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11th Intellectual Olympiad 2015-16 : Eduranet Foundation

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Organization : Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation
Competition Name : 11th Intellectual Olympiad 2015-16
Applicable For : For II to X Students
Entry Fee : Rs. 150/- Per Competition

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Intellectual Olympiad :

Life is all about facing challenges full and square. Eduranet firmly believes that healthy competition prepares students for life. Eduranet Olympiad brings out students inherent talents, rare abilities and trains their skills.

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Eduranet has devised Intellectual Olympiad to help students to face these challenges. This Olympiad prepares the students to excel in any discipline / profession such as Engineering, Medical, Civil, Administrative and many others.

Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad provides the foundation and basics to enter life as professionals to acquire status and position. Depending upon the nature of the intelligence the competitions are categorized into three different groups.

The following are the available competitions for participation in Eduranet 11th Intellectual Olympiad 2015-16:
11. Advanced Mathematics Skills”
Mathematics is a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity, shape and arrangement. Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences.

21. Science and Research Skills:
The word science comes from the Latin “scientia,” meaning knowledg. Science is a systematic enterprise of gathering knowledge about the world, organizing and condensing that knowledge into testable laws and theories. As knowledge has increased, some methods have proved more reliable than others, and in the present scenario, the scientific method is the standard for science.

31. Subject Knowledge and Academic Skills:
Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. It can refer to the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); it can be more or less formal or systematic.

41. Analytical and Problem Solving Skills:
Do you have a problem? The solution can be obtained by analyzing.
** Identify the root cause of the problem.
** What are the lapses and errors we have committed?
** How are we affected?
** Did we share it with our classmates, teachers or parents?

You need to analyze the problem from all the angles, think reasonably, logically and come out with a right solution.

51. Critical Thinking and Creative Skills:
To solve a problem you will have to think critically and creatively from different angles.
** Visualize the problem first. Think in opposites.
** Apply the right approach. Elicit Solutions.
** Draw inferences. Arrive at the result
** You internalize critical thinking skills and you will be able to respond to all life’s situations and arrive at solutions.

61. Basics of Computers and WWW Skills:
In this new millennium ‘Computer’ is the major invention of the Human Being. Today without computer we can’t even imagine moving a step ahead. It is a basic device in every aspect. Computer has versatility in the form of data entry, data storage, data transfer and many more.

71. Leadership and Social Skills:
Students are our future Leaders. Therefore, it is necessary to develop leadership skills and build social relationships for a healthy and organized society.
No man is an Island. We live in a society, we follow the Leaders, hence we should develop leaders. A leader is exemplary. He should have abundant knowledge, he should think rationally, logically and understand the problems and come out with solutions. He should believe in interaction and teamwork. He should be good in communication skills.

81. Presentation and Communication Skills:
Three qualities are most essential to shape up for the future. They are:
** Presentation skills,
** Good interpersonal relationships and
** Communication skills.

Modern technology helps us to communicate most effectively. Upgrade yourself with the latest technology and make the most of it.

91. General Knowledge and Awareness Skills:
The wide body of information that a person acquires from education and from life; not all of it has practical use is called general knowledge.

General knowledge gives you extra power and awareness makes you alert to respond to situations positively. Keep the doors of your mind open and let the winds of knowledge blow in from all directions.

How to Join?:

1. The schools who are willing to join Intellectual Olympiad must be recognized in any national or state boards for primary, upper primary or secondary levels.
2. They must allot a dedicated coordinator who has good communication skills and the relevant expertise in announcing the Intellectual Olympiad competitions, dates as well as other information to the students.
3. The coordinator needs to fill in the School Registration Form (SRF) with correct details.
4. The role of the coordinator is very crucial. He/she must communicate with the Intellectual Olympiad organizers find out dates and any other queries.
5. The coordinator must possess computer knowledge to check their school account and acquire any information pertaining to competitions and student enrollments.
6. The coordinator would be required to attend meetings as well as seminars condjucted by Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation for any updates.
7. The coordinator must distribute/collect the application forms along with the stipulated fee from students who are willing to enroll into Education competitions.
8. The coordinator must take a wide Demand Draft and send it across to Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation postal address along with the application forms in order to get students participating in Intellectual Olympiad.

** Students are required to collect the Student Appliation Form from the respective school coordinator.
** They need to fill in the form with accurate information and submit the form to the school coordinator with the examination fee.
** They must read all the instructions properly before filling in the form.
** The exam fee per competition is Rs. 150/-. If students are willing to join more than one exam, the fee would be in multiples of Rs. 150/-.

Contact Us:
Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation
10-3-304/A/2, Near Mujtaba Jewelry,
Masab Tank, Hyderabad-500028

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  1. I want to know my results.

  2. Can I know, when will I get my medal?

  3. My student ID is 1610600781 studying in class 6th.
    School : Kennedy high the global school
    I got selected for finals. But I lost my hall ticket. Am I able to attend the exam without hall ticket? Please guide me.

  4. Sri Rachana Baditha

    If one does not attend the award ceremony, will the prize be sent to the school? And how does one retrieve their Student ID if forgotten?

