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STAR India Dance Champions Viewer Voting 2017 :

Organisation : STAR India
Competition Name : Dance Champions Viewer Voting 2017
Terms & Conditions :
Website :

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Dance Champions

These rules for voting (“Terms and Conditions”) shall be binding on each Viewer (defined below), in India, as applicable (“Territory”) who voluntarily desire to participate in the Voting Mechanism (as defined hereunder) of the program titled “Dance Champions” (“Program”) produced by Star India Private Limited (“STAR INDIA/Company”) aired on STAR Plus (“Channel”).

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Terms and Conditions

Any information gathered through this Terms and Conditions shall be subject to our Privacy Policy available at [] (“Website”) which is incorporated herein by reference. If You do not agree to be bound or cannot comply with any of the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, please do not continue.

Your failure to accept these Terms and Conditions will disqualify Your voting /participation in the entry in the Voting Mechanism. Your act of voting and /or participating in the Voting Mechanism as detailed below shall be deemed to be your absolute agreement to the Terms, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and User Generated Content of STAR INDIA as prescribed from time to time.

The Voting Mechanism shall be governed by the Principal Rules and General Rules stated herein below and all Viewers as requested herein unconditionally accept and agree to comply with and abide by the same.

Principal Rules

The following are the Principal Rules for Voting Mechanism (defined below) for the Program on the Channel conducted by STAR INDIA:

1. The Program is a dance based reality program wherein contestants between the age of 9 (nine) years and 40 (forty) years, across all over the world, individually or along with a partner or as part of a group compete against each other by voluntarily participating and /or being part of various selection processes, auditions or levels of selection as per the format of the Program.

2. On the basis of their performance, caliber, dance techniques, screen presence, interaction with audience and overall personality at every level /stage of the selection process of the Program, STAR INDIA and/or Mr. Remo Dsouza and/or Terrance Lewis, who are the judges on the Program, shall at its/his sole discretion select and shortlist the final top 10 (ten) Contestants (“Final Contestants”).

These Final Contestants, the exact number of which shall not exceed 10 (ten), shall thereinafter perform and compete against each other in the further upcoming televised episodes /rounds of the Program (“Final Rounds”).

3. It is clarified that the Final Rounds of the Program shall tentatively commence from November 11, 2017

4. The Voting Mechanism (as detailed in clause 6) will open and end for the episodes of the Final Rounds of the Program, as detailed herein below, in the Territories. During the Period / the viewers viewing the Program in the Territory can vote for their favorite Final Contestant(s) and /or vote for such Final Contestant, if they like the performance of any particular Final Contestant and/or all Contestants.

6. The Voting Mechanism for the Period within the Territory is as provided below:
To vote, the Viewers shall through their landlines/mobile numbers dial the unique number of the Final Contestants (s) for who they want to cast their vote and give them a missed call (“Vote”).

The unique number for each of the Final Contestant (s) shall be as follow:
1 Bir Radha Sherpa 18008439801
2 Sushant Khatri 18008439802
3 MJ5 Crew 18008439803
4 Bad Salsa 18008439804
5 Piyush Bhagat 18008439805
6 Kings United 18008439806
7 Faisal & Vaishnavi 18008439807
8 Yogesh & Deepali 18008439808
9 Wild Ripperz Crew 18008439809
10 Aryan Patra 18008439810

** The votes of the Viewers shall be deemed to be received when subsequent to the Viewer giving a missed call, he/she will hear recorded message saying “Thank you for voting”.

** It is clarified that during the Period, each Viewer can give only 1(one) Vote by way of a missed call for a particular Final Contestant from one landline/mobile number. However Viewer(s) shall be free to vote for multiple Final Contestants by way of missed calls simultaneously during the Period through a particular landline /mobile number.

In the event that any Viewer casts his /her multiple Votes for the same Final Contestant through the same landline /mobile number, then only the first Vote cast through such missed call for that particular Final Contestant shall be taken into account and not the subsequent ones.

** Votes sent after the Period will not be considered and shall be deemed null and void without requirement of any further intimation by STAR INDIA to the Viewer(s).

7. The final scores of each Final Contestant shall be an average of the previous week’s judges’ scores and previous week’s public votes received through the Voting Mechanism for the Territory, except for Weeks 10 to the finale week (Week 13), which shall be as given below:

Weeks 10, 11 and 12 – The final scores of each of the Contestants shall be based on previous week’s public votes, previous week’s judges’ scores and current week’s judges scores received for their performances in Weeks 10 and 11 respectively.

Finale Week (Week 13) – The final scores of each of the top 2 (two) Final Contestants shall be based only on judge’s scores received for their performance in Week 12 and 1 (one) Final Contestant receiving the highest judge’s scores will be declared as winner in Week 13 (“Winner”) who shall be selected and declared on the finale episode of the Program in Week 13 (on December 24, 2017).

The Voting Mechanism will be announced during the telecast of the Program on the Channel /or on the Website. The Viewers can cast their votes for only those Final Contestant (s) of the Program who have participated in that episode of Final Round of the Program.

Any Votes sent by the Viewers for the Final Contestant(s) who has not participated in that particular episode due to elimination or is ineligible for Votes through the Voting Mechanism or is shortlisted as a finalist based on the last week’s Votes or for any other reason whatsoever shall not be considered and shall be null and void.

The Voting is merely to enable the Viewers to choose their favorite Final Contestant (s) or to vote for the performance of a particular Final Contestant (s) that they have liked. No winners will be declared and/or prizes distributed for the Viewers participating in the Voting Mechanism.

Viewers are not entitled to make any claims in respect of this against the Channel, STAR India and /or the Program.

The elimination of the Final Contestant (s) and/or selection of the top finalists and/or declaration of the Winner and/or the decisions made by STAR India and/or the Channel shall be final and binding on all the Viewers and in no event shall the Viewers dispute the decision made by STAR India, Channel and/or its employees in connection to the same.

In the event any of the Final Contestant(s) and/or Mr. Remo Dsouza and/or Terrance Lewis and/or any celebrities, host(s) or performer(s), musicians, as the case may be, are unable to perform, attend or appear on the Program, for any reasons whatsoever, STAR India has the right to at its discretion anytime replace or bring in new Final Contestant(s), celebrities, mentors, hosts or performers, musicians, as deemed fit and necessary by STAR INDIA.

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  1. My votes for Faisal Khan and Vaishnavi.

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