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Star Vijay TV Tamil Kadavul Murugan TKM Facebook Comment To Win Contest 2017

Organisation : Vijay Television Private Limited
Contest Name : Tamil Kadavul Murugan TKM Comment To Win Contest
Applicable For : Viewers
Contest Last Date : 01st December, 2017
Website : http://www.hotstar.com/channels/star-vijay
Contest Page : https://www.facebook.com/VijayTelevision/
Contest T&C : https://www.facebook.com/notes/vijay-television/tc-tkm-comment-to-win-contest/1589915291087695/

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#TKM Comment To Win Contest :

The following are the terms and conditions  binding on each and every participant  who voluntarily agree to participate in the “Vijay Television – Tamil Kadavul Murugan Facebook application- Guess & Win hosted by Vijay Television Private Limited and held on its Facebook fan page i.e. Vijay Television Fan page at the URL http://www.facebook.com/vijaytelevision.in  for the purpose of promotion its program titled “Tamil Kadavul Murugan”  on Vijay Television Private Limited.

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Terms & Conditions :
1. The Contest shall be a weekly contest hosted on the Platform every Monday to Friday of the week. The Contest shall commence on 20th November, 2017 from 22:00 hours Indian Standard Time (“IST”) and will close on 01st December, 2017 at 23:59 hours IST (“Period”).

2. To participate in the Contest, all persons interested Participant(s) shall be required to do the following:
a. log in to the Platform using his/her Facebook account/credentials and click on the relevant page/tab of the Contest on the Platform or in any other manner or form as may be prescribed /requested on the Platform. For the purpose of participating in this Contest and to be eligible for the Prize (defined below), it is mandatory that the interested Participant (s) mandatorily have a Facebook account.

b. The Participant(s) shall thereafter be required to correctly answer a question on comments sections of the question on the Platform on a daily basis and based on the Program and /or the weekly telecast of the episodes of the Program (“Answer”).

If the Participant(s) provides an incorrect Answer then his/her Entry (as defined below) shall be considered incomplete and the Participant(s) shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest and the Prize (as defined below).

On submission of each Answer(s), the first 2 Participant(s) who answered the correct answer and based on the Time stamp available on the Platform during the Daily Period depending upon the time period will be declared Winner(s).

For the avoidance of doubt, for the purpose of calculation of the time period taken by the Participant(s), VTPL shall rely on the time stamp of each Answer(s), with the decision of VTPL being final and binding in this regard. It is further clarified that the question to which the Participant (s) is required to correctly provide the Answer shall be subject to daily change and be refreshed on a daily basis during the Period ,based on the daily episodes of the Program.

c. For the purpose of participating in the Contest it is mandatory that the interested Participant (s) shall be required to correctly Answer on the Platform on a daily basis during the Period. Providing the correct Answer and Personal Information by the Participant(s) on the Platform shall be considered as a complete and valid entry (“Entry”).

d. It is further clarified that the details of the Winner will not be publicized on the Program or any other platform/medium.

3. VTPL shall declare 2 (Two)(‘Winners’) of the Contest by the end of the Period. The Winners shall be declared only based on the Participant(s) having made a valid Entry and having answered correctly for the contestant of the Program who shall be declared the winner of the Program.

Based on these parameters, VTPL shall select the Winner(s) amongst Participant(s) only on based on the first two correct answers based on the Time stamp available on the Platform. The Winner shall be entitled to gratification in the form of Program merchandise not exceeding the amount of Rs.1200/- (Twelve hundred only) from the Channel and /or VTPL as it may deem fit at its sole discretion (“Prize”).

The Winners shall be announced on the Platform and facebook page of the Channel at the end of the Period, based on VTPL’s discretion. The Winner(s) shall be contacted on his/her Facebook (“Intimation Email”), and the Winner(s) would be asked to share their Contact Details (Name, Address and Phone no.).

For the sake of clarity, mere participation in the Contest does not entitle the Participant(s) to win the Prize. Only the Participant (s) who answer the first 2 correct answers at the end of the Period and having made a valid Entry shall be entitled to the Prize.

It is further clarified that save and except the Prize stated hereinabove, the Participant(s)/Winner(s) shall not be entitled to any other form of gratification (monetary or otherwise).

Entries sent after the Period will not be considered for the Contest and shall be deemed null and void.

4. The final selection of the Winner(s) shall be made by VTPL and shall be final and binding on the entire Participant (s)/Winner and in no event, shall the Participant (s)/Winner(s) dispute the decision made by VTPL or its employees in connection to the Entry and /or the Contest. For the sake of clarity, in the event of any fault, misunderstanding or dispute concerning any part of the Contest and/or the selection process to qualify for the Contest, the decision of VTPL shall be final and binding.

5. To the extent permissible under applicable laws, no dispute of any nature whatsoever, with regard to the selection procedure of the Winner, criteria of selection, any aspect of the Contest shall be raised by the Participant (s) and/or any family member(s) of the Participants at any point of time during and after the Contest.

6. The Participant/Winner(s) shall not in any circumstances make any claims against VTPL entities arising out of or relating to any and all costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind, including, without limitation due to any technical faults or directly or indirectly, to the Participant(s) /Winner’s participation or non-participation in the Contest or any related activity. If the Participant/Winner is found to be ineligible, or if he or she has not complied with these Terms and Conditions, the corresponding Entries will be disqualified.

7. The Participants/Winner(s) shall at all times comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations including the Terms and Conditions of the Platform on which this Contest is hosted.

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