  5. My student id is 0101014005.
    I want to know my final results.

  6. I appeared for final exam on January 30. When will I expect my results?

  7. What is meant by appreciation medal?

  8. Student ID:0101053205
    I want to know my results. I appeared in the finals of Presentation and communication skills and Basics of computers and MS Office test

    1. Name of the Competition(s) : Basics of Computers and WWW Skills
      Name of The Test : PowerPoint Presentation
      Class : VIII B
      Max Marks : 60
      Division Highest : 39
      Cutoff Mark : 30
      Scored Marks : 39
      Medal : Gold Medal

      Name of the Competition(s) : Presentation and Communication Skills
      Name of The Test : Creative Writing Test
      Class : VIII B
      Max Marks : 40
      Division Highest : 32
      Cutoff Mark : 30
      Scored Marks : 32
      Medal : Gold Medal

  9. My hall ticket no is 0101212046.
    I am very eager to know my final results.
    When are you going to declare results?

  10. I want to know my result.
    My student id is 0102012144.

    1. Name of the Competition(s) : Advanced Mathematics Skills
      Name of The Test : Advanced Maths Test-2
      Class : VIII D
      Max Marks : 60
      Division Highest : 53
      Cutoff Mark : 46
      Scored Marks : 41
      Medal : —


  12. I want to know my results.
    My student id is 0101520015.

    1. Name of the Competition(s) : Advanced Mathematics Skills
      Name of The Test : Advanced Maths Test-2
      Class : V B
      Max Marks : 40
      Division Highest : 44
      Cutoff Mark : 34
      Scored Marks : 39
      Medal : —

  13. How do I know my results? I lost my enrollment ticket.

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  15. When finals result will be declared?

  16. May I know my results? I have participated in BASICS OF COMPUTERS AND WWW SKILLS which was conducted on 03/02/2016.
    My id is 0101053090.

  17. When will the final result of Olympiad will be declared? Please let me know. In website it is given on march 1st.

  18. When will finals result be posted? In the website it says 1st march but it is not there when I checked. If you know which time it will be posted please tell me.

    1. The winners will receive Certificate of Merit, Medals and Mementos.

  19. Can I know my final results? I have been selected for mathematics ,science , analytical reasoning and leadership skills. It was held on Feb 3 ,2016.
    STUDENT ID : 0101053013

  20. Whether results of finals come?

  21. When will the final results be declared?

    1. Final results is not yet announced.

  22. I Have participated in science Olympiad and qualified for finals.

    1. Congrtas!! Keep going.

  23. Where we can check results i.e on which website?

  24. Hi I am Shaurya would like to know about my olympaid result..

    STUDENT ID : 0101402006

    1. Student ID : 0101402006
      Name of The Student : SHAURYA RAY
      Class : II ROSE
      Name of The School : Sister Nivedita School
      Marks Memo :
      Name of the Competition(s) : 32. Subject Knowledge and Academic Skills
      Name of The Test : 321. Scholastic Aptitude Test
      Max Marks : 40
      Class Highest : 46
      Cutoff Mark : 40
      Scored Marks : 36
      Finals Selection : No

  25. My student id is 0102106129
    I want to know my results.

    1. Student ID : 0102106129
      Name of The Student : KOMURAVELLY AADHYA
      Class : VIII
      Name of The School : ST.PIOUS X SCHOOL
      Marks Memo :
      Name of the Competition(s) : 21. Science and Research Skills
      Name of The Test : 211. Science and Research Test-1
      Max Marks : 75
      Class Highest : 49
      Cutoff Mark : 36
      Scored Marks : 31
      Finals Selection : No

    HERE’S MY ID-0101008328

    1. Student ID: 0101008328
      Name of The Student : ZAEEMA ABDUL QUADER
      Class : VIII A
      Name of The School : LITTLE FLOWER HIGH SCHOOL
      Marks Memo :
      Name of the Competition(s) : 82. The Eloquent Narrator
      Name of The Test : 821. Elocution
      Class Highest : 36
      Cutoff Mark : 35
      Scored Marks : 30
      Finals Selection : No

  27. My student id is 0102040018.
    I want to know my results.

    1. Prelims Results :
      Student ID : 0102040018
      Name of The Student : T HARSHITH KRISHNA SASTRY
      Class : III B
      Name of The School : SUPRABHAT MODEL HIGH SCHOOL
      Marks Memo :
      Name of the Competition(s) : 11. Advanced Mathematics Skills
      Name of The Test : 111. Advanced Maths Test-1
      Max Marks : 60
      Class Highest : 41
      Cutoff Mark : 40
      Scored Marks : 41
      Finals Selection : Yes

  28. I want to know results.

    1. Can you share your student id?

  29. Are the Eduranet intellectual olympiad results declared or not?

  30. I want to know the results as fast as possible.

  31. I wanna know the results of this year

    1. 18th NSO National Science Olympiad 2015-16 Result get declared. You can check the result using your roll number.

  32. Wow, what competition it this?

    1. This is Intellectual Olympiad, conducted by Eduranet Foundation.

  33. When will we get results?

  34. I Have participated in science olympiad i want to do preparation for this.

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