jersey of IPL 2017 winners

Fantasy League Championship – League Mode:
** Chairperson of the Top League – Cricket bat signed by players of IPL 2017 winners
** Top 10 Members of the Top League – Autographed Jersey of their Favourite Team
** Toppers of the Fan leagues – Toss Coin + Cricket Bat + Autographed Jersey

Daily Championship – Individual Mode
** Winner of the day gets Autographed Jersey

How many teams may I enter?:
** You will only be able to enter one team for each account. However there is no limit to the number of different accounts you can create, entering a team through each of them.

How many transfers are available to me?:
** Between the start of scoring and the end of the Group phase of the tournament, users are allowed to make up to 75 transfers in total.
** Between the Group phase and the first Qualifier,users can again make unlimited transfers to their team.
** Between the first Qualifier and the Final, users can make up to ten transfers to their team.
** Transfers must be made ahead of the scheduled start of a match, will be active for that match.

What is a Power Player?:
** Once you have selected your team, you must select a Power Player! Your Power Player will score double points (including negative points), and could be the difference between success and failure, so choose carefully!
** You can change your Power Player at any time. Changes must be made ahead of the scheduled start of each match to take effect for the upcoming match.

What is the Last Date for making changes?:
** Transfers must be confirmed by no later than right before the scheduled start time of a match in order to be active for that match.
** A breakdown of the transfer Last Dates can be found in the Rules page.

What happens if a match is cancelled or postponed?:
** In the event that a match starts, but does not finish (ie if a ‘No Result’ is declared), all players will score zero points for that match.
** If a match is decided by the Duckworth-Lewis method, all players will score points earned during the match, however long it may be.
** If either of the Qualifiers or the Eliminator is washed out completely, the team which placed higher in the Group Stage, will progress.
** The Final of the IPL has a reserve day. If this is used, you will be able to make additional transfers (if you have any remaining!) to your team between the scheduled start date (21st May), and the reserve day. All players will score points as usual.

What happens if a match goes to a Super Over?:
** In the event of a Super Over, Points will not be Awarded

How do I create my own league?:
** The person setting up the User Moderated League will be the Chairman of that league. As Chairman, you must first register your own team and then:
** Click on ‘Create League’ from the Leagues tab and choose ‘Create League’.
** Choose a name, motto and emblem for your League and choose Save League.
** A password will be generated for you to share with your friends and colleagues and invite them to join your league.

How do I join a League?:
** If you wish to join an existing league, you’ll just need the Private League code from the chairman who created the league. Choose ‘Join League’ from the ‘My Leagues’ section of the menu and add Private League code to join

How many Leagues can I join?:
** There is no limit to the number of Leagues you can join.

The league name and password that my friend gave me are not working?:
** Make sure you have typed the correct password. Password input is case sensitive, so make sure you don’t have Caps Lock on.

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  1. IPL is my favorite league.

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