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Zee Marathi Naucha Padha Navratricha Contest 2015 :

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Organization : Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Channel Name : Zee Marathi
Competition Name : Naucha Padha Navratricha Contest 2015
Applicable For : Individuals residing in India
Applicable States/UT : All India
Competition Last Date : 21st October 2015

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Naucha Padha Navratricha Contest 2015 :

1. The contest titled ‘Naucha Padha Navratricha’ (“Contest”) to be held during the nine days of Navratri i.e. from 13th October 2015 to 21st October 2015 (‘Contest Period’) on the channel – ‘Zee Marathi’ (“Channel”) is open to participation by individuals residing in India, details of which are further given hereinafter.

Zee Marathi Awards ZMA 2015 Vote & Win Contest :

2. The Contest is conducted by the company – Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (“ZEEL”) and is hosted on the Channel during the Contest Period.
3. Each person participating in the Contest in the manner provided herein below is hereinafter referred to as “Participant”.

4. During the Contest Period, one (1) question shall be asked to the viewers of the Channel, approximately every thirty (30) minutes or at such intervals as decided by ZEEL, between 6.30 pm to 11.00 pm each day during the Contest Period. A total of 9 (nine) such questions will be asked on each day during the Contest Period (“Contest Questions”). Each such question will have two (2) options to be chosen from, one (1) of which shall be the correct answer.

5. Each of the options to the Contest Questions will be corresponded by a unique phone number (‘Option Number’). To participate in the Contest, Participant will have to give a missed call on the Option Number corresponding to the correct answer to the Contest Question(s), from the mobile/ landline number registered in the Participant’s name. Participants can answer a particular question only within thirty (30) minutes of the respective question being displayed on the Channel. For the sake of illustration – If the one (1) question is asked at 6.35 pm, then the Participant can answer the said question only between 6.35 pm to 7:05 pm.

6. The Contest shall be effective from 12.00 pm on 13th October, 2015 until 12.00 am on 21st October, 2015 and Entries (defined below) shall be strictly accepted during this period only (“Contest Period”). Each day of the Contest Period shall commence from 6.30 pm and end at 11.30 pm on the same day of the Contest Period (‘Contest Day’). Any entry received after the end of the Contest Period will be considered as invalid. A valid entry for the purpose of this Contest is where the Participant has given a missed call with their registered mobile number on the correct number (“Entry”). For the sake of clarity, an Entry received for a Contest Question asked on a particular Contest Day, after end of such Contest Day shall be considered as an invalid Entry.

7. From amongst the Participants who have submitted the Entry, Participants who has given the correct answer to any of the Contest Questions asked during a Contest Day, will be eligible for a draw of luck winner(s) by way of random selection and declared as a winner by ZEEL, if so selected, at the end of each such Contest Day or the succeeding day (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Prize Winner/s”). The Prize Winner/s will be selected randomly by an automated system and there will be no human intervention/choices. The Contest is completely automated with no possibility of human intervention.

8. The lucky Prize Winner(s) selected and declared during the Contest Period will each receive a sum of Rs. 9999/- (Rupees Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Only) (“Prize”).
9. The Prize Winner(s), as selected and decided by ZEEL at its discretion, will be announced by ZEEL in the manner mentioned above.
10. The Prize may be modified/changed/revised at the sole discretion of ZEEL.
11. Eligibility for participation in the Contest: Participation in this Contest is restricted to Indian citizens only and who are above eighteen (18) years of age as on the date of this Contest.

12. ZEEL shall verify all the entries of the Prize Winners once selected and Prize Winners shall be required to provide the following documents for their Entry to be considered valid in the Contest namely:
(a) Pan Card;
(b) Proof of identity cum permanent address proof – Aadhar card / Election card/Passport/ permanent Driver’s License; and
(c) Valid Passbook copy of active bank account in the name of the Participant.
(d) Latest mobile/landline bill of the mobile/landline number from which the Prize Winner has submitted his Entry.
All above mentioned documents shall be self-attested and verified/attested by appropriate authorities.

13. Grounds for disqualification to the Contest:
(a) Participant/ Prize Winners failing to provide the required documents as stated above, within two (2) days of request by ZEEL;
(b) Any mis-match in the name as appearing on the latest bill in respect of the registered mobile/ landline number of the Prize Winners and name appearing on the requisite proofs of identity submitted by the Prize Winner; and/or
(c) Participant/ Prize Winners found to be below 18 years of age as per the age proof submitted.
(d) Any of the documents/proofs not being properly attested, unclear, illegible and/or ZEEL has reasonable grounds to believe the same to be fraudulent.

14. The Prize will be given by way of demand draft in the name of the person in accordance with the identity proof submitted to ZEEL by the Prize Winner which shall be couriered or sent by registered post to the address mentioned in the proof of address submitted by the Participant. The Prize shall be given at any time during or after the Contest Period at ZEEL’s discretion. ZEEL shall attempt to deliver the Prize only once. If for any reason, the delivery of courier/registered post is not successful, ZEEL shall not be responsible or liable for the same and Participant shall be solely responsible to immediately collect the Prize from ZEEL. If the Prize Winner(s) fails to collect the Prize within a period of two (2) working days, it shall be deemed that he/she has forfeited the Prize. Further, ZEEL shall have no further liability in relation to the same and ZEEL shall be free to select and declare another eligible Participant as a Prize Winner at its sole discretion.

15. The Prize Winners are solely responsible for paying all applicable mandatory taxes if any, levied/imposed by the Central, State and/or local government authorities, from time to time, including gift tax without any liability towards ZEEL in any manner.
16. ZEEL shall try to contact the Prize Winner(s) on their registered mobile number only once. However, if the Prize Winner(s) cannot be reached then it is deemed that he/she has forfeited the Prize and ZEEL reserves the right to select and declare another eligible Participant as a Prize Winner at it sole discretion.

17. Technology Limitations – ZEEL, all participating sponsors, and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, professional advisors, employees and agencies shall not be responsible for:
(a) any late, lost, misrouted, garbled or distorted or damaged transmissions or Entries;
(b) non receipt of any Entry/ failure to display any of the Contest Question(s), loss of data of the Entries etc. due to electronic, hardware, software, network, Internet, or other computer- or communications-related malfunctions or failures;
(c) any disruptions, injuries, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of ZEEL.

18. The Prize Winners shall not have any right to claim any kind of alternative in respect of the declared Prize.
19. ZEEL and its parent/affiliate/subsidiary/group companies shall not be liable for a minor participating in the Contest without a parent or guardians supervision. Parents/guardian of such minors shall be liable for damages or losses occurred due to activities or action of their wards and are legally bound to bear the consequences of any acts/deeds/violations to this Contest and its conditions.
20. Each Participant to the Contest declares hereby that he/she is a real person in existence and not a computer programme.

21. ZEEL does not and shall not subscribe for any claims / disputes / confirmation / responsibility in respect of the Contest including the Contest Period and conditions and any breach thereof.
22. Each Participant expressly agrees that by his/her participation in the Contest, ZEEL and/ or its affiliates/ agents/ advisors or sub-contractors further can use the personal, sensitive collected information, in any media or future promotional, publicity and marketing material, without any consent, reference, payment or other compensation to the Participant, subject to applicable privacy and data protection laws.
23. ZEEL shall have the right to share the Participant’s personal information to any governmental or regulatory bodies if required by law, rule or statue and in response to a valid order of a court or authorized agency of the government or other legal process.

24. ZEEL takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information provided by the Participant against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access. However, ZEEL cannot guarantee the security of any personal information or data which the Participant discloses. In any event, Participant agrees not to hold ZEEL responsible for any breach of security and/or loss or misuse of any personally identifiable data except in case of a proven wilful default on the part of ZEEL under the relevant legislation.

25. Using of false names/ identities, illegal/false mobile numbers, fake email addresses and/or any other illegal means either online or in hard copies shall be considered as suppression of facts and if ZEEL has to suffer of any adverse consequence in this respect, ZEEL reserves the right to take appropriate legal or other actions against such Participant as ZEEL may deem fit in its sole discretion.

26. Participants found indulging in any malpractices such as cheating, misrepresentation, providing false information shall be disqualified from the Contest and strict legal action may be taken by ZEEL against such Participant(s).
27. ZEEL at its sole discretion reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions relating to the Contest from time to time without any prior notice and/or may suspend, shorten, modify, extend or cancel the Contest without prior notice, without stating any reason and no claim in this regard shall be entertained.

28. All disputes arising out of or related to this Contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai alone and subject to the laws of India only.
29. The Participants shall indemnify and hold ZEEL harmless, its group companies, affiliates and subsidiaries and their respective officers, directors and employees, against any loss that may occur to them due to non-adherence of the conditions of the Contest.

30. Unless otherwise expressly stated, copyright, database right or similar rights in all material in relation to the Contest (including graphical images, text, video clips, demographics, sounds, demos, patches and other files) is owned, controlled or licensed by ZEEL or its affiliates and is protected or covered by copyright, trade mark, intellectual property law and other proprietary rights. Unless with prior permission, no part of the Contest may be reproduced or transmitted to or stored in any other website, nor any of its pages or part thereof be disseminated in any electronic or non electronic form, nor included in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service.

31. The decision of ZEEL on all matters, queries or disputes, concerning the Contest including the selection and declaration of the Prize Winners and its Contest Period and conditions shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
32. By participating in the Contest, each Participant acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein and all related terms and conditions governing the Contest.
33. The duration and other rules/regulations of the Contest shall be at the discretion of ZEEL only.

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    No reply to me so far and no my name appeared on Zee Marathi screen?

  2. If I have missed to see my name as winner, then what should I do for the same.
    Are you providing any list with name and no?

  3. Thanks for participating in Zee Marathi Naucha Padha Nauratricha Contest. Keep watching Zee Marathi to know if you are the lucky winner of Rs. 9999. T&C Applied….

    If I have missed to see my name as winner, then what should I do for the same.
    Are you providing any list with name and no?

  4. Are you providing winner list and number for Navaratri contest?

    1. Mahesh vasant patil

      Please send me Naucha Padha Navaratricha winner list
      I am from Kolhapur

  5. If I have missed to see my name as winner, then what should I do for the same.
    Are you providing any list with name and no?

    1. ZEEL shall try to contact the Prize Winner(s) on their registered mobile number only once. However, if the Prize Winner(s) cannot be reached then it is deemed that he/she has forfeited the Prize and ZEEL reserves the right to select and declare another eligible Participant as a Prize Winner at it sole discretion.

  6. prasad Bhalchandra karnik

    I am sending my Navratri images in your zee marathi channel already.

  7. Will you provide phone number for giving missed call to answer the contest?
    Wuestion asked in each zee marathi serial because on our Tv screen number is not showing properly. Please give me number

